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  1. Finished The Odd Sisters. Pretty good and a little predictable when the twist of their origins was coming up. This was a bit of a loose ends book so there’s not any film stuff here. The ending felt a bit rushed the way it happened. There was a nice few pages from the Odd Sister’s journal that apparently gives hints to stuff for the next 3 books so it’s going to be interesting how Cruella ties in since it is confirmed her story is set at a different time (kind of has to since 101 Dalmatians is set in the 60’s so this book will most likely be set anywhere from the 30’s to 50’s for her childhood) and will be a break from the current story despite being in the same land. Now I’m off to Chicago to see about a wizard for hire with Storm Front.
  2. I finally finished Jo Nesbø’s The Bat. It’s good, sad and frankly disturbing at times (the killers reason for killing the women is messed up) but it was such a drag at the beginning with all the random tangents that only makes sense later, whether it’s a few pages or towards the end, that I had a hard time reading it. I have heard he didn’t hit his stride until the third book so I’m willing to give the next couple of Harry Hole (don’t be dirty, it’s pronounced HO-LAY) a chance. In the meantime I’m starting the next book of Serena Valentino’s Villains series, The Odd Sisters: A Tale of the Three Witches. The one for next year sounds interesting since that’s going to be Cruella and the title is Evil Thing: A Tale of That Devil Woman.
  3. Watching Legally Blonde on Blu-ray, which I’m disappointed wasn’t renamed Pink-ray or in a pink case in honor of the wonderfully fabulous Elle Woods.
  4. Been listening to just about every rendition of Memory from the musical Cats that was performed on stage wether the West End, Broadway, National Tours or any theater internationally. I gotta say about 95% miss the mark on how the song should be sung, since it’s coming from someone who is so downtrodden that she’s practically on her knees begging the other cats not to leave her alone, and those women sing it without that feeling, go operatic, the exact opposite of downtrodden or seem like they are getting there but then change directions. The ones that I chose as my top 3 in English for Broadway and West End, not going to even try to rank the others because of not understanding the language or it’s broken English, are Mamie Parrish (the only revival singer to get the downtrodden across), Betty Buckley (doesn’t give a rendition that’s Grizabella but her voice is just great to hear) and my #1 is Elaine Paige. She just sounds right as Grizabella since tears definitely come to my eyes when hearing her sing it and her performance really sells it as well.
  5. Not really a watch but holy crem! Criterion Collection is releasing the entire Showa era of Godzilla! I don’t really watch any of the films Criterion releases but this release interests me a lot.
  6. Going to do Lego Harry Potter HD Collection.
  7. Finished watching Adventure Time Seasons 7-9. It was pretty good. There are a couple episodes here and there that are dull to watch but overall it’s still a great show. I say Seasons 7-9 instead of 7-10 because these final episodes were meant to be 3 seasons, not 4. To put it in a sense of how Cartoon Network messed it up it would be like if Tor used Parts 1-3 of WOK for book 1, Parts 4 & 5 of WOK along with the first 2 parts of WOR for book 2, the remainder of WOR for book 3 and used just Part 1 of Oathbringer for the fourth book.
  8. When you compare COL 1994 vs COL 2019 the original had some emotion coming through while 2019 had less emotion than Katniss Everdeen. I’m not even interested in watching the film because of it being The Lion King but with realistic animals. If I want to watch The Lion King I can just grab my dvd. The only live action remakes I even bothered to see were Maleficent, Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast and out of the upcoming ones I only want to see Maleficent 2, Mulan and Cruella.
  9. I listened to the songs of the new Lion King film. I don’t know what they did to the songs. Circle of Life sounded phoned in, I Just Can’t Wait to Be King was okay while Zazu just sounded bored, Be Prepared was barely there, Hakuna Matata... never have those two sing again please! and Can You Feel the Love Tonight had no harmony and Beyonce’s singing was way too breathy to match whatever Glover was doing. Spirit didn’t even fit in with the feel of Lion King and just felt shoed in. I felt nothing listening to these renditions nor felt like singing to any of the songs. I immediately listened to the musical soundtrack afterwards and I actually felt happy, sad and giddy to the songs. I had tears coming to my eyes listening to Endless Night and Shadowlands, sang along to Circle of Life and enjoyed listening to the Zulu songs. To compare the three versions the remake just seemed soulless while the musical and original had heart and soul. Before anyone starts thinking I’m bashing the remake’s music because of being a huge fan of the original, yes I do enjoy Lion King but it’s not in my top 10 these days, maybe in my top 25 though I haven’t done an official ranking of the Disney Animated Canon so I don’t know where I’d rank it.
  10. Well since we don’t know what his childhood was like it could be either situation: Him striving for the ideal or his parents encouraging him (or worse discouraging like berating him if he had a hair out of place) for stuff that made him so focused on appearances and reputations over ability.
  11. Now I’m imagining him as being in the same situation as child beauty pageant kids XD I could also see him in a Dexter situation where he’s always had those urges and one soldier he admired had a code he tries following and doesn’t seem to understand how he’s following it wrong.
  12. Kind of. I imagine the commanders and nobility are to Alethkari as actors are to us so imagine if a very well respected actor with a squeaky clean record turned out to be an abuser, drug user and any other bad thing you could imagine. Now imagine if that actor didn’t want that side known at all costs to the point of murdering anyone who found out? That’s how I would describe Amaram in real world terms. I wouldn’t say full on because I think his internal thoughts would be on how to justify or rationalize his actions in a way to make him still the good guy but when confronted he can’t handle it and just goes to the extreme on his defense, like in those two passages you had posted. In other words he’s a psychopath who doesn’t see himself as such but will resort to violence when someone confronts him with his real nature.
  13. Look at how Kaladin viewed him before and after the incident. Before he saw Amaram as this noble person you could look up to as a hero, which is the public image, and afterwards he saw the real Amaram that only those like Jasnah had seen or even acknowledged, which is his private image. In other words imagine if someone everyone loved actually turned out to be a psychopath? That would definitely change the public image of the person for sure.
  14. Finished watching Chojin Sentai Jetman. I can definitely see why people like this season, though I wouldn’t call it my favorite season at this point. Things get really real in this season compared to the other Super Sentai seasons I’ve watched, as in civilians actually die instead of everyone getting rescued, to the point it makes you go “This is a kids show!?!?” It even ends on an ambiguous note where Black Condor is stabbed by a purse snatcher and you don’t know if he dies from his wound or not (he doesn’t reveal it to his teammates because he doesn’t want to ruin Red Hawk and White Swan’s wedding) but the much later season Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger eventually reveals that he did indeed die. Even the fates of the villains is horrible (one is sent to the psych ward, one is stabbed by the boss, one dies a warriors death and the boss has a lot of blood coming from his mouth when killed by the rangers) Well my next watch will be less graphic since I’m doing Adventure Time Seasons 7-‘10’
  15. Not one for me but would be one for the people involved with the story I heard on the radio. The station I listen to has this segment called “Fired from America” which is about people doing incredibly stupid things. Well in today’s story this guy and his fiancée were at a strip club and the police had to be called. Apparently he drank 33 beers! That shouldn’t even be possible! I found a BAC calculator to figure out what his BAC would be and I went with the conservative estimate of 4% beer, 160 weight (average weight) and if this happened over the course of 6 hours. The number was 0.62! I then did a hard estimate of 7% beer and 1 hour and the number was 1.2%. Your body starts shutting down at 0.40 so someone miscounted how many beers he had or he has a rare gene to handle that much alcohol.