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  1. Thank you everyone for such a great game!! I really loved the stealing! I didn't have much time for RP so didn't really use the shop. I envisioned the items moving around as if it were a Whack-a-mole game. I was conscious about what time I would send in the steal order to maximise my chances of getting something. Did anyone else have this strategy?
  2. I used my knife and had a message that it was successful.
  3. Oh, I was sure Venture was a traitor! I'll be putting my vote to Elkanah this time round. I used a knife on them last cycle and there was no kill.
  4. Okay, I think the Elims are Butt Venture and Elkanah. I'm voting Butt Venture this time for starting the Lynch on Joe and making me remember my unfounded suspicions. And they are both now dropping hints that I seem suspicious- which seems a bit too coordinated!!
  5. Okay, Striker I'll change my vote to Joe. Joe seemed to be the main instigator for the list of actions C1 which seemed to just help the elims find the binoculars. I thought having a list of actions was a really great idea when it first appeared, but now I think it was done for nefarious reasons. Which Joe started. @A Joe in the Bush Any thoughts on this?
  6. Okay, so my most suspicious person was Twibanu, and him flipping village has really thrown me. My vote will go to Striker now. I find him more suspicious than Elandera, but they are next on my list. As is Joe. No one else is standing out as suspicious to me. Yet.
  7. I'll put my vote on Devotary and see how he flips. My other most suspicious peoples here Twibanu, Striker (regretting not voting for you C1) and maybe Elandera and Joe. No one else has really stood out suspiciously vibe wise.
  8. Hey all, do you think we could get another list of actions going for last cycle? I had something stolen again probably my own fault for not guarding..
  9. Someone stole from me last cycle. I'm happy to share if you want to reach out.
  10. I really struggle to make analysis on these games, I don't like to guess at how it works as I feel it takes away some of the magic for me. I will be keeping tabs on who says what, to see if there are any untruths I can find
  11. Hey all, been stopping and starting some RP but keep getting distracted so that will come later!! I'm really excited what happens with the items. Does anyone have more than one item? Isn't it customary to vote @StrikerEZ C1?
  12. Lady Elenbora sat in quiet contemplation. She was given her orders earlier, to send the allomancers out, but she couldn’t. She didn’t want to have blood on her hands. She too wanted peace.
  13. This game is sounding great!! Must sign up
  14. So, I’ll be revoking my vote for Elandera for a particular reason that may or may not be shared...
  15. So, I’m going to vote for Elandera for no particular reason.