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  1. As far as the Flat Roshar Society goes, it seems to me that the more scholarly of sorts realize what's going on with the solar system but it's not common knowledge. I'm completely blanking on when or where this happened (somewhere in WoK, I'm thinking) but I'm pretty sure Shallan has made a reference to high storms rounding the planet being the leading theory as opposed to a new one starting every time at the origin. Meanwhile Hoid speaks to Dalinar at a feast (maybe the same one where he mentions adolnalsium?) and also makes a mention to the planet being round and Dalinar is all like 'What is this nonsense?' which leads me to believe Dalinar is a Flat Rosharist. If a powerful man like him isn't in on the loop it must not be common knowledge among less scholarly sorts, at least. I'm interested if there are any WoB regrading the origin as well. Is that even a thing if the storm just rounds the planet? Confusion about the world being flat could explain the origin away as something people invented to conceive of how storms work rather than simply the direction of a circumnavigational storm. So I'm not sure if this could tie into Aimia or not but I've wondered myself about the apparent discrepancy with Flat Roshar and where Brandon is going with that.
  2. Ohh. My mistake then. It has been a while since I saw that WoB myself
  3. I just want to point out that we have WoB telling us that Taln wasn't carrying his honorblade when he appeared at Kholinar. For some reason or another he was carrying a typical deadblade and we don't know what actually happened to his honorblade. No contention here simply clarifying facts. I can't find the WoB to quote, unfortunately. I'm not terribly good at searching the site
  4. So, this is a fragile half of a theory, but I've noticed a few interesting correspondences revolving around the dead blade Oathbringer. I'm currently listening through tWoK again, and at one point (I think it may have been during the chasm-fiend hunt) Dalinar summons oathbringer and when it drops into his hand he remarks upon something like 'the blade felt alive with energy, excited for the fight'. This is definitely paraphrased because I only have tWoK on audio so it's tough to pull quotes when I want them. Maybe someone else could back me up on this? What if Oathbringer once belonged to a dustbringer? From the little we know about the DBs, their spren likes to destroy things. Seems like it would follow that even a dead blade could get excited by a fight. By destruction. Also from what we know of Dalinar in his younger days, I would say he could have somewhat fit the bill for a dustbringer. This might explain why the blade doesn't scream as much for Dalinar as other blades do when he touches it in OB. Is it possible that; by carrying the blade for years and exhibiting the attributes of the order to which the blade once belonged, he has just barely begun to awaken Oathbringer similar to how Adolin is awakening Maya? Mini-point: We know that Oathbringer was once carried by the Sunmaker, who was on more or less the same path as Dalinar takes while carrying the same blade. This doesn't give me very good evidence for my theory but it's another point of interest. To be clear I don't think he will continue to awaken Oathbringer since he no longer carries the blade and has subsequently bonded the stormfather. I do think something weird is going on with that blade though, potentially beyond the stormfather's explanation that it simply 'remembers his oaths'. Even that is somewhat vague, considering that Dalinar has most likely only said an oath, singular; which the blade would remember. This being the initial oath of the KR, which all orders speak. Unless the blade once belonged to a bondsmith, which I doubt considering the relative few bondsmiths which have ever existed; I think it unlikely that Oathbringer would remember the ideals of a bondsmith beyond the first. Now that I think about it there might be only a single bondsmith dead blade. I seem to recall something saying there was only one bondsmith in the last generation of KR, therefore at the time of the recreance. There is also the obvious similarity between Dustbringer and Oathbringer. I know we don't know anything about the DB's oaths yet but it could follow what we do know if they swear something to do with righteous destruction, perhaps? For a dustbringer, bringing destruction could be the same as bringing oaths. I submit that Dalinar, in his youth, could have been accidentally living according to the ideals of the dustbringers, and that is in fact the 'oaths' that the blade remembers. It's possible that he even swore certain oaths to himself aligning with those of the dustbringers. (Promising to himself to never again covet Gavilar's throne comes to mind) Could this point to the first step of awakening a dead blade? It certainly fits with what we know about Adolin reviving Mayalaran; as he also has been bonded to her for a matter of years and has also been exhibiting traits of an Edgedancer. Alternately: though I find this less likely. What if the traits of the spren/order start to influence the one who is bonded to the blade? Maybe by carrying the blade long enough and following its subconscious promptings, one could intuit the path to awakening the dead blade. The spren could have an understanding of what it requires to awaken them and so give the carrier little pushes in the right direction. So, that's as far as I've gotten with this. Lots of supposition here but I'd love to see what you all think. Even if I'm wrong it may be an interesting discussion. I'll plug this thread too as it's along similar lines and helped me out with inspiration to start my own thread. [OB spoilers] Is Maya alive?
  5. I'm pretty sure somewhere in WoR Eshonai says that they used to live in the broken dome structures where the Alethi now make their war camps. They abandoned their home for the safety of Narak (exile) after ordering Gavilar's assassination.
