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  1. Yeah, let’s do it!
  2. This would actually be awesome. Same Truthless.
  3. I read that as JELLO at first.
  4. The lack (and surplus) of secrets disappointed Butt. So he decided to make his very own secretly secret lemonade recipe.
  5. You get a Cosmere themed deck of playing cards! *inserts ruby mark*
  6. Wait, which post? The one about an epiphany? Because I got that one from Hook. And one red skittle.
  7. No, I haven’t. Why? So he decided to steal Pattern’s Noodles (TM). But first, he needed a plan.
  8. “Um, stuff,” Butt replied not very convincingly.
  9. “Ooh, neat!” said Butt. “Can I borrow it?”
  10. “I’ve just had an apostrophe!” Butt exclaimed. “I think you mean an epiphany,” a small rock on the ground piped up. “Lightning has struck my brain,” Butt said, ignoring the rock. “Well that must have hurt,” the rock replied. “I’m going to make a potato gun!” Butt shouted.
  11. Butt joined the dance party, even though he couldn’t dance very well.
  12. Oh my storms! This is the best thing I’ve ever seen. Ever. Everyone else can go home. I need to show this to my dad.