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  1. Also I feel it is far more likely that Hoid is from Scadrial because the Voice says that it has remarkable technological progress. And since even if you would say other planets would achieve FTL before Scadrial, it would actually make more sense then because he is from the future and would have a general knowledge of the past and would be able to know where to go.
  2. Shouldn't Sazed be the most powerful shard because he holds two shards? Or is it like allomancy where the OG's are way more powerful?
  3. I have read the two Mistborn trilogies, the Stormlight Archive, Warbreaker, Elantris, and a few novellas, but skipped a lot of interludes in Words of Radience, Most of Arcanum Unbound, and White Sand. When I look at other people talking, I am completely clueless to a lot of things going on. Did I miss any vital information, or am I just dense?