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  1. I live in the states so yeah... The worst new series to try starting are the long ones without an end known. I have The Sword of Truth still sitting on my shelf and I've yet to start on it, then I have the first installments of Dresden Files and Wild Cards with no end in sight for either. Another long one is Discworld with 41? books total (hate the fact that my copy of The Colour of Magic is spelled The Color of Magic) and I also have the first Harry Hole book which has no end so far. I'm holding off getting The Kingkiller Chronicles until book 3 is announced (wanted to do that for ASOIAF for when book 6 was announced but ended up finding AGOT for cheap) One series I am glad to have finished was The Wheel of Time, that was so long I had to take breaks to keep myself fresh. But there are some series I have that are complete but I don't yet have all the books like The Lunar Chronicles (own 3/6), Codex Alera (1/6) and two of the Rick Riordon series (2/3 norse 2/5 Apollo)
  2. It's so nice when Brandon does stories like Legion, they're a breath of fresh air and such a quick read. I hope that Brandon eventually brings his other short stories and novellas out in a collection so I can read Snapshot (I don't do ebooks so I don't have a way right now) I already own Skyward so I can start that anytime but I have a few in progress series (where I've read 1 or more books but not finished the series itself. Luckily all the ones in this list are YA so easy pickings) and standalones I want to get through first and not add another in progress series to my list. I don't count incomplete series, like ASOIAF, as an in progress just because there's no way to finish reading them at this point.
  3. Finished the final part of Legion last night. Reading all three together was nice and it's amazing how great the Aspects were. The ending was fun since it turned the whole story into a metaphor/allegory of what it's like being a writer. Also when reading it it was obvious how it felt like a script for a show and I didn't mind it at all. Was tempted to read Skyward next but I wanted to read something more fantasy and read a sequel of something I've already read so I'm now reading Cress book 3 of The Lunar Chronicles (I know it's more sci-fi but it's based off Rapunzel... strange how I've had a rapunzel year so far with Kingdom Hearts 3, reading a book about Gothel, watching some videos on the show and now reading Cress)
  4. If you had the same condition as Stephen Leeds what Aspects would you want to have? I'd want one similar to Kalyani since having a translator/linguist would be helpful since I want to travel the world one day and I'm a fan of Japanese media so it would help to have someone who knows the language rather than have the locals speak English to me or have incorrect subtitles. Maybe this could also double for customs of the regions. Another would be one who's a financial type of person since we all need financial help A third could be one versed in law since I've encountered stuff in my job that always makes me go 'is that legal?'
  5. Anyone hear of the feminist that hated building furniture because it would require consulting a manual?
  6. Finished Mother Knows Best. Very good and loose with the film. Compared to the previous two it focuses far more on the focus villain, Mother Gothel, than on the original characters. In terms of feeling sorry for the villain Gothel is smack dab in the middle. She wasn't as horrid and destructive as Ursula and Beast but she also wasn't as heartbreaking as The Queen and Maleficent. The book in now on is the Legion collection.
  7. Shout Factory was doing a march madness sale recently and I took advantage of it. Got myself a new Sentai season, Chōjin Sentai Jetman, and 5 volumes of MST3K (13/20th Anniversary, 15, 16, 19, & 20) along with preorders for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie and MST3K Volume 11
  8. I'm watching Super Sentai currently. A couple weeks back I had watched the season Mirai Sentai Timeranger and that was a very good season, very grownup while being watchable for children without talking down to them. The story was copied for Power Rangers Time Force but the details are very different. One example involves the pink rangers in an early episode. Time Force pink she wanted revenge against one of the villains for attacking her and her fiancé a year prior, while TimePink wanted revenge because the villain killed her father, mother and little sister a decade prior. Then the head villain became the comic relief in Time Force showing how different the villains are. Now on Ninpuu Sentai Hurticanger and this is such a fun, hilarious and great season. Before seeing it I thought it was just going to be an average season but this is in my top 5! The plots get very silly, like a catfish monster that gives citizens mustaches to make them dance!, but it just works with the Rangers and villains.
  9. The other day me and my mother went to this place in Fort Worth called Swiss Pastry Cafe and we wanted to take home some Black Forest cake. She said they made it differently than traditional cake, meringue and whipped cream, but I was expecting it to have that Black Forest cake flavor of cherry and chocolate. Not only did it not taste like cherry it was a disappointing cake overall.
