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  1. Now I’m imagining him as being in the same situation as child beauty pageant kids XD I could also see him in a Dexter situation where he’s always had those urges and one soldier he admired had a code he tries following and doesn’t seem to understand how he’s following it wrong.
  2. Kind of. I imagine the commanders and nobility are to Alethkari as actors are to us so imagine if a very well respected actor with a squeaky clean record turned out to be an abuser, drug user and any other bad thing you could imagine. Now imagine if that actor didn’t want that side known at all costs to the point of murdering anyone who found out? That’s how I would describe Amaram in real world terms. I wouldn’t say full on because I think his internal thoughts would be on how to justify or rationalize his actions in a way to make him still the good guy but when confronted he can’t handle it and just goes to the extreme on his defense, like in those two passages you had posted. In other words he’s a psychopath who doesn’t see himself as such but will resort to violence when someone confronts him with his real nature.
  3. Look at how Kaladin viewed him before and after the incident. Before he saw Amaram as this noble person you could look up to as a hero, which is the public image, and afterwards he saw the real Amaram that only those like Jasnah had seen or even acknowledged, which is his private image. In other words imagine if someone everyone loved actually turned out to be a psychopath? That would definitely change the public image of the person for sure.
  4. Finished watching Chojin Sentai Jetman. I can definitely see why people like this season, though I wouldn’t call it my favorite season at this point. Things get really real in this season compared to the other Super Sentai seasons I’ve watched, as in civilians actually die instead of everyone getting rescued, to the point it makes you go “This is a kids show!?!?” It even ends on an ambiguous note where Black Condor is stabbed by a purse snatcher and you don’t know if he dies from his wound or not (he doesn’t reveal it to his teammates because he doesn’t want to ruin Red Hawk and White Swan’s wedding) but the much later season Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger eventually reveals that he did indeed die. Even the fates of the villains is horrible (one is sent to the psych ward, one is stabbed by the boss, one dies a warriors death and the boss has a lot of blood coming from his mouth when killed by the rangers) Well my next watch will be less graphic since I’m doing Adventure Time Seasons 7-‘10’
  5. Not one for me but would be one for the people involved with the story I heard on the radio. The station I listen to has this segment called “Fired from America” which is about people doing incredibly stupid things. Well in today’s story this guy and his fiancée were at a strip club and the police had to be called. Apparently he drank 33 beers! That shouldn’t even be possible! I found a BAC calculator to figure out what his BAC would be and I went with the conservative estimate of 4% beer, 160 weight (average weight) and if this happened over the course of 6 hours. The number was 0.62! I then did a hard estimate of 7% beer and 1 hour and the number was 1.2%. Your body starts shutting down at 0.40 so someone miscounted how many beers he had or he has a rare gene to handle that much alcohol.
  6. A public image change at least.
  7. Finally getting around to finishing Chojin Sentai Jetman. I only have 3 discs left so I want to finish this show.
  8. In regards to Amaram: since we don’t know what he was really like before the Kaladin flashbacks this is just speculation on my part, what if he was just put in a bad spot at the time and has just become more fanatical since then where he has absolutely no issue doing it during the events of Oathbringer but absolutely would have to think about it during the WOK flashback. It wouldn’t be out of the realm of realism for him to become that entrenched in his beliefs in a couple years since people in cults can change just like that. Now I could be proven wrong and it turns out he was always like that but the events as seen seem to show he was at least decent, and I mean decent in the nicest way possible considering what he possibly did to Jasnah when they were younger, but has grown more unhinged as the series has gone on until he has joined with the devil himself.
  9. Finished Lego Dimensions. There were 3 gold bricks that refused to register or not pop up at all. Going to take a break from gaming but I wanted to at least get Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5 ReMIX installed first.
  10. Have you ever watched a film or show, read a book or played a game and started thinking that the designated good guy(s) might be the real villain? After I first watched Moana I actually felt like Maui was the villain of the story, just a redemption arc villain, but so many people keep thinking he’s the male hero of the story. Another I thought about while playing Lego Dimensions. I’ve never watched the Legends of Chima show but I already know that the crocodile tribe are supposed to be the designated villains but while playing Lego Dimensions one of the Chima quests comes from the Lion tribe leader and the way he phrases the quest I couldn’t help thinking “wait, are the Lions the real villains?” I thought this because they hoard all the CHI to themselves, refuse to let anyone else use it (which has led to others trying to make a synthetic version) and hunt down anyone who takes even a drop of it. Oh and the CHI is apparently necessary for connecting with the great animal spirits. In any other media a group that does this is almost always the villain of the story so it seems suspect that a hero group would do something like this. Heck the only reason the crocodile tribe even does bad things is because they keep being denied access to CHI, when other tribes do get permission it’s heavily regulated how it’s used, and they just want to be connected to the great crocodile spirit. I guess reptiles will always be villains even when they are trying to do the right thing.
  11. Picked up 3 more comics. These are the two Shattered Grid volumes of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and The Walking Dead: Here’s Negan for $5. The Walking Dead one came with a copy of #100 with the B&N variant which is nice, though I don’t collect issues so not necessary for me, and the Power Rangers ones I’m waiting to read since the full Shattered Grid event is told over 4 volumes (MMPR Volume 7 #25-28, MMPR Volume 8 #29-30 & Shattered Grid Finale #1, GGPR Volume 3 #9-12 and Lost Chronicles 2018 Annual #1. There’s also the FCBD special but I have to wait for the Shattered Grid collection for that.)
  12. Onto the final 10 worlds in Lego Dimensions. It’s just the ones from this decade remaining.
  13. @Emperor Stick You only played the first couple sequences of AC3? Haytham’s just the tutorial character. You should at least play it until you’re past Haytham since you get a nice twist about him at the end of sequence 3. Now some missions are a pain to play like the Paul Revere midnight run and Bunker Hill but once you get past both sets of tutorials (Haytham’s and Connor’s) you’re already halfway through the game. It’s best to play it just to get to The Tyranny of King Washington, that’s much better than the main game but you need to play the main game to the end to understand the relationships of the characters better. Yes, good that you plan on doing those after, Freedom Cry takes place after Edward’s story is done while Aveline takes place after AC3.
  14. Onto my least favorite of the Adventure Worlds in Lego Dimensions, Sonic the Hedgehog. Love Sonic, his world is just tedious to do since 80% of the races are Sonic races and the environment is not forgiving and one gold brick requires collecting a bunch of studs in the special stage zone and that’s pure luck base if you get the correct number.
  15. AC4 surprised me with how fun it was since I thought it would be just okay. You should also try Rogue since it’s got very similar mechanics, though it takes til halfway through the story to actually get a ship. I can’t tell you about Unity, Syndicate, Origins or Odyssey since I’ve yet to play them. Are you doing the DLC stories like Aveline and Freedom Cry?