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  1. My mom is packing her pills for vacation and has spent the past hour trying to figure them out and is only just on the cruise portion of the trip. I mean how hard is it to divide pills between breakfast, lunch and dinner for each day? And she's making it harder by not wanting to carry the bottles since the cruise requires any medication and pills to be in the original containers. I mean people much older than her who take a dozen medications just to live can figure it out in a much faster time than she is doing.
  2. Hey I'm just sharing her results. Me and my mom found it silly when she exclaimed "I'm Jewish!!!" in her text that my mom asked how that technically made her Jewish. Also take this issue with the DNA people, not the person receiving the results since it's the DNA research people putting Jewish down as a percentage result. I also don't know much about Jews and Judaism itself to even make a case about the whole Jewish percentage she got and she didn't specify if this was showing on the maternal or paternal side since this was the combined result. And just for the record her results were 99.8% European so you can figure out which section of the Jewish people she got since I don't know enough to know the differences the respect it deserves.
  3. Recently my sister did a DNA heritage test, this wasn't 23&me so don't know how good the place is. Before telling you the results I'll put the ones we know about: On my dad's side we know it's British but nothing else. On my mom's side it's English, Scottish, Irish and German (this ones tricky since it's a region that's part of France today) Heres what her results said: British & Irish ~40% (she was surprised it was that large but in the breakdown it only showed England) followed by ~20% Scandinavian (this makes sense when you remember Viking and British history so I'm not that surprised), Western European (I don't remember the percentage but it was pretty big. We think this corresponds with the French/German side though it didn't break down by region), and with the surprise ones of ~9% Balkan (I could be remembering the percentage wrong but I know it was less than 20%) and 2.5% Jewish. The Jewish I guess makes sense since a majority of Europeans dallied a little with Jews at some point and with the percentage its a distant relative while the Balkan one the percentage means that, to me and my sister, a great grandparent was either from that region or descended from the people there. If you TL;DR that means we thought it was English, Irish, Scottish and French/German but the test says British (specifically English), Broadly Western Europe (this excludes the British Isles), Scandinavian, Balkan and Jewish.
  4. Well I went down to Waco to Magnolia Table right after it opened and there was no wait. Last time I tried coming it was a 5 hour wait. Breakfast was good, mine having wheat berry toast, scrambled eggs, avocado, heirloom tomatoes and green while my mom have a more traditional breakfast. I put the tomato and avocado on the bread and it was so good! The greens, it was a salad really to be honest, were fresh and had an apple cider vinegarette on it. Then I went down to Round Rock to do some Christmas shopping for my sister. Also got some stuff for pirate night on the Disney Cruise in a couple weeks. Finally I picked up my new glasses. Want to get adjusted before Christmas.
  5. This is more frustrating than anything. Yesterday me and my mom were waiting for our magicbands for Disney World to arrive, she got the mailing alert that they were on the way, and I kept checking nearly every hour until about 8 or 9 at night, having to throw a jacket on every time since it's about 30-40 outside at night, with no delivery coming. I checked again this morning around 9 and there was an envelope but no box with our bands. My mom decided to drive down to the post office and get it right from them. For reference this post office is incompetent and treats any inconvenience and complaint as a joke so when my mom got the box they tried to joke that she should try for the lottery since 'it was her lucky day' and the box was right on top of the other boxes in the back. This isn't the first frustration we've had with the post office since there are days where we don't get any mail delivered until 10PM (they claim we live on an unusual street. I don't think a street connecting to the main road is that unusual and the street is relatively short but here's the worst part, the older section gets their mail very early in the afternoon, starting as early as 1, followed by the side across from us. Then the mailman goes elsewhere for a while before getting to our side of the street late at night), a couple years back had our mail held on account of vacation and for whatever reason they delivered one package of candy and gift cards from my sister and it got soaked from rain so we had to trash the candy inside and they treated it like it was no big deal and lastly we've gone in to mail packages and they act like we're inconveniencing them. And yet they always say they're understaffed. Gee, I wonder why with the idiots currently running the joint.
  6. Gotten a couple items from Black Friday deals. Got both Assassin's Creed Origins and Odyssey for about$25-$30 each which is good considering how new Odyssey is. Also found by chance the BBC miniseries of Hitcherhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Barnes & Noble had Fire & Blood for 40% off for members and if you buy it you get a Pop of Georgie himself half off so I got a great deal here, especially considering it's not even a week old book.
  7. Didn't ask any questions but I did do the picture And my personalized Skyward Also had him sign Steelheart and Firefight (already own a presigned Calamity). Was also going to have him sign Legion but when I got back to the hotel after picking up my copy of Skyward and Legion I discovered Murder gave me a presigned one so that was done. Not sure if I'll come back if Starsight tour comes here just to have a break from being a sardine. Definitely will come back for Stormlight 4, especially if it's at a different venue. Still hoping he does Dallas area for a future book.
  8. Got my books picked up. Just waiting until time arrives.
  9. Got a partial birthday present from my sister. It was D.C. Comics "The Button" collecting The Batman #21-22 and The Flash #21-22 which leads up to Doomsday Clock and she also got The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Nemo Trilogy. I've yet to read the main events of either comics but I have seen the League movie.
  10. We all have our interests and likes and tend to recommend stuff to someone else so they can enjoy it as well. Well simply put have you ever been recommended a book, movie, show, play, etc that you didn't enjoy afterwards? The only one I can think of right now is Firefly. This sale rep at Barnes & Noble had talked me into watching this show. I watched the whole season and movie and just couldn't find something I liked about it. Heck when the characters died in the movie I didn't even cry or get upset about it like I do with other stories.
  11. And if the Highstorm goes east to west and the Everstorm goes west to east which direction would a Cultivatestorm go? North to south (with a slight tilt to get all of Roshar)? Stay in place but covering the entire continent?
  12. Haven't been posting anything lately on account of finally reading Oathbringer. Anyway Google Translate Sings has a new song: i could get behind a plague like that.
  13. New episode of Doctor Who: Arachnids in the UK. I don't have arachnophobia but these spiders definitely scared me. These things were huge ranging from small dog to bathtub to BALLROOM SIZE!!! I hope that Robertson fellow returns because he needs to be taken down before the 2020 elections by exposing him as causing problems (he was responsible for the spiders being so big by not having the waste disposal people do their jobs properly)
  14. Just watched the newest episode of Doctor Who, episode 3 Rosa. It was kind of hard for me to watch because this was about Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott and so it had all the racism to go with it. I didn't really like Ryan and Yaz being treated horribly by the locals from Ryan being slapped by a white man for daring to give his wife her dropped handkerchief and Yaz being called Mexican when she's British Pakistani, not even Martha or Bill got that treatment. Even the baddie was a racist, though why a human from the far future (he was in Stormgate prison which is quite a few centuries in the future) would still be hung up by skin color is never answered, because 'everything started going wrong' the moment Rosa refused to give up her seat. It was nice that Graham and the Doctor stood by their friends despite the hostility of the locals.
  15. @Sorana I can't understand the whole "You're a woman, you can't do..." mentality. It's not like having two mounds on ones chests makes one less capable than someone with a sausage. Heck at my workplace I've encountered plenty of men that refuse to do any heavy lifting, quite a few were the type built for that, so that mindset is so stupid and right out of 1185. But I also can't understand the whole "You have to treat me better, I'm a (insert gender)" like everyone has to treat you better just because you're a man or a woman since that attitude is a type of misogyny since it's about putting your own gender as better (which is what that guy you're describing is do by practically saying that men are better and women are meek housewives)