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  1. Windrunners can retrieve people though. They can drop in, Lash someone and themselves, and then dip out. Yes it draws attention from the fused, but lightweavers would do all this by foot, and still end up needing the assistance from the Windrunner, who will still gain attention. Bringing a lightweaver makes more bodies to bring and more possible casualties. Overall, Windrunner can cover the most ground in the shortest time.
  2. Sleep deprive yourself when you are about to start, and sleep during the day. Its not gonna be easy but you will get used to it after a while.
  3. is a great one. i love it, DnD related
  4. Finally got 99 Herblore in Runescape. Only cost me about 120m
  5. I just got this book for christmas, it has been on my to-read list.
  6. I suffer from anxiety/depression, and i can tell you, 99.99% of the time there is a brightside to everything. Look for it. sometimes its not easy to find and it might not seem like a good brightside, but it exists. Helps me fight the fight to look forward to something.
  7. Why don't you participate in the Alleyverse?

    1. Niteshado


      Usually busy doing other things. Im here for story :P

  8. Butt began to glow in all visible spectum colors, almost blinding himself
  9. i do too
  10. He had the Lerasium bead, thought it was said he was a mistborn.. And i didnt even realize i double posted lol
  11. No he punches Leras, aka fuzz. Ati was still trapped in the well. Now techinally he didnt punch Lerasium as that is the metal. Leras was the Shard holder.
  12. Gotcha! you would be extremely correct Arc 2, kaladin is fighting in the sky and all the sudden...a giant tube of metal comes space and lands!
  13. Hoid is technically a mistborn now, so he could just use bronze.
  14. I love Kel. His personality kinda matches my D&D rogue character and playstyle to a T, so i lean toward him, seeing as i play my rogue like i would actually be.
  15. I am excited for SA4, just means probably a slow year in releases. But, mention on W&W 4