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  1. I have it, and i love it.
  2. Lift Zoe Koloss blood Tryndamere and Darius. Lightweaver LeBlanc
  3. Wayne is my favorite character from pretty much any book. His backstory is amazing and i love the character build he has. Also, welcome!!
  4. I go broke with all the video games. What movies are coming out besides avengers?
  5. Welcome!! Have you read anything on the cosmere?
  6. I love looking at the people online and seeing all the ookla
  7. Hi

    Welcome!!! The cookies are absolutely delicious, you should deffinately take one. Also, for initiation purposes, could i get you to say 'My life to yours, my breath become yours" to me please?
  8. @StrikerEZ i can relate, i like it.
  9. Welcome!! Mistborn era 2 (mistborn 4, 5, and 6) is one of my favorites. Warbreaker has to be my favorite overall, but era 2 is amazing.
  11. mwuahahaha
  12. Welcome!! The Theory page is fun, for sure! Do you have a favorite character?
  13. Fallout 76. Im not sure why it has such horrid reviews. i love the game.
  14. Runescape!! Free, should entertain for a while.