  10. So thinking about it how and when did the people of Scadrial learn about Kelsier ascending? The other ascenders make sense but Kelsier only held the power during the events of Secret History and only for a few days at most. Was this fact actually revealed in Sazed's books he left at the end of Era 1 meaning anyone whose read them knows it by the time of Era 2?
  11. Finished The Kingdom Keepers: The Return: Disney at Last. Kind of read this on and off since I was also watching a show as well and this is one of those books that's more a slow read than a regular or fast read. Anyway fun series to read, very fly by seat of pants writing since facts are never straight between the books: In the Return 2 the Keepers are attacked by the Big Bad Wilf and Three Pigs meaning the characters are already alive but the Return 3 shows the characters coming to life for the first time with the help of the villain and a voodoo witch doctor. Not really sure where Pearson is going after this since he has confirmed another series called Kingdom Keepers International outside of the possibility the Keepers are going to the other parks around the world. Next book is going to be Mother Knows Best: A Tale of the Old Witch by Serena Valentino (love these books and can't wait for the Odd Sisters book and who the next villain is)
  12. My mother talked with one of the neighbors down the street and he said the council won't do anything to help us. Heck they want all of us to pay out of our pockets to install extra streetlights, that's City property as far as I know. Also with this it makes 33 mailboxes that have been destroyed and that's more mailboxes than there are houses on the stretch in question. It's so maddening how accident prone our street is but the council's attitude is "not our problem" so I'm to the point I want to find their houses and destroy their mailboxes just so they can feel how we are feeling. Yes I'm mad enough to consider property damage. The only way I can possibly see things changing is if some young blood gets injected since the entire council is filled with old farts who don't understand anything past the 50's.
  13. The exploding mailboxes stoke again! The street I live on the mailboxes keep getting hit with at least every single one getting destroyed at least once. Me and my mother had gone out and when we were about to turn into our street we saw police cars and a car that appeared to be in our yard. Thankfully it wasn't in ours but our neighbor two houses down lost her mailbox for the fourth time, will give the city's 'preventive measures' at the end, and pieces of her mailbox and the car were in her yard, the neighbor between us and ours. She's an older woman, I think in her 60's, and me, another neighbor and the tow truck driver spent over an hour cleaning all the debris out of the three yards. The lady was so grateful for our help since she would've had to do it herself. The driver apparently was a early 20 year old girl and she hit the mailbox because she dropped her phone. Her punishment? Her parents are buying her a new car! Our immediate neighbor said if that had been her child she would've made them clean the mess up. Also our neighbor was lucky because she was at the store and had gotten a minor delay, something like 5 minutes, and the car was already there but not the police meaning if she hadn't been delayed that little bit the car would've hit her car and injured, or worse killed, her and her two young sons. Now onto how the city tried to 'prevent' this stuff from happening. 1. They installed a speed limit sign that flashes a small white light. 2. They put small bumps along the gutters that are practically gone because the mailtruck is going over it so often it's broken into pieces. Everyone on the street wanted them to put rolling speed bumps and install additional street lights, we only have one total and this street has an s curve, but apparently that was too much to ask. To show the priorities of our town: they fix up the street going into the high school stadium, build a brand new high school no one wanted and approving the 50th Mexican food restaurant while 80% of the streets, most are residential, are pockmarked with potholes, the downtown area is becoming a ghost town because no business can stay very long since they only want antiques and lawyers down there and businesses that would be great to have they don't want so everyone has to go to the other towns just to go to those establishments (for me I have to go two towns away, or to the other side of Dallas, just to go to a bookstore since we no longer have one here)
  14. This happened to one of my coworkers, not me. Its state testing time at work so we're having to get the test booklets and answer documents separated by group, grade and campus. This coworker is at the high school and is Nigerian. We were getting one of her testing buckets packed when she got a call from her son's school. He got in trouble because another student was bullying him, assaulted him, called him ugly and used the n word (she actually said it since the majority of Africans don't make as much of a big deal of the word but she knows the context in use) As you can tell she was furious and said that she will be pressing charges against the other student. I've never met her son but I was angry as well since I hate bullying (was a victim of that throughout my schooling days in Texas from 5th grade onwards) and knowing her and her husband that her son is most likely a sweet kid who wouldn't resort to violence. When she left for the day I told her to tell her son that he's beautiful and give him a hug. She did appreciate that since she needed it and I'm sure her son will as well.
  15. Not the worst I've seen, actually encountered quite a few hardcover textbooks where the cover is bent in the middle, but still annoying. The eye opener ones though are the kindergarteners and 1st graders drawing lewd pictures and genitalia in their books.