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  1. Not exactly bad but more a ‘I’m getting tired of this’ thing. Disney Cruise released their October-December 2021 dates and I wanted to have a different itinerary than what my mother wanted. So far here’s what our previous and upcoming cruises are: Cruise 1 Bahamas 3 day (Nassau and Castaway Cay), Cruise 2&3 Bahamas back to back 3 & 4 day (Same ports as Cruise 1), Cruise 4 November 2020 Western Caribbean 7 day (Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Jamaica and Castaway Cay) and Cruise 5 spring break 2021 same as Cruise 1. The cruise she decided on was a repeat of the back to back meaning with 7 cruises we’ll have visited the exact same places 6 times! You can see why I’m getting sick of that trip and destinations. Unfortunately she refuses to budge from November and December so we’re stuck with the Bahamas or doing a Caribbean trip if we leave from Port Canaveral but if we do Miami at least the Bahamas includes Key West and if we do Galveston it’s at least western Caribbean or a Key West and Castaway Cay trip. The ones I really want to do though only happen during spring and summer so I’m screwed with her unwillingness to budge on dates or to get a trip that fits the schedule if we flew out instead of wasting time driving to Florida from Texas. To show how silly her unwillingness is there was an Eastern Caribbean trip (I would’ve preferred this trip tbh) that fit the timeframe perfectly but because it left on Sunday, and since she only wants to drive, it meant having to rush there after work on Friday and drive pretty much nonstop on Saturday. She refused to even consider flying in on Saturday, spend the night at the hotel at Orlando International and take the Disney bus to the port.
  2. Does anyone have any celebrities they almost met/encountered but there was something that prevented it or because you happened to be in the right place but someone you knew happened to pop off somewhere and encounter them instead? This could be an author, actor, YouTuber or any celebrity you can think of. One encounter I almost had but purposely chose not to do was a book signing for Christopher Paolini. I just happened to go to that Barnes & Noble the day he was there, I don’t really look up the book signings for authors, but because of how I felt about the way the Eragon books went I really didn’t want to see the book signing at all. A few years back when my mother and I were at Disneyland she saw Schwarzenegger as she was leaving one of the bathrooms but since he was governor at the time he had his bodyguards surrounding him. My dad hauls stuff involved with the entertainment industry so sometimes that includes concerts. Sometimes when he’s passing through he’ll drop off some swag like shirts and lanyards but it’s usually for singers or bands I’ve never heard of or don’t listen to. Well he had gotten Katy Perry’s Prismatic Tour and when he was in town we went to drop some stuff off to him, since he really couldn’t leave the venue, and he didn’t have any swag since they were being stingy about what to give out to the drivers. Now how this is a near encounter is because there have been a few times where he gets us a backstage pass so my mother and I sometimes see the singer or band. Out of all the concerts he’s hauled this would’ve been cool to have been backstage since I do like Katy Perry’s music. I’ve had others where a concert was in town but other stuff was going on like I would be on vacation or MST3K was live but it was happening the exact same day Brandon was in Houston and I chose Brandon over riffing.
  3. Over 3 million now!
  4. When you pay a pledge on kickstarter!
  5. It would be interesting if Brandon wrote in a few characters where their disability or mental illness does weird things to the investiture they use. Like imagine a Windrunner with a phobia to heights, a Truthwatcher where telling the truth would mentally destroy them because the trauma connected to it is too much to handle, someone with a case of multiple personality disorder where the investiture makes it worse by literally making it a case of two minds in one person where one can do magic but the other doesn’t because the healing factor would split the personalities apart, someone with a abused past where they can’t use magic to hurt others and that’s the only magic they can use or even an Elantrian who suffers seizures or is armless and can’t draw the Aons. There could be others for ones like blindness being counterproductive for a magic that requires sight or a magic that requires movement but it doesn’t count wheelchairs or other methods for transportation for whatever reason.
  6. Just watched both The Invisible Man (2020) and Onward. Both are pretty good. For IM I pretty much figured out what he was planning to do to her when he first hit the kid, especially after hearing the terms of keeping the money. Even I figured out that because of how obsessive and manipulative he was that the only way she could be free is for him to die. Onward is definitely a good film. Didn’t like hearing people diss it just because the main characters were guys. I mean it’s a fantasy version of a personal story the director experienced losing his own father for scud sake! And the way people go on about Pixar not having female led films obviously haven’t seen Brave, Finding Dory, Inside Out or Incredibles 2 since all were about women since the first was about a mother daughter relationship, the second about a forgetful female fish finding her family, the third about a young girl and her emotions going through a tough move and the final is a mother getting back into superhero work to show that supers are needed. Heck you could even arguments about the more male led films having female empowered stories inside them like Ratatouille with Collette’s “proving I can be just as good as the men” (especially when you consider she was the only staff member to give Remy and Linguine a chance after learning the truth) and Toy Story 4 with Bo’s way of showing there’s other ways to make a child happy. Anyway the film was predictable but doesn’t make it bad since it was more about the relationship between the brothers than anything.
