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  1. Got my Oathbringer copy! Guess I won't sleep tonight :lol:tumblr_ozu1wsldWw1qb70nco1_400.jpg

  2. Seems wrong to me, yes. "(Someone) has an/the ability to (do a particular thing)"
  3. I suppose, Aluminum would still wipe all the metals, and duralumin too. And Duralumin wouldn't have the chance to enhance something.
  4. I like Mafia, yes! But I used to play it in a more simpler way now that I go through the rules... but I wanna play, so I'll check it out and maybe I'll join! YES, exactly! I use that quote a lot. Thank you! You are so right, I feel like nothing else can satisfy me right now. See, I always want to join in the conversation, but I always think "oh I'm not qualified enough". Which is stupid. I will try and overcome this, but until then I'm glad there are other lurkers as well There's a character with my name?? GREAT, I'll look into it. After I read the SA though, this needs to be done first Oh nice! I begun reading Warbreaker yesterday, so maaaybe I'll be able to pick up the easter eggs. I hope. It's almost certain, I'll re-read everything once I'm done, because I can't just... start with another author or a whole different series so soon, nah. Thank you! Same, this was my introduction. So I had some doubts about whether I would read SA or not (at first), but yeah, with all these replies, I can't wait to start!
  5. Thank you! Sanderson Elimination... You mean the role playing game, right? Just found it
  6. Yes, definitely! I understand your envy, I feel overwhelmed but so excited that there are a bunch of things that I can read next. I think I'm going to be devastated when I will finish all this reading. I'm trying to relish it as much as I can, but damnation, I sure am impatient and I just read 600 pages in one day. Oops. Thank you!
  7. Oh, dear! You edited your post and I didn't have the time to see it! Well, it's alright. I haven't read Percy Jackson unfortunately. I was one of those that didn't particularly like the movie, so I didn't get the book. Should I reconsider? Movies always tend to ruin stuff, after all. Thank you! Ah, Vin. Such a lovely face (that could totally kill you in seconds. Love her). I've heard so many people saying that for The Stormlight Archive and I can't wait to read it!
  8. Thank you all for the welcome! Oh, I see. Yeah, I'm on it, thank you for the suggestion! I will start with Warbreaker first, then Same for me! I love The Final Empire, I absolutely adore world building (and of course Kelsier). I like the Wax & Wayne storyline, but there's something about the original crew that does it for me. I did some re-reading of the first book, tbh, and it amazed me how we started off with something so small (well, "overthrowing an entire empire" kind of small, but still) and look at what we're dealing with now. There's a song in the musical "Hamilton" that goes "Look at where we are, look at where we started", and yeeaahh that. Right there. Yep, I've read Secret History, but unfortunately I did it before AoL because I just couldn't wait for some more Kelsier. I will try not to eat the cookies.
  9. Hello! So I just finished BoM! Awesome, great. And now it is time I join this forum. I mean, I've been browsing around for a long time. My name is Thalia, it's nice to be here! I have Kelsier in my avie arriving pretty late also, as usual. It was a sketch I did in my art blog some time ago, and I thought I could use it. Anyway, so, like I said I finished the mistborn books (for now, the lost metal is supposed to come out next year, right?) and because I have an insatiable thirst for everything about the cosmere right now, I will pick up Way of Kings next. I feel a little lost, to be honest. There's so much... about everything. But hopefully I will start sorting things out once I've read the other books. umm yeah, that's about it. I'm shy so I'll probably just upvote stuff around here and maybe someday I'll even post an answer, hope that's okay But in the meantime, I have a lot of reading to do. Thank you! Thail