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  1. Blatant
  2. This made the kangaroo very sad. He was not accustomed to losing.
  3. Loose
  4. Profuse
  5. “Yay!!!” cheered Narrator Rebecca. Shardiversarys were fun! Narrator Rebecca asks Narrator Gancho if he has a special post planned for the occasion.
  6. I going to do my best to completely ignore the entire holiday.
  7. Seth! Seth is the storming best. He’s one of my favorite fictional characters, probably only after Sanderson’s characters. From Beyonders I really liked Ned. He was a pretty neat character. The Longest Thread forever! Speaking of which, I should go post there real quick.... Sanderson is definitely my favorite author. His world building, magic systems, and all the connections in the Cosmere are all things I find very intriguing. But Mull is amazing as well. He was my favorite before I found Sanderson.
  8. Granted. You can now turn into any creature you so desire. However, when you do, you must stay in that creature’s form for at least a year. And then, however long you spent as that creature you now have to spend as a human before you can again change form. I wish that I didn’t have to go to school today.
  9. Labyrinth
  10. Aaah! I now have 16 followers! Just thought I should share that with you all since it’s the magical Cosmere number and whatever. Anyways, hope you all are having/will have a great day!

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    2. Ashspren


      Woot woot, go Rebecca!

  11. My....fanfic? I don’t have one. I was just asking Shallan&Pattern if I could read their’s. I wish I could write well enough to create something like that.
  12. And nacho cheese rained from the sky.