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  1. I think I’m straddling between Surviving and Struggling. I hit a bit of a mental wall yesterday at work and it took me a couple hours today to get something simple done. I don’t know if I can make it to the end of my work contract at this rate. In minor badness some people on YouTube keep arguing with me on a genealogy related video for using the geographic term British Islands/The Islands, this was me just saying it in reference to my heritage of my family coming from England, Scotland and Ireland making me a child of the British Isles, and they are now acting like I’m putting Ireland down and all but saying I’m not worthy of my heritage for using a common geographic name that’s even defined by Merriam Webster to refer to those islands by that name.
  2. My dad had talked to me earlier and he talked to me about something that really hurt me inside and broke some of the trust we had. Pretty much it was the discussion on me moving out because I’m to the point I can’t stay with my mother anymore and he talked about him and her moving to The Villages in Florida, it’s a retirement community north of Orlando, when they both retire and he wants me to move with them. His solution to getting me to live there is to use the “he can’t live on his own” excuse because he pretty much told me he believes I’m physically capable of living on my own but not mentally. You have no idea how much it hurt to hear him say that last bit to me. Now I wouldn’t mind living in Florida, Orlando itself is more my speed, but I’d prefer living back home in California than continuing living under their roof, which for him was more a master bedroom to myself when I would rather have my own place and not an attached living situation.
  3. I’m about to go on vacation on Tuesday and I’m frankly not really looking forward to it. It’s mostly stuff that doesn’t excite me that much (going to Orlando area) and the non theme park options are limited. My mother wants to do the following: Go to Give Kids the World: not my cup of tea at all. Kennedy Space Center: I’m on the wall here since it’s an hour from the hotel and I really don’t feel like driving on vacation. Busch Gardens and Sea World: been there so I don’t mind but Busch Gardens is an hour away and both parks require getting there early to get a parking spot. A couple different restaurants in the area including Disney Springs: I don’t mind this since I like the places involved. Going to the Disney outlet stores: I hate doing this. She does this on every trip to Florida and it’s so annoying to go. One of the two is hard to get a parking spot at and the other is awkward just to get to. The only thing I have planned is going to the nearby Barnes & Noble to pick up ROW and read that when I can. It’s usually hard for me to read on vacation but this one might be dull enough for me to justify reading.
  4. halloween

    I’m doing a double feature of Halloween and Halloween 2018.
  5. I’ve only read the first Dresden book and I’ve already bought the next two volumes and the first short story collection. Planning on reading the short stories when they take place between the books. Can’t wait to catch up with it but it’ll probably have to wait until I finish with ROW and Dawnshard since I’m currently reading a Robert Jordan that you can tell was written in the 80’s and reads like it.
  6. I took my time reading Evil Thing: A Story id That Devil Woman. I can read these books in one sitting but Cruella isn’t something I wanted to read in one sitting. Her reason for becoming evil is interesting in this interpretation. All the previous villains were evil because of their parents and it’s half true here since she just wanted her mother’s love but her mother wasn’t interested in any relationship with her, she just wanted the money the father left to Cruella, and after Cruella’s husband died the mother was concerned about Cruella’s sanity, mostly because of the social appearance, and when Cruella told her about the coat her mother was actually horrified. What also made this book interesting is it’s written as a memoir, so we get Cruella’s thoughts, but the afterword also shows that the author herself went to Hell Hall and the way that’s written it makes me wonder if the story is supposed to be contemporary or if Cruella has been locked up in there since the 70’s, when the film came out. Now onto something new and I wanted something with no strings attached ie a stand-alone, so I’m going to read Warriors of the Altaii.
  7. Not particularly bad day but need to kind of vent about it. My mother is currently figuring out stuff to do on vacation in November and the stuff she wants to do I’m not really looking forward to. We were going to do a western Caribbean cruise but it was canceled of course and she still wants to do stuff in Florida. The stuff she’s suggesting are: 1. Visit Give Kids the World for their Christmas light decorations. I’m not looking forward to this because it kind of makes me uncomfortable. I mean kids being seriously ill or disabled make me uncomfortable that I don’t like being around them. I don’t mean it in a bad way but there are things out there that we don’t like being around and this is one of my things. 2. Going on a gator swamp tour boat. I’m surprised she wants to do this since every time we’ve gone to Florida I jokingly suggest it and she gives a big no. It’s not really something I would choose to do on vacation but the one she’s suggesting to do is pretty off the beaten path. 3. Visit Key West. She keeps wanting to have this be a day trip but in order for it to be one we would have to leave the hotel in Orlando at 6AM, be down there around noon, spend a couple hours there and then drive back to the hotel sometime in the evening and that’s if there’s no traffic in Miami. I’m not going to make myself tired for that type of trip and I’d prefer doing this as a cruise port but she doesn’t want to do that option at all. overall these three things just make it the opposite of a vacation for me. It’s not fun or relaxing at all. I don’t know what else she wants to do but honestly I’d prefer just staying at the house and read Rhythm of War instead since I don’t know if I’m even up for making that drive right now. It always seems like when it’s a ‘her’ vacation the majority of the time it’s stuff that either bores me, is the opposite of my interests that she thinks I like (she always wants to do stuff related to war and battlefields but I hate that stuff) or it’s an uncomfortable experience for me.
  8. Any foods or drinks that are traditional/cultural to your family but you don’t make that often despite liking it? For me one of the big ones is a classic cuppa. Part of my ancestry is English and a classic cuppa is English Breakfast tea with milk and something to sweeten it a little. I tend not to do this because I don’t often have milk at home and when I go out the few times I’ve asked for milk for my tea I’ve either been given creamer or cream or they give me a giant glass of milk that requires using a straw so I don’t make a mess.
