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  1. Thank you Argent now i must ask because I keep seeing this abbreviation WoB whats that mean? I've also seen others i cant think of at this time but any other abbreviations i should know about commonly used on this site?
  2. So at the end of the bands of mourning before the hijacked "homeless person" kill Suit with a ettmetal bomb. (which seems odd since he was stating at the time that dynamite would be just as powerful so is there a reason they choose ettmetal that i could puzzle out besides maybe making it look like it was done by southern scadrians) Before which he says maybe you can serve us in another realm, so is cross world reincarnation possibly whats "beyond"
  3. In the bands of mourning during the allomaner jak clipping from the broadsheets they mention that there are metal beings called kalkis, iv been looking for info with limited means and was wondering if anyone else might know about these ...? Cause someone else for the life of me i cant find the post but mentioned that the kolos in the roughs guard what sounds like a perpendicularity. : )
  4. sooooo in mistborn its mentioned when Vin is Yomens captive that silver is allomatically inert, and im re reading the mistborn ear 2 books to follow up for any mention of silver there. In shadows for silence in the forest of hell silver is able to cure withering and repel the cognitive shadows. i find it odd that in one world its inert but in other has a effect Im ifinishing a 10 hour shift right now but thats the best i can phrase it.
  5. oh my gosh that just got me so pumped to re read those books again I love when things connect from one book to the next, you have any idea how the sword got in nales hands tho?
  6. **SPOILERS** Ill certainly check out those threads when i get a chance : ) TeleWorms in regards tothe books iv read so far all of them that i am aware of atleast excluding the arcanum unbound, which im hoping to see go on sale. I have indeed read the allow of law series and oh my gosh i was sucked right in at the beginning, and as it went along i was rather lucky to start reading when mostly all of the books have been out. Have you read his short story about the character Bait, the Dragin bait, because that was brilliant and had me laughing, almost as much as when kelsier finally met Preservation and his reaction to meeting him and Ruin eventually. Its so nice to be able to speak about this none of my friends read his books and i always gush about his books to them XD.
  7. thanks: D whats your favorite sanderson novel/novella : )
  8. Im at work re reading the mistborn series again loving cosmere and its complexities and loving knowing what i missed like hoid.