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  1. Happy birthday, Rebecca! ^_^

  2. Happy impending mortali-, I mean Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy birthday Rebecca!!!

  4. These are probably tied for my new favorite song. If you don’t like K-Pop (Korean pop music), then you may not like it, but I’m loving them haha.

  5. Yes, they were delicious! It was my first time making Danish butter cookies (I think that’s what they’re called? ) and they turned out really yummy, even if they didn’t all look great haha.
  6. When you attempt to make a ghostblood symbol shaped cookie. Does it actually look like the ghostblood symbol? No. But the point is that I tried.
  7. I wish I could give you all my upvotes, this is beautiful.
  8. Blood waffles. That not what they are. It's got to be icing sugar on a strawberry or raspberry or cherryberry jam, right. Can you just go on record super duper quick as to what topping is on those pressed pancakes of deliciousness, otherwise I'm going to have to put the O.o in blOod waffle and ask several more slightly concerned questions. 

    This is about your profile banner, by the way. 

    Also hi how's it going, sorry to interrupt

    1. Rebecca


      Oh my storms, I’m never going to be able to unsee it now. XD It really does look like blood. It’s actually homemade plum jam with powdered sugar.

      Heya Archer. :P Well, I was doing pretty good until you told me my picture looked like blood wafflles. Now, I’m slightly worried for you, but mostly just laughing my head off.

    2. R J

      R J

      Blood for the Blood God!

      Waffles for the Waffle God!

      Blood Waffles for the- hmm...

      What kind of Eldrich Abomination are you feeding? 

  9. Rebecca screamed. Really loud. With all the excitement she had. “AAAAAAAH, WE MADE IT TO PAGE 1,000!!!!! I’M KINDA FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW!!!! I’M SO PROUD OF Y’ALL!!!!!“ Rebecca was sad she had missed posting on the 1,000th page (but it was her own darn fault for not being around much recently), but she was so glad that this incredible thread had made it this far. She squealed with excitement, and gave everyone really big hugs and slices of cheesecake. And then a thermonuke hit her.
  10. Welcome, I like your username! Which Cosmere magic system is your favorite?
  11. How are you? If you could live in any world from a book, which would you choose and why? Is your profile pic from something or is it just a random green dragon? (Either is cool, it looks awesome.) What is your favorite meal? What color is your favorite pair of shoes? Wafflles or pancakes? What are you currently reading?
  12. How are you? Do you prefer hardwood or carpet? Favorite TV show? Favorite flavor of frosting? If you had to do something different to your hair (cut it, grow it, dye it etc.) what would you do? Who’s your favorite Sanderson character? What are you currently reading?
  13. How are you? If you could have any Cosmere creature as a pet, which would you choose? Sweet, sour, or salty? Do you like piña coladas? And getting caught in the rain? How do you organize your bookshelves? Or, if you don’t have that many books, how would you if you did? Favorite flavor of chapstick? What are you currently reading?
  14. How are you? What’s your favorite color to wear? Who’s your favorite Cosmere character? Do you own any books that start with the letters X, Y, or Z? Do you prefer knobs or handles on your drawers/cupboards? Dark, white, or milk chocolate? What book are you currently reading?