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  1. Almost done with Assassin’s Creed Unity. Just finishing up a couple of the Co-Op missions in solo mode (this is where most of the story of the French Revolution is held like the Women’s March, the execution of Danton and the raiding of Mirabeau’s crypt along with some Templar killings like Marcourt at a tournament) finish the story itself and do Dead Kings. After that I can get ready for Kingdom Hearts ReMIND.
  2. Encountered one of the worst viewpoint synchronizations in Assassin’s Creed Unity. The spot was on Le Bastille and I went around it at the base trying to find a path up and the available paths only led to windows so I went inside and then walked through the halls fighting off Radicals, I think, before coming back to where I first started and noticed the staircase kind of hidden. Went up the stairs to a courtyard where I looked for a way up and the windows only went halfway up the wall so I entered this other, killed a couple more enemies before I finally found a blown out wall that allowed upward travel.
  3. Playing Assassin’s Creed Unity now
  4. Finishing FF12 Strong Mode. I’m really not going to 100% the game since I’m not going to attempt traversing the Subterra for one magic and two hunts. Going to take a break from gaming until Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMIND comes out on the 23rd.
  5. Not currently watching these but they are films/shows I got for Christmas: Teen Wolf Too, Transformers Animated Complete Series, Ultra Q (the preseries Ultraman show that starts the show. Think of it like the episodes before Barnabas arrives in Dark Shadows) and the Universal Horror Collection volume 1 which contains The Black Cat, The Raven, The Invisible Ray and Black Friday. What these four have in common is they all star Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi. I found it funny how no one proofread to see if the information was the same between the box and the case!
  6. Had a small bit of badness while in Florida for Christmas. On Christmas Eve there was this kid that was so badly behaved I was thinking ‘why is he going on the same boat as me?’ since my mom and I were taking the boat/water taxi from Hollywood Studios to Epcot. This kid was supposedly 8 but he was kicking and hollering, to the point that one wishes someone would shut the brat up, was in a stroller and the mother claims he acts that way because he doesn’t take too well being out at night. It was already 2-3 hours past sunset at that point so if that’s the case why were they only going back at that time? The father apparently had gone back earlier with the other children so why didn’t he take this brat with him if he only acts like that after dark? The mom also claimed the motion of the boat would soothe him but I could still hear him making a fuss from the other end of the boat. I don’t know what that kids deal is but the parents need to put him on something. Then on Christmas Day I woke up just fine but when I went to eat breakfast I just couldn’t manage more than a few bites. As soon as I had stood up my stomach started going like I needed to puke so I rushed to the nearest toilet where it turned out I had bad diarrhea. My mom and I had planned to go to Hollywood Studios that day to do the Star Wars stuff but with me needing to go to the bathroom every so often I didn’t want to chance getting on a ride and needing the toilet halfway in. This lasted for a couple more days before it started getting normal. My mom thinks it was bad oil from the fish and chips we ate the night before.
  7. This. Khriss is my favorite worldhopper and it would be nice to see her pop up somewhere in Roshar whether it’s in the main stories, the interludes (maybe have one be from her perspective but only reveals it’s her at the end) or even in the epilogue with Hoid.
  8. Who do you think will become worldhoppers in future books? It would be so neat if Jasnah became a worldhopper, maybe working with Khriss on Shard studies?, especially to see how she’d be like with the cultures of other worlds. Shai would also be another good one to see.
  9. 3 days before my birthday! What a great present! If the book tour doesn’t come near me then I’m thinking of doing the midnight release in Salt Lake.
  10. I got Warriors of the Altaii by Robert Jordan and Side Jobs by Jim Butcher. I plan to read Side Jobs when each story takes place when I do the other books so I’ll be picking this book up a few times.
  11. Oh man, Square Enix accidentally released the new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 reMind and has confirmed it’s coming out January 23!
  12. Just beat FF12. Now I’m going to go in with New Game + where this time I’ll do the side stuff with the Japanese voice acting and at 4x speed.
  13. I’m back from vacation in Florida. It’s good as always though there were some rude people on the Disney Cruise this time and some people getting a little too intimate with booze. Went to B&N for Black Friday and got these items: Doctor Who The Macra Terror (had no idea it was out here already so had to get it), A Storm of Swords, White Sand 3, Starsight, the leatherbound Jurassic Park duology and the leatherbound of Christie’s And Then There Were None with a couple other stories. When I got home my birthday present, Godzilla the Showa Years, from my sister had arrived (technically I bought it but she sent the gift cards for it) and it’s going to be interesting how I’m going to store this since it’s pretty tall. When I went to pick up the accumulated mail from vacation my preordered Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Shattered Grid hardback had arrived as well so I’ve got quite a bit as ‘birthday’ presents.
  14. Still playing FF12 and am having a little trouble with Daedalus in Giruvegan. I keep getting him down to the final 10-20% and he decimates all my characters. Kind of wishing that they had let Reddas join for this segment of the game. Might as well go with some leveling up to try boosting my characters stat wise.
  15. Finished All Systems Red. Would’ve finished in one sitting but I kept being interrupted. It’s an interesting story that makes me want to read the other novellas in the series. Now I’m going to start on Wilds Cards by George R. R. Martin.