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  1. I miss them too!! I'm no longer living in Utah though but I hope you guys have fun if you do it again!
  2. Oh wow sorry it's been so long, I can do Thursdays, Fridays, or Saturdays; Wednesdays are out until March because I have a term class that goes until 10pm. I might be able to swing Mondays too but it depends on what happens with FHE. Anyway glad to see we're thinking about meeting again!
  3. I wouldn't be able to come as often but I would probably still be able to come sometimes. I'm getting wrecked already this semester so I might not be able to come much for a while anyway :/
  4. I’ll be at the Legion release. Sorry I’ve been so inactive over the summer guys but I’m going to try and come more this semester again
  5. I'll be there and I won't be late actually Also Slowswift your pizza was great, no need to apologize!
  6. Is it 8 or 8:30 we're meeting on Thursday?
  7. I think I can make it, I might be a little bit late though! I have a class that's doing something that night and I don't know how long it will run.
  8. I’m pretty sure I can make it whenever except for this Saturday night.
  9. Uhhh I don't know yet, sorry!
  10. Is next Saturday March 3? I have a wedding to go to that day unfortunately :/ Friday would probably be fine though for me
  11. Someone might have already said this, but I'm a little disappointed that this thread wasn't named "There's always another secret [project]" As for what it could actually be, I have no idea. Hoping for something Cosmere but not sure how likely that is.
  12. I should be there too! I don't know what I'll be wearing but I know Sunbird so I might just find everyone that way C:
  13. When you see this flier at BYU... and all you can think of is “HONOR IS DEAD” ...And also that you probably wouldn’t have wanted to date Tanavast anyway
  14. Yes! These are fantastic! King George's songs are my favorites from Hamilton so I'm super excited someone did them (: