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  1. This is kind of tv related: MakeMoreMST3K.com Joel is doing another Kickstarter to bring MST3K back for season 13 and this time it’s going to be on its own platform! They’ve already met their $2M goal and to get a full season, plus a dozen shorts, they will need $5.5M. I hope they get that many backers since they got to $6M last time.
  2. Kind of getting prices for a solo trip I want to do next year. The pricing will determine how much I do. The trip in question is a disney cruise out of Dover and I’m not sure if I’ll do a single cruise or a back to back one. The first cruise is a Norwegian Fjords trip that visits Alesund, Nordfjordeid, Eidfjord and Stavanger with two sea days. The second one is a British isles trip that visits Portland/Stonehenge, Cork, Liverpool, Belfast, Greenock/Edinburgh/Glasgow. Since there is a 6 hour time difference between me and Dover and jet lag is very possible I’m thinking of adding an Adventures by Disney London trip to the beginning to help mitigate it. The only thing that’s going to be a pain is getting prices for airfare since the travel agent I’m getting prices from doesn’t do it anymore and Disney has an ‘add airfare’ option that I could do. Looking it up myself the prices ranged from ~$600-~$1000 when looking at the prices for the same time for this year, the prices don’t go far enough ahead to check the actual dates, since the only airlines that service Dallas and Heathrow are American Airlines and British Airways. Any other options require transfers but all the flights tend to be overnight ones so I really don’t want to fly to New York and get on a transfer in the middle of the night.
  3. The Middle East is in that weird middle ground when it comes to East and West. If we went by the Europe definition that includes Turkey, Cyprus and the Caucuses. If we use the Eurozone defined by the EBU that includes a vast majority of the Middle East which is an overlap for the religion side. If we defined the Middle East as being Asia/East then it’s Eastern. I guess it all depends on where you choose to place the Middle East in terms of West vs East. Of course if we include the wider Muslim world you have to consider Africa and determine if they are considered West, East or their own thing. The only part of the Muslim world I would definitely call Eastern though is the Indonesian branch of it.
  4. I’m applying for a new job, I’m just at that point where a career change is necessary for my own mental well-being, and I just want to ask if it’s normal for jobs that have yearly contract renewals to do so 3-4 months before the end of it. I’m asking since I work at a school and the end of the contract is sometime in June or July for admin but they do the intent to return in March which makes it hard to apply for any other job since they tend to only keep it open for you around a month meaning I would technically have to quit early just to get the new job. I just feel like this isn’t normal for a renewal when it comes to a job.
  5. I wasn’t raised religious so when I was a kid I didn’t understand what people were talking about when they did mention anything faith related. It wasn’t until my family moved to Texas, about 10, that the stuff ramped up and I seriously went into ‘what the hell are they talking about?’ since I still wasn’t aware of religion as a concept. I knew of churches of course but only knew of them as places people got married at so I only knew them as marriage buildings. As I got into my teen years I was getting more aware of it, mostly just Christianity, and it was just annoying me so much because I didn’t believe or follow that way of life (had a classmate who assumed because I wasn’t a self proclaimed Christian that I HAD to be atheist which I quickly objected to). Even going into adulthood I didn’t like hearing anything Christian related, I have personal bully related reasons I don’t want to get into here, but I liked reading about the Eastern faiths like Hinduism, Buddhism and Shinto. Even visited a local Buddhist temple and I liked it more than a church. Nowadays I would just call myself non-religious as a rule since I don’t believe in any specific god or follow any doctrine but if I had to pick any I’d choose one of the Eastern ones. Heck I’m more into the Olympians, Egyptians, Norse and various others than the OG/Allah/what have yous of Western faiths. So yeah, I’m complicated where all this is concerned.
  6. Not a recipe but a kind of hack I had to do. I had gotten a lobster, it was presteamed so I just had to reheat it, but I didn’t have a cracker or a chef’s knife to help open it so I resorted to using a can opener and a butter knife. It worked wonders since I’d never tried to do lobster at home, I’ve done it at Red Lobster, and I got the majority of the meat pretty fast. I didn’t want to bother with the body/head meat and deal with serious cleaning for a tiny bit of meat so I did just the claw, knuckle and tail. Probably took about 20 minutes from first getting it out of the oven to final cleaning to make sure no shell was on it.
