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  1. *ninja rolls into thread* I win.
  2. My favorite character is Kaladin as well. And Mistborn would be a good series to read, but as Invocation mentioned, Warbreaker would also be a good choice. Other than that, Sanderson’s other Cosmere works (which Invocation pointed out in his post) are Elantris, White Sands, and various short stories which are compiled in Arcanum Unbounded.
  3. Welcome to the Shard! If you need somewhere to talk about Sanderson, you’ve come to the right place! Who’s your favorite Stormlight character? And which of Sanderson’s books do you plan on reading next? P.S. Don’t accept any baked goods from anyone here unless it’s certified hemalurgy free. You haven’t read Mistborn yet, so you don’t know what I’m talking about, but just trust me. Any non certified hemalurgy free foods are spiked and will steal your soul.
  4. Narrator Ganvcho had saved Narrator Lunamor’s life!
  5. *wins more*
  6. I’d go with Kaladin.
  7. How has your day been? What’s your favorite Sanderson book? Taco? What is your favorite letter of the rainbow? White chocolate, dark chocolate, or milk chocolate? What Cosmere creature would you most like to have as a pet?
  8. That sounds epic. I would totally do that if I had someone to do it with.
  9. Oh. I didn’t even think of that! (some show of my love of Sanderson there .) Next time.
  10. Welcome! We’re glad to have you here on the Shard. And before you accept that bread, be warned it may be hemalurgically spiked and will steal your soul. Many free baked goods around here are. Anyway, who’s your favorite Sanderson character?
  11. When you’re drawing with chalk and you make a windrunner glyph, the second windrunner ideal, and Kaladin.
  12. It’s just a thing here. Some people like to give out hemalurgically spiked food, so you have to watch out. Yeah, we’re kinda weird. Anyway, welcome! We’re glad to have you here on the Shard. Who’s your favorite Sanderson character?
  13. Or any baked good for that matter, unless it’s specifically stated to be hemalurgic free. Anyways, welcome to the Shard! Who’s your favorite Sanderson character?
  14. That lemon bar was completely hemalurgic free! Straight from the TUBA kitchens. I would never dare spike any baked good. And Wyndlerunner, this isn’t a question, but I really like your username. Very creative.
  15. How has your day been? Do you know what a sphygmomanometer is? Because I didn’t until, like, 2 hours ago, so I was just curious if anyone else knew. What order of Knights Radiant do you feel you best belong in? Favorite genre of music? Lemon bar? Favorite non Cosmere Sanderson book?