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  1. It was a ham and cheese sandwich.
  2. How DARE you, Ark. Well, I guess that’s what I get for even looking at this cursed thread.
  3. Yaaaaaay! Mudkip!!!! It didn’t kill him though. So it was fine.
  4. Butt gave up on trying to chew the rock, and just swallowed it whole.
  5. So Butt sprayed the perfume on a rock and tried to eat it like cheese. It didn’t work very well.
  6. Wow, looks like this is going to be my first post since Sunday! (So glad my camping trip is over. ) So, I feel like a new thread is a great idea. I always got bored of the plot in tLT, and felt like I couldn’t participate. But at the same time, I didn’t want to tell you guys to stop; you had your own thing going on, and you seemed to really enjoy it. A new thread seems like a fantastic solution, as both the mayhem and the plot can continue.
  7. Well, I’m going camping this week and won’t be able to access the Shard. I’m leaving tomorrow morning, and will be back Friday. I’ll miss you guys! Don’t have too much fun without me. :D

    1. Rosharan A.C.

      Rosharan A.C.

      We’ll try not to. I for one solemnly swear I will not build any other fantasy book fortresses while you are gone. 

    2. Doomstick


      *builds one*

    3. Jaywalk



  8. There used to be a limit, which is why there’s a YKYASW part two thread, but I don’t think there is anymore.
  9. Haha, I actually just bought some Oreos! Rebecca stared in horror at the haphazard mound of books before her. After all that hard work... Rebecca sighed. “I can see that.” It did. Rebecca wasn’t near as upset anymore. Extreme emergency. “Yay s’mores! We can make them with my Oreos!” Storms guys. I can’t leave to 2 hours without something insane happening...
  10. Over in the bunker, Rebecca was sleeping in the fort she had built out of fantasy books.
  11. Oops. Darn autocorrect.
  12. Well you should! It’s really good.
  13. “When I wanna say I love you I say boop.” It’s a RWBY thing.
  14. How’s your day been? Red hooded sweatshirt? Who is your favorite Sanderson character? What is your favorite story? (could be a book, movie, video game, song, myth, etc.) What Cosmere creature would you most like to have as a pet? Apple, banana, or pear?
  15. Rebecca cheered. Yay for books!