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  1. I’m dreading getting to that chapter since Lady’s death got to me and deaths don’t normally make me more than pause for a few seconds (when I read Hedwig’s death in Harry Potter I didn’t even register it until a couple paragraphs later)
  2. More the second.
  3. Wooloo is such a cute sheep. Wasn’t expecting a dandelion Pokémon but it would’ve been more interesting if they took dandelion literal where it was a lion with a dandelion head for its mane. That bird is awesome looking! The legendary wolves are okay though they look interesting when you ignore the obvious sword and shield *roll credits* Not a fan of the giant Pokémon aspect but I do find the whole Gyms are sporting events neat. Did find it interesting that the champion looks like a football player mixed with a prince. I was expecting a queenly woman as champion (seriously we need someone old as the champion for once.) I love that the professor is an older woman and she looks both sweet and stern at once. Was getting tired of professors that looked young and hot. It’s kind of interesting that all the names characters so far have botanical names.
  4. Rothfuss seriously needs to finish this book. I’m waiting until this is released before I even start reading them.
  5. Yeah, family vacations are more of a headache to deal with than when I’m trying to figure out stuff for myself.
  6. Just finished Winter (book 4 of The Lunar Chronicles). That was so good and the heroes definitely earned their ending. I’ve read so many books where the ending was satisfying all the way to meh and most leaning on the ‘did the heroes earn it?’ direction. The heroes were all so great to read, see them grow and fall in love. Obviously Cinder is the main character but each of the girls (Scarlet, Cress and Winter) are just as important to getting that happiness. Cinder finally defeating her aunt, Scarlet being a big sister to Winter and not caring what Wolf looks like after being altered, Cress and Thorne getting over the romance hassles and Winter just being her own crazy lovable self by refusing to use her Lunar gift and using it to protect the guy she loves from a crazy guy who scares her shitless even though using it would make her worse. It was also so sweet when Winter volunteered as a test subject for the Lunar suppression chip so that she can finally be safe and happy within her mind and not worry anymore. Next up will be Fairest, the backstory novella for Levana showing how she became so cray-cray and a tyrant.
  7. He did his own thing on singing the songs while keeping the spirit of Elton John. To be honest Taron is one of those actors I tend to forget about since I was curious if he was in any other film and was surprised that he was the main character of Kingsman since I’ve seen that movie. He was also the gorilla kid from Sing where he also sang an Elton John song. One positive of this film is they didn’t try to cover up the worst parts of Elton’s life at all like (putting this in spoilers for R rating and if you don’t know much about Elton’s life)
  8. This is more a headache thing than a bad day thing. My mother is making planning vacation an unnecessary pain once again. Anytime we do plans she makes it a huge headache to settle on stuff because she always asks double questions (as in I give her the answer but she treats it as not the answer and rewords her question that boils down to the same thing) and questions me on everything like I’m an idiot despite looking at the item in question. In this case it was figuring out what time to book for afternoon tea at the Grand Floridian at Disney World after getting off the Disney Cruise (our trip goes Food & Wine Festival at Disney World the day before going on a week long cruise followed by a couple days at Universal Studios). First she questioned me on the breakfast times, breakfast being 6:45 & 8:00 depending on your seating and she wants first seating despite it being inconvenient for breakfast, because she insisted that first seating was 7:00 and second seating was 7:45 until I looked it up just to show her I remembered the times. Then she argued with me on the easiest way to our hotel at Universal Studios after dropping my dad off, he has to get back to work after the cruise so we have to drop him off at the place where he drops off his truck, and the place we go to isn’t near a freeway since we have to get off the 528 toll road and use regular roads to get there. The point she argued with me was why not use the 417 toll road since that’s the one we used last time. I kept telling her that 417 is easier when heading south towards Disney World while 528 is easier when heading north towards Universal and thus 417 is going the long way around, especially since the drop off is about halfway between both of these. The kicker is I was telling her this while looking at a map! The final thing she argued on was the time to book for the tea since we have to account for this: time to eat breakfast, getting off the ship and through customs, getting on the shuttle back to the car, drive from the port back to Orlando to drop my dad off, drive to Universal to get our room settled and drive to Disney for the tea. She kept talking about doing the 3:00 time because it’ll take too long to get through customs while my argument of what takes too much time was the time getting off the freeway to the place for my dad since the last time he gave directions that lasted an hour from the time we exited the toll road when it takes about 50 minutes to get there from the port. When we finally talked it through on how long everything might take, assuming no traffic on the roads, it turned out a 2:15 time would be more ideal since that still gives wiggle room so that we can settle our room and not be rushed getting to the tea if traffic happens. Something that should’ve been a couple minutes had taken half an hour because she’d rather argue and not listen to me. An example of her not listening to me did happen today where we needed to get from one freeway to another freeway and she asked me if the upcoming ramp was the one we needed and I said “no, stay to-“ and she took that ramp before I could finish because she heard me say “yes”. Luckily I knew how to get to our target freeway but it would be nice if she didn’t mix up yes and no when I say them.
