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  1. Watched Pan’s Labyrinth last night. Never seen a Spanish language film before this but I liked it. A very beautiful and horrific film. The girl who played Ofelia was great. Not my first Del Toro film but can say I like his style for the creatures in his films.
  2. Watership Down. Did want to see this as a kid but never did.
  3. Watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Haven’t seen it since it was in theaters.
  4. I work at the admin office of a charter school and am currently helping one of the IT guys unload COWs, computers on wheels to move them between classrooms, and one thing I can’t figure out is why the laptops make our hands feel waxy after touching a few of them and I mean waxy like handling a giant box of crayons and letting them melt in your hands.
  5. Now watching Tokyo Olympiad. This is the film about the 1964 Olympic Games. Not really a sports person but I like the Olympics and documentaries well enough.
  6. I think Emperor’s Soul is after Elantris but before Elantris 2.
  7. Watching the Criterion Collection edition of Hitchcock’s Spellbound.
  8. Finished listening to both River Song Series 2 and Classic Doctors, New Monsters Volume 1. Both good sets where River is unraveling a mystery of an Earth appearing in the ‘present’ having experienced a time anomaly apocalypse while the other was Doctors 5-8 encountering monsters that appeared starting with the 9th. The monsters in question are Weeping Angels (I liked how they adapted them to audio), Judoon (tied for my favorite story), Sycarax (tied for my favorite story) and a double whammy of the modern Sontarans and the Time War. The Time War is significant to note since this was the first set Big Finish started to legally mention it, instead of skirting close to the line, but it wasn’t released until after a couple other things that mentioned it.
  9. Just listened to the other story in The Third Doctor Adventures Volume 2. This story is called The Hidden Realm and is a “people in village being replaced/hypnotized” story. It was pretty good and currently listening to the BTS disc talking about both stories. The next thing I’m thinking of listening to is The Diary of River Song Series 2.
  10. Going on a Big Finish listening spree I guess. Next release is The Third Doctor Adventures Volume 2. Only listened to the first story, The Transcendence of Ephros, and it’s a cult story where the leader was influenced by the main adversary of the Doctor. Tomorrow I’m going to listen to the other story in this set before moving onto the other two box sets I have.
  11. Listening to an audio play of The Invisible Man staring the late John Hurt.
  12. Listening to an audio play of The Invisible Man staring the late John Hurt.
  13. If you could move anywhere where exactly would you want to live? For me I’ve got 4 different places I’d choose to live. The first is moving back to the LA area where I was from originally. The second is the Orlando area since I love the area. The only downside would be the summer heat since I already hate the summer heat in Texas. The Third would be New York since I liked being in the city when I was there for vacation. The final one would be England. I feel very in touch with my England ancestry and I love the culture so much. The only major hurtles though would be the whole citizenship thing where I would have to pay taxes to the States and some companies I order from wouldn’t ship there so I’d have to figure out an effective middleman solution to that. Then there would be the whole shipping everything across the pond which I imagine isn’t cheap. I’d probably only move here whenever I’m completely fed up with how things here was going.
  14. Currently watching The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy BBC miniseries.
  15. Finished Skyward about an hour ago. Definitely a pretty good book, and considering I’m not really into aircraft stuff or much of a fan of child soldier stories shows how much Brandon can make any type of story interesting. Going to start Starsight tomorrow and see where Spensa goes.