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  1. Yeah it’s one thing when it’s a tie in novel, Last Shot is a tie in for Solo, but it’s another when it’s just a random book, like Leia Princess of Alderaan forcing in her first meeting with Holdo just to tie it into Last Jedi. With the trilogy ending there should be no more silly tie ins allowed from now on but the Story Team will still try to meddle though because of upcoming movies like the GOT writers trilogy. At least the EU weren’t restricted, just making small adjustments when the Lucasfilms continuity people noticed a contradiction with either the original 6 films or with another book (like if someone wrote Chewy in but set the book after Chewy was killed off) I’m hoping that with 9 coming that means we'll finally get books that focus on Finn and Rey (Poe be damned since I don’t get his appeal)
  2. Well I’ve heard about this one fact from several different authors that have done the Disney Canon. They will come up with an interesting story for the film characters but the Star Wars Story Team will nix it or severally change it so it doesn’t resemble the original concept at all. When it comes to ones without the film characters as the focus the Story Team will always force in some connection to the films even when it doesn’t make sense (one example is a book that came out prior to Solo and 8 where they had to mention a character or place from those films despite the story having nothing to do with them). Pretty much the Story Team are the ones making the books a mess since they have way less control over the comics since Marvel is in charge of that and allow fresh ideas involving the film characters.
  3. One department is making my job a chore again. It’s the C&I (curriculum and instruction) department. They are redoing the required reading novels again. I kept trying to get questions answered but my mother, who’s my boss, kept waving it away like it wasn’t important and that I was making a big deal out of nothing. Here’s the points I kept trying to get answered or managed to resolve: 1. Half of the novels from the previous school year are no longer on the list so do they want them in the campus resource rooms or on the shelves at central gathering dust. 2. A few of the ones added to the list are on these literacy carts C&I just had to create last year so I wanted to know if we will be pulling those off. When that came back as a big no I then tried telling them that if we have books that are on both the carts and as required reading it’ll confuse the teachers and the campus coordinators. When that still didn’t concern them I just couldn’t believe the stupidity. I just know that the carts will get even more messed up with this happening. 3. One of the novels listed was Benjamin Button, a short story. I immediately asked if a short story would be long enough to do for the 9 weeks and the one who sent the list to me didn’t even know the book was a short story. How can they pick stories for class and not know a novel from a short story? Pretty much the way my mother acted she practically implied I should just sweep my concerns under the carpet even though these are significant concerns to ask so that my job doesn’t become a headache and nightmare.
  4. Butcher is also now working on the new Dresden book after going through a tough few years
  5. Playing Lego Dimensions PS4 edition and encountered the oddest glitch I’ve seen in a lego game. I was at the Joker boss in the Simpsons level and the bot was stuck in the t-pose which makes progressing the fight impossible. Replaying the level to see if that fixes it otherwise I might have to redownload the files.
  6. Picked up Ghosts of the Shadow Market by Cassandra Clare since I’ve been curious on her Shadowhunters series but I wanted to start with the closest thing that comes to being a standalone without needing to read the main books since I want to make sure I like her style and characters before taking the plunge.
  7. This happened on Friday but I was too tired that night and yesterday to post this. We’re in the middle of taking the old English curriculum off the campuses and at one campus we were loading the boxes onto a pallet in the box truck (the type U-Haul uses) and shrink wrapped them once it was high enough. Well when we were driving away, to put the truck away at the main office, we stopped at a red light and heard this huge boom from the back and hoped it was just some of the loose boxes. Well when we arrived at the office we opened the back up and the entire stack of boxes had indeed fallen over. What happened was the guy helping us wrap the shrink wrap hadn’t pulled it tight around the back. I took a look at the ones further inside and saw multiple boxes had busted open meaning on Monday when we have to drop the boxes off to take to recycle we will have to redo everything we already did.
  8. It is such a great read, it just gets a bit long in the tooth on a couple plots later on in books 6-9/10. I’ve been trying to get as much as I could on the Disney Canon and the EU (I don’t consider the Disney Canon part of the EU to be honest) and I’ve only read one book so far. That one was From a Certain Point of View where A New Hope was told from the POVs of the other characters that appear in the background or just characters who happened to meet/interact with the major players. The stories there I’m not 100% sure are supposed to be serious since one focuses on a gay romance with Grand Moff Tarkin who isn’t even hinted at swinging that way in every other piece of material available and another has a Force sensitive Tuskan Raider which in both continuities shouldn’t be possible. At this point the Disney Canon is just more an authorized fan fiction line so that’s how I’m viewing everything that’s not Episodes I-IX and the Clone Wars stuff.
  9. Just finished Fairest. Wow, Levana was such a twisted person. She had every opportunity to be a sympathetic character (her sister turning her into a burn victim, wanting love, becoming a mother) but she squanders every chance by forcing her husband into marrying her with deceit and manipulation at the age of 16, forcing a new nanny to kill her niece and later having her husband killed so that she can marry the emperor of the Eastern Commonwealth. Anyway onto Stars Above, the short stories showing the backstories of the heroes!
  10. I keep hoping for some very British Pokémon like something to do with tea, the weather and even one themed around the kilt/tartan since the regions since Unova have Pokémon that fit very well with the real world counterpart.
  11. It was sad reading who died that first time reading. I’m not a “read a 800 page novel in 1 day” person but I read that final book in 2 days. Don’t know how I managed that. WOT was a long read for me. Took me a couple years to actually get to the Sanderson ones, mostly because 1. I needed a breather a couple times during all that 2. by the time I reached Fires of Heaven, the start of the longest summer, I was going through summer myself so it was not fun to read about the heat 3. The ‘middle’ books were quite slow to read through. I couldn’t believe how long that one chapter was myself when I looked at the table of contents. I couldn’t believe that there was no place to split it up into multiple chapters.
  12. I finished my Critical run of Kingdom Hearts 3. Boy it was rough at the beginning (Toy Box was the worst!) then got easier before getting hard for the final boss fights. Putting that away until the DLC arrives.
  13. I’m dreading getting to that chapter since Lady’s death got to me and deaths don’t normally make me more than pause for a few seconds (when I read Hedwig’s death in Harry Potter I didn’t even register it until a couple paragraphs later)
  14. More the second.
  15. Has anyone put a book down, either during the reading or after finishing, because something in the pages you just read was a little much for you to continue going at that moment? So far I have two. The first was a couple different moments from A Game of Thrones. I’m currently on my second which is Fairest by Marissa Meyer. When reading the other Lunar Chronicles books you know Levana was married to a guy named Evret and that she loved him very much. Hoo boy it’s worse than that since she’s manipulating him, brainwashing him, wearing his recently deceased wife’s face and forcing him to sleep with her (if you catch my meaning here) and that’s before she marries him. I’m at the point where she’s broken him down enough to force him into the marriage and it only took her a couple weeks to do it. This book was written so that readers could understand and feel sympathy for Levana but it’s made me more horrified of her if that’s how she treated the only person to show her kindness. Oh and during all these scenes she’s 16 so she’s a devil child as well. I’m going to keep reading this book (it’s only 222 pages and I’m literally halfway) since I want to know what happens to her sister Channery and her death, how she went through with trying to kill her niece and how she started as queen.