  9. Saw Rocketman today. It was pretty good and I don’t usually watch biopics.
  10. These books are so good! They did not go how I expected them to and I don’t even care. The romances are fun to read (coming from a non-romantic guy that says something) and seeing how much similarities/divergence from the fairy tales is neat. Almost through Winter and can’t wait to read the prequel and short stories.
  11. Went to B&N since I got my mail coupons and a Memorial Day coupon in my email. The haul was this: Fairest and Stars Above by Marissa Meyer (the last of her Lunar Chronicles books), Adventure Time The Final Seasons (the final three seasons were put together on dvd) and Doctor Who: Resolution. My mother got Call the Midwife Seties 8, Wonder and a pop of the Queen.
  12. @AonEne Only on weekends since I can actually wake naturally at a decent time. I hate doing end of year inventory so much since it takes so many days just to do the first run of returns, one campus always takes multiple days no matter what and this year was no exception. Also every year my mother always tries to do the multi-day campus in the morning and a smaller campus in the afternoon and it never works out since multi-day campus always keeps us there until after everyone else is gone, even if on day one we get 75% done and day two is just 5 rooms we still end up there all damnation day. Today we only had one building there to do and the majority is just empty classrooms and we didn’t get started until after 10 because my mother just had to go over some emails that took her 2 hours (this is when she starts complaining we should’ve already been done there and at another campus), and then by the time we finish with the room so that I can start the find report it’s after 2 (yes it took 4 hours to get to this point) and I spent the next 2 doing the report since the system we use does not eliminate any zeroed out items so I have to do that manually. By the time I was done it was 7/7:30. Didn’t eat lunch until around 3:30 so that shows how bad this day got. Overall this job is the reason I hate summer so much, besides the heat of course.
  13. Long days at work this week. I’m a night owl so being forced to wake up before 8 is torture for me so you can imagine being woken up at 5. Then it’s around 8PM when I finally eat dinner. End of year inventory is the worst.
  14. I take immortality since you can still get the million dollars along the way I’d rather sprint forever since the thought of flying outside an airplane terrifies me. Why would anyone pick medieval times?
  15. Ate Keto for the first time. It’s got to be the blandest thing I’d ever eaten. These consisted of cinnamon muffins, lemon poppyseed muffin and a Nutella cupcake. They were all moist like they weren’t finished cooking at all or too much water was in the batter, the flavor went away pretty fast and I was left with no flavor at all, just chewy dough. The Nutella one was the worst offender since to mess up Chocolate anything shows how bad it was since the only times I’ve never finished a chocolate dessert was because it was too rich and I just couldn’t eat this thing at all. The best tasting was the lemon poppyseed but only on the small amount of frosting on top, though when I tried to not chew the frosting as much so that the lemon flavor stayed I was left with a strong lemon flavor from the frosting and a huge blandness from the muffin itself. I’m not against healthy eating but I’ve had foods that were vegetarian and vegan that I enjoyed and bland/no flavor food is something I do not enjoy at all. Not entirely sure how anyone can stomach it unless they are one of those supertasters who can’t handle even mild flavor. I did that when I first saw hashtags and couldn’t figure out why everyone was putting pound in front of stuff.
  16. I was the student who would read in class after all the work was done. Never had a teacher confiscate a book from me though. Did have other students steal stuff from me, once in middle school a student from the classroom next door tried stealing my copy of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and I got it back because I knew the binding was pretty weak and a certain page had a rip on it. The one thing I find annoying about working in a school now is how the place is trying to 'promote' reading but they have no idea how to incorporate it or even get the teenagers interested. Some books they put at a much lower grade level but then they'll have Clifford and Dr Suess for the high schoolers. Then there were a couple books they had assigned to the recommended grade level and pulled them because one had some language (think like how 80's kids films had strong language and rated PG) and the other complained about a scene that talked about an abortion, but not in detail, and she described it as being explicitly graphic. What made that second one silly was that it was a required reading for that grade and she was the only teacher to complain about it. Oh and recently we had a read-a-thon and the way it was set up to record your minutes was actually discouraging reading since they wanted only 1-2 hours a day and I read more than that.