  6. I completely agree that the Stormlight Archives should be made into a tv/netflix-esque series* for the sake of including a complete storyline in the style it was written. With these books it takes a serious amount of words to build the world and the characters to the point that we know them as and I don't think it's possible to fit all the best pieces of this story into a set of movies. *Referred to as tv series below for lack of better term, though I love what's happening with all the Netflix shows, where they get a year to make an amazing season and drop it all it once to be binge watched to the heart's content. As mentioned above, Lord of the Rings is a series where movie makers put in a valiant attempt at a proper movie adaptation. In however many hours the movies are long, they've still had to leave out more than enough scenes to upset or disappoint the true fans. The word count of the LotR series is 455,125 words. (Not counting The Hobbit, because of the whole three-movie thing that went on there, which I'm not exactly an avid supporter of.) The Stormlight Archive is already at 1,179,000 words and counting. Not to mention all the other Sanderson works such as Mistborn and Warbreaker. I simply don't think it would be possible to do the grand story of the Cosmere justice by simply trying to fit it into a matter of films. A few here and there could make into good films. I think Warbreaker is one and I'd like to speak for the Mistborn series but unfortunately I've not had the chance to read those yet. For the record I want to say I'd like to see the Reckoners as a mini-series as well. I think they could make an... epic show with about three seasons or so. Four if we get another book Recently there has been a major trend developing towards supernatural and superhuman oriented tv shows. One need only visit Netflix to see evidence of this. Also tv series adaptations of book series are starting to catch on; (Game of Thrones, Mortal Instruments, The Magicians, Series of Unfortunate Events, to name a few off the top of my head) as well as comic adaptations. The Marvel/DC universes seem a particularly good analogy for what the Cosmere could be, as they have several shows and LOTS of screentime going in to backstories and worldbuilding collecting towards the same universe. This opens up the options of crossover shows and even movies which all tell different parts of a greater story. In proper detail. It seems to be the most complete, and hopefully ever more common way to tell a well-written story. I don't feel cgi would be a big issue these days because a large amount of series based shows are HEAVILY cgi enhanced and well done on top of that. I'm no expert on the subject but I would hazard a guess that we have the technology to pull off something like Stormlight or the Reckoners without breaking a sweat. (Live action 'animation', anyone?) I'm not exactly invested in these other series as I am with Brandon's works so I don't know how accurate the producers have been but I figure all they need to do to get Stormlight right is to recruit a team of cosmere experts as production consultants. The existence of this forum proves that shouldn't be too hard of a thing to do.. and they know where to look. Seems like a perfect time to unleash some Brandon among the world of series based shows and start building the Cosmere the way it was meant to be told. Also I would be supremely disappointed to see them try to cram the SA into a movie and sacrifice easily 3/4 of this world we all love so much. I want to scream this at anyone pushing for a stormlight movie. And now I've found a place where it's appropriate... Thanks OP
  7. I wonder if Silence Divine could be set on Ashyn post-exodus of humans to Roshar. Seems like a good explanation for the absence of Odium and surge-binding. As far as I know we don't know anything about whether or not some of humans remained on Ashyn after the 'Voidbringer exodus'.
  8. @Raykoda Oh, I wasn't aware of that WoB, thanks for filling me in but doesn't that mean that she should have spoken four truths instead of three? Edit: I just saw the thread on Shallon and her Shardplate. Found the answer to my question there
  9. @Shawn Hargreaves So first of all, there's a difference between corrupted spren via Sja-anat, and voidspren. I took the screamers to be some kind of void-spren which we haven't really met yet. Also somewhere in the clippets of 'Mythica' we hear that Sja-anat can only affect the children of honor. I would quote this but I am many miles from my copy of OB currently. You may be on to something with the honor-cultivation correlation, although I'm not sure how well that works with my idea of the screamers being voidspren. Is she? I thought they were both on their third ideal due to the fact that we haven't seen anyone manifest shardplate yet, which I'm fairly certain is a benefit of the fourth ideal. Lightweaving: The surge of light, sound, and various wave-forms. - Ars Arcanum If one were able to influence and create wave-forms; one would be creating a true manifestation of said wave-form. There would be true light where shallon makes an illusion and I believe that is a far cry from influencing the perception of the people viewing her illusions. That's more along the lines of creating hallucinations than controlling wave forms. Mini quote: @RShara Light is basically massless? Do wave forms carry mass? Genuine curousity here as I thought a wave is kind of the opposite of a particle. Or rather waves cannot exist without particles to carry them?
  10. @Calderis Oh I thought he might have been Nalthian because I figured he was of some heightening when he asked Kaladin about his heightening after touching the globe. I haven't read elantris so I probably missed some reference there.
  11. Wait.. Three Nalthians? Who is the third? As far as I knew we've only seen Vivenna and Vasher so far. Unless you count the random guy in the lighthouse when Kaladin touched the shiny globe and saw his vision of Dalinar
  12. With this in mind, wouldn't it make more sense for someone else to wield nightblood and wreak havoc while Dalinar summons the perpendicularity? That lets Dalinar focus and stay out of harm's way while he exhausts himself, while any radiant sill has access to said direct access to stormlight. I think Szeth and Nightblood are an awesome match. We all know how effective Szeth can be when commanded to slaughter, and he's only beginning to discover what could be done with nightblood. Only battle we've seen them in so far Szeth kind of peaked early and only ended up getting rescued by the perpendicularity. Now he knows exactly when to pull nightblood out and annihilate an entire army singlehandedly, thunderclasts and all.
  13. I picture it more like a blacklight, if it could somehow 'steam' off of the bulb
  14. Dalinar's response to the Saddeus soldiers in the beginning. "You lost your high prince?!"