  7. Still kind of watching Dragon Ball GT. The fight scenes don’t enthrall me like they used to as a teen so I end up zoning out during fight heavy episodes. I got through the first three sagas (Black Star Balls, Baby and Super 17) and only have the Shadow Dragons saga left. My order for these sagas have to be Shadow Dragons, Baby, Black Star Balls and Super 17. They did have one ‘filler’ episode between Baby and Super 17 where the gang participate in the World Fighter Tournament (I might’ve butchered that) but it’s considered part of the Super 17 saga but I think it was much better than the saga as a whole considering the only thing I liked from the saga was the ending of the fight when Android 18 comes in to assist Goku in stopping Super 17. This was also the shortest saga so that says a lot about it when it felt longer than the other sagas. Once I’m done with this show I’m moving on to something more intellectual that I hope will entertain me better.
  8. Not bad enough to get my day bad but enough to get to me. The best analogy is the penny where by itself it’s worthless but you get enough of them together and you get a happy meal or something that has worth. One of those was my mother’s micro aggressions and insults towards me. We were going to Jack in the Box since she wanted onion rings and the conversation turned to food advertisement and I mentioned there was one where it was very obvious the guy wasn’t actually given a burger because of the way he was holding it and the way he bit in was like biting air. She turned it around to criticize the way I hold my burgers. My way of holding it? Thumb on the bottom bun and fingers on top, which is the normal way to hold it. She treats it as me holding it upside down and my elbows sticking out even with my head. This might seem like small potatoes but remember my analogy earlier, stuff like this gets to me more and more these days.
  9. There’s good news for us PS4 players, you can crossplay where you can transfer your save file, get the graphical updates for free and only have to pay for Yuffie as DLC.
  10. You might want to wait for the PS5 edition to drop since it’s going to have improved graphics and performance along with a new episode focusing on Yuffie showing what she’s up to during the Midgar story.
  11. Playing the 5th and 6th Ace Attorney games and periodically going back to Assassin’s Creed Valhalla when new stuff drops. A new festival season starts this week so I’m going to see what it entails once it starts. I’m hoping it’s better than the stuff from Yule since I’m getting restless for Ireland, Paris and Discovery Mode since the river raids didn’t cut it.
  12. Got distracted from Colour of Magic for a few days but I finished it yesterday. It wasn’t a LOL funny for me but I did get a few chuckles out of it and appreciated the jokes I did get the reference to. Twoflower was a little groan worthy at the beginning but he grew on me by the end. Rincewind was very enjoyable the whole time. Luggage... it was hit and miss for me but I will say when Rincewind ended up on the airplane in the dragon chapter and Luggage appeared it felt like a horror movie moment and I had to reread a few sentences just to make sure I was reading it right. I won’t give my thoughts on Death since I’ve heard He’s not his normal self in this book and He starts being the Death everyone loves in the next book but solidified in Mort. I was surprised by the lack of footnotes in the book since even I know how famous Pratchett is for having footnotes and there’s only one here and I think it was just to explain the seasons. I hope the rest have way more than that to justify the whole being famous for them. Well onto The Light Fantastic and see how Rincewind survives his cliffhanger to end up doing more ‘adventures’ on the Discworld.
  13. Playing Ace Attorney Duel Destinies and just encountered a joke that made me snort. It’s one of those ‘My goodness Nintendo’ jokes that you don’t expect from a family friendly gaming company (yes this game is more for adults and is rated M but that’s for the graphic nature of the death in the final trial). The joke kind of goes like this: Aura: Her respect as a co-worker wasn’t all that I wanted! The Judge: Hmm... Then what did you want from her? Phoenix: (...Did you really just go there, Your Honor?!) What made it funnier is that during all exchanges with Aura it’s hinted that she was in love with the victim of the retrial and the judge is being such a naive cinnamon roll not to notice the subtext.
  14. Got a bit of a holiday right now on account of weather. Off since Thursday until Wednesday because of snow and how cold it is. Here’s how crazy it is with the cold, it’s in the single digits and is colder than it was when I was up in Illinois for New Years and it was cold enough to snow up there so that says something. Here’s another comparison, when it was in the 20’s there a sweater/hoodie was enough, here you need to bundle up in the same temperature range! When I was up there I only wore a heavy coat one day the entire time there but here it’s crazy to go out without bundling up like the young brother in A Christmas Story. How can the 20 degree range be warmer up north than in the south???