  7. Thanks for the advice. I waited a week before sending a reply back to her. Apparently her reason is she’s in contact with too many people and only wants contact with those she’s closest to because she can’t mentally handle a lot of people right now. It still hurts but I guess that’s why it’s called heartbreak.
  8. Don’t have a picture but these were my results. 1. Lightweaver 70%2. Truthwatcher 68%3. Edgedancer 63%4. Willshaper 56%5. Windrunner 50%6. Dustbringer 48%7. Elsecaller 47%8. Bondsmith 38%9. Skybreaker 35%10. Stoneward 32% I guess my top 3 fit me, especially if you consider the short version of the orders (the I Will portion). I’m not sure what truths I would have to admit to be a Lightweaver to be honest but I do agree with the attributes of the order. Since Truthwatcher is so close I had to look at the description and I agree for the most part but not completely. As for Edgedancer while I do enjoy character study stories I’m not really a healer nor religious. Heck I agree more with the attributes of Willshaper than Edgedancer. For the rest I’m so not a warrior nor a leader so it makes sense those are 50% or less. As for the powers for the top 4 I can get behind the ones for Lightweaver and maybe Truthwatcher but I’m not as much of a fan of the combination for Edgedancer. Sliding around the place is not something I would like. Willshaper combo sounds nice though.
  9. I did Skyward and Starsight back to back. It’s interesting how different they felt in tone. Skyward felt like a resistance story but Starsight more like an espionage story. Characters I liked that I want to see more of in the following books are Cuna, Vapor, Morriumer (even though they’re a baby I just want to see how the parents behave around Spensa) and more on the Delvers. I hope Winzik gets arrested or something in the next book since he’s insane! Hopefully his fall comes from Cuna and Cobb working together. While reading Starsight it was interesting how topical it felt with what’s going on right now. Honest question, how many people here don’t picture Spensa white? I just have a hard time picturing her as white. Even though the covers depict as such that’s not how I picture her looking at all. Most people say when a character is not described appearance wise that you always imagine them looking similar to yourself. The opposite happens with me no matter how much I identify with the character. The same thing happened with Reckoners and Rithmatist as well where I imagined the main characters of all three of these as not white. I guess it’s just me wanting a non-white hero to root for since 90% of media has the hero always being white. Anyway my next read is going to be Uprooted by Naomi Novak.
  10. I never really thought of the Dione in male or female terms. How much of the masculine/feminine voice is actually more of a result of the translator pin causing it, since the Krell have more than two genders but always goes with two for convenience, so if Spensa didn’t have the pin on would Cuna and Morriumur sound like a blend of both or sound like neither.
  11. I thought of this possibility as well. I just finished reading Starsight and there was just something off whenever it came around to M-Bot discussing emotions and whenever his programming shut him down whenever he got too close to doing something only living creatures could do. I mean shutting him down for attempting to copy himself is one thing but shutting him down just for discussing it with his pilot is another. Then when the Vapor example happened I felt for sure something was up with M-Bot.
  12. I have a theory that advanced AI like M-Bot are actually figments stuck in a machine. In Starsight when Cuna sees Spensa’s drone Vapor mentions it resembles figment technology. Now why would M-Bot have schematics for their technology and why his parts specifically would resemble it? When Vapor mentioned it my first thought was “wait, is M-Bot actually a figment stuck in a starfighter?” It would make sense why there were parameters to stop certain actions since figments can completely control a starfighter, as seen by Vapor with the drones she ‘pilots’ and when Spensa, Vapor and Hasho’s crew fight Brade she even mentions that there are manual overrides on manned ships. We don’t know how far it goes but what if it traps a figment inside?
  13. I’m not sure if Brade could be redeemed. Every time Spensa shows her empathy or any human emotion that isn’t aggression and hate she hesitates like she’s confused or trying to figure out what Spensa’s true motive is since she believes humans are basically animals. I can see her breaking down in the sequels if she meets more nice humans because it would break her psyche too much to match what she’s been indoctrinated to believe how her race behaves versus how they truly are.
  14. On a couple I wasn’t sure how to answer so I left it in the middle to show I don’t swing either way. Anyway my results were: 1. Lightweaver 70% 2. Truthwatcher 68% 3. Edgedancer 63% 4. Willshaper 56% 5. Windrunner 50% 6. Dustbringer 48% 7. Elsecaller 47% 8. Bondsmith 38% 9. Skybreaker 35% 10. Stoneward 32% I’ve not tried to figure out what KR I’d be before this since we don’t know every single order yet. Anyway what do my results mean?
  15. Currently playing Assassins Creed Syndicate. I’m on the Jack the Ripper story and I like the missions where you help the prostitutes of Whitechapel. When I’m done I’m going to head into Origins but I’m annoyed that if I want to see the continuation of the Juno plot that I need to read the 12 issue Uprising comic.