  9. Finished Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. The main story was good but the additional stories were hit or miss, like the side quest missions were mostly miss but there were some that were funny or heartbreaking, the Cult story was fun but it was too easy to accidentally kill members before finding the clues, the Atlantis story was a pain with one of the bosses, Legacy was a good three parter and Fate was quite the slow burn since it didn’t pick up until the third part. I played as Kassandra since she’s the canon character and her acting is much better than Alexios’. I played her as the mercenary with a heart of gold for the most part. The environments were beautiful but very copy and paste after awhile. I gave up doing the question marks since about 80% were military camps, forts and caves that had variations on three designs that made them very repetitive. Greece was also way too big compared to Egypt in Origins. To show how big it is I spent a day doing Discovery Tour in Origins but spent a week for it in Odyssey since it’s more spread out and a couple require swimming to islands which wouldn’t be a problem if they let you have a boat or if a fast travel was available on said islands. Otherall I say Odyssey was a nice game but you leave it with a feeling of not wanting to do it over again. I’m thinking to do FFXV next but I seriously need a break from gaming for now.
  10. I watched Dance, Girl, Dance directed by Dorothy Arzner. This was a pretty good film with some good laughs from the burlesque show and beautiful dancing courtesy of Maureen O’Brian. Arzner is a great director with an eye for what works and what doesn’t. It’s sad how little she is talked about considering she was one of the first female directors, the only woman in the Director’s Guild during her career, pretty much invented the boom mic and was an open lesbian. I would love to see more of her films.
  11. I finished Uprooted by Naomi Novik yesterday. Interesting story that was surprising how it went. I liked that it was a story where you kill the antagonist with kindness since those are more satisfying to me than killing them with fire, in a duel, exploding them or anything involving violent ends. Doing an easy read next with the newest Disney Villains book Evil Thing: A Tale of That De Vil Woman.
  12. That’s the thing, my job involves looking at a computer screen most of the day and before those lights were installed my migraines were very sporadic and could never figure out a trigger causing them but I knew what made them worse once I got one, those being light and heat. A few years back I had a bad migraine happen to me. It was just enough to be closing your eyes for an hour or so and a coworker gave me an Advil and it went away... for an hour before it came back like a truck hitting a brick wall. I was out of commission almost the entire day after that. It sucks when you have to work while being stuck with a migraine. A mild case is fine but when you’re at the point where you can’t keep your eyes open or your head up that should be used as a reason to go home early.
  13. Anyone else having bad health problems when they wear masks? I keep finding that when I wear a mask, doesn’t matter if it’s paper, cloth with filter, thick cloth or painter cup mask, I get a bad migraine if I’m wearing for longer than a trip to the store for groceries. It got pretty bad this past Labor Day weekend when my mother and me went out for a little trip to our favorite local restaurant, the mall we love visiting and to Nebraska Furniture Mart so that she could get new end tables with those chargers. Well about a couple hours into our mall trip my head started hurting pretty bad and I knew it was a migraine since I’ve suffered them enough to know them so while at Barnes & Noble I got an iced tea to help and take the mask off for a few minutes to breathe better but it wasn’t helping. We left the mall and despite how much my head hurting she still wanted to go to Nebraska Furniture Mart so I had to suffer the insane crowds there (it was so hard to stay 6 feet away since people liked crowding around the furniture and chatting with each other on if they like it and other stuff). I think what might be the problem is that breathing out makes heat, the heat has nowhere to go and is just making my face warmer and going outside in the heat is making me warmer. Heat is something that really gets a migraine going for me and a more recent find is LED lights since a couple months back our maintenance man at work switched out our lights with LED and I’ve been getting one almost everyday since then. I keep some of the lights off and I’m still getting them by noon and if I left them all on I get one by 9 so I’m doing what I can to keep myself well.
  14. @Use the Falchion It’s always a touchy subject where recasting is concerned but I am of the mind that if a person is practically linked to the character it’s harder to think about recasting them at all. Heck because they’re getting into multiverse stuff with Loki, Wandavision and Doctor Strange we might be getting a Flashpoint consequence where some things are different and they could hand wave T’Challa looking different because of that? If they don’t go that route I’m not sure what route they could go without stuffing him in the closet (think the situation for Batwoman) or having it look like “no one can tell the difference”. Black Panther was actually one of the reasons I even wanted to start watching the MCU because I had gotten burned out by the superhero films before the MCU started and I was excited to see that there was going to be a hero who wasn’t a white man. I grew up with Static Shock and Jon Stewart, he’s my Green Lantern so I’m hesitant to accept the others, and they were awesome to see. My mother’s way of thinking can be downright old fashioned and dangerous. I would accept a replacement if he managed to give off the same energy and spirit of T’Challa that Boseman gave since this isn’t a case of Dark Knight Batman Vs DCEU Batman Vs 60’s Batman.
  15. Let’s all take a moment of silence for the king of Wakanda... I’ve only seen him in Captain America Civil War and the two Avengers films he was in but I liked him as T’Challa. Now Marvel will have to rewrite the script for the sequel, either give the mantle to one of the ladies or have a new character step into the role but when I mentioned this to my mother she didn’t seem to understand why they would have to ‘retire’ the character and that they could “just cast another black man”. Not only is that rude and disrespectful to Chadwick it’s also racist the way she said it. She compared it to recasting Batman and recasting the Joker after Heath Ledger died not understanding they didn’t recast the Joker because that version only appeared in that one film and the Jared Leto version is a different Joker.