  17. Just spent the last couple hours rearranging my movies into some kind of order. I now have tv shows together along with these categories: Disney Animated Canon, DAC Sequels, Pixar, classic Disney films, modern Disney, Studio Ghibli, Misc. animated, Misc. CGI, Musicals, Superheroes, box sets with single entries not in them, horror and steel cases. I also have Misc. divided into general Classic, 70's/80's, childhood and modern. I also put holiday stuff together for easy Christmas access. I was able to do this since there's a bunch of films and shows I decided I didn't really want to hold onto anymore, I had a couple duplicates, or I am upgrading them to a better version. The total is almost 60 so that's some space cleared up. Edit: Oh yeah, while doing the sorting I found that there were some missing titles like I own X-Men 2 and 3 but not the first one, 8 Disney Animated Canon films (mostly the Package films but who doesn't love a collection?) and a couple Pixar films. Kind of crazy what you discover eh?
  18. So who's had that moment where in person or online you were talking with someone and you both were very friendly and suddenly the other person became hostile over something that really wouldn't cause such a reaction? I've had a couple of moments like this on DeviantArt. The first was with a trans artist and we talked a little on a few of his pictures. On one I casually mentioned I leaned more on the asexual side, the conversation had turned to sexual orientation for context, and suddenly his tone became hostile and he went on a tirade that I was exactly like one of his past boyfriends who was asexual and called him a freak for suggesting to have sex, they were far enough into the relationship for that to be a common thing. I was so upset I almost wanted to break the unspoken rule of not referring to a trans person by their birth sex but instead I just left and never went back to their stuff. Another one was just bizarre since I complemented an artist on one of her characters and she outright banned me from her gallery. Another artist we both knew had commented on artist #2's journal about banning someone earlier for trying to turn one of her characters into something they weren't or something along those lines and I replied to artist #2 that I was the one she banned and let them know what I commented, by this point artist #1 had hidden the entire conversation, and they thought she was out of line.
  19. Double standards are the worst! Recently saw a picture on furaffinity that depicts r*pe double standards and the creator sees it as fine because it's a guy getting it without consent on his part. I'm seriously considering reporting that drawing to the moderators of furaffinity since that's not funny in the slightest.
  20. Finished reading Cress from The Lunar Chronicles. Yes all the girls have appeared! Cress was so precious and I nearly cried when she found out who her father was. Winter's one scene was wonderful to read since she is so innocent, despite being a little crazy. Winter is next for me. Still have to grab the prequel Fairest and the short stories Stars Above.
  21. Saw Avengers Endgame today. OMG this has to be the best superhero film ever made! I don't know what they could've cut out to make this closer to 2 hours since every moment was great. Is it okay to start talking about the film without spoiler tags yet?
  22. Just recently watched Doctor Strange and watched Thor: Ragnarok and Infinity War today to prepare myself for Endgame. I've yet to watch Black Panther, Ant-Man and the Wasp and Captain Marvel but I'm considering those 'supplemental' (as in these are more origin films and context films for some things like Bucky in Wakanda, which can be inferred with Civil War, and the origins of Wasp and Carol Danvers) to the watch since I already owned Doctor Strange so figured I might as well watch and TR is an update status on Thor and Hulk while Infinity War is obvious. Will pick up Black Panther and Ant-Man and the Wasp in the future but I didn't want to get four films so these two had to go the wayside for simplicity of plot for me.
  23. Let me put it another way: Imagine Stephen King delayed a bunch of books because 'writing horror is new to him' or if Brandon said he was having trouble writing SA4 because he wasn't used to writing fantasy stories. That's the exact thing being used as the excuse for a ride delay from Disney even though they've had experience with this exact ride system for 2 decades now. I'm not that interested in the ride itself, I hate the new art style for Mickey, but the excuse is what confounds me.
  24. Not sure where to put this. I'm confused by the reason people are giving for why the upcoming Mickey Mouse ride at Disney World is being delayed to next year. Everyone is saying because the technology is new but it's just a trackless ride system with screens. It's not even the first time they've dabbled with this system since it's used for Pooh's Hunny Hunt at Tokyo (open since 2000) and the Ratatouille ride in Paris. Heck it's not even expensive to add or program since Sea World has one and many other theme parks with budgets smaller than Six Flags. So since they've used the system for 4 rides already and a cheap theme park can program these with no hassle what's the jig with Disney Florida?
  25. What would you wish for if you found a genie? What are your three wishes? It should go without saying that you can't wish for more wishes. You can also make a wish long and specific so that you can technically get more than three wishes. My wishes: This might be dark but I'd have my first wish be where people who partake in vices (drinking, drug use, smoking) should die instantly instead of harming others after taking them. Wish two would be to either read faster or have the world slow down around me while reading. This might make reading while traveling difficult though. Wish three would be for authors like GRRM to write as fast as Brandon.