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  1. Devaan clad his hands in shardplate. His long-silent spren screamed. Devaan was so invested that the plate, combined with all his aons, blocked most of the division It still hurt like hell. He wondered how Hellbent would be feeling, the damage being reflected to him as well. How did he do that? I pushed out his surgebinding spike. Devaan locked his arms around Hellbent's and slammed his forehead into Hellbent's. He then followed up with a knee to the ribs @Kidpen
  2. I won't be on much in the coming days, it's performance night tonight for a play I'm in! We're doing Romeo and Juliet, set in the 1980's as a musical. If you want to come and watch, It's being streamed live around 8PM Abu Dhabi time on Facebook. Here's the link:


    I'm Benvolio if you want to laugh at me fail miserably :) 

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  3. Ok since I made them I should explain how they work. They were originally meant to be niche things used by Devaan in his deck but then caught on. They're double unsealed metal minds, when tapping them you get a brief surge of connection the Dor, essentially making you an elantrian for a second, then you have the ability to tap the Aon Tia that was already stored in the nicrocil part of the metal mind, the locations are pre-programmed, they can either be places relative to you or locations, here are some examples of ones Devaan has: In his deck, a three of boots will teleport him 10 meters in front of him. A four, five and six of boots do the same in different directions. He also has two rings that function as eject buttons, one teleports him to the canton of combat, the other teleports him to the training ground.
  4. A white storm of fire enveloped Devaan. He reflexively dipped into his stores and.. nothing. He was running on fumes, the only metalmind that was close to full was the card in his shirt pocket. The card that linked to hellbents investiture. Devaan reached into the card, looking for the right investiture. He saw it happen earlier in the fight, he figured it out. Just before the storm hit, Devaan began to subtly glow. He became fireproof, running through the fire, dancing in it, becoming a part of it. Leaping out of it and Kicking hellbent in the jaw, aiming a flaming fist at Hellbent’s ribcage and darting back into the fire. @Kidpen
  5. I think Servililius means the Reshi Isles. Is it Vax?
  6. So as one of the worst offenders to this, I should explain how I try (and fail) to balance my character, I’m not adverse to characters getting stronger over time, Provided it’s plausible. An example of how much power a character can gain over time, I suggest the upper limits to power gain be something around what Devaan has been able to improve by. He started out as a Feruchemist with a deck of unsealed metalminds, calling in favours for invested people to fill the cards. He’s been around for a while story-wise (turning 345 years old), and evolved from a Feruchemist fighter to someone who is currently going toe-to-toe with Hellbent. But he’s so powerful now that I try to use him as a teacher for other characters or one of the people who fights people like hellbent and mace. my other character, Silph is pretty strong, but not conventionally so. He has no classic investiture and so uses his unique talents to get a leg up. I agree that era 3 and onwards we should have a more rigid character creation process. I agree with pretty much everything Said, but this point in particular should be noted, characters need to be able to develop
  7. eye dont mace speling and or or grandmatical mistkaes
  8. Hellbent gripped Devaan's forearm. Searing hot pain arced up like lighting through his arm. He gritted his teeth and tapped determination. He slid the card through his sleeve and into his undershirt pocket, never once breaking contact with it. The card rested against his chest. He heard a loud pop and his right arm ripped free, tearing like paper. It immediately started to grow back, slowly but surely. Devaan jumped into the air and shot a knee into Hellbent's throat, landing and aiming a kick at his kneecap. Devaan kept storing his hearing, protecting him as much as he could from the sonic booms he created, they reverberated around the room. Devaan's bones shattered and rehealed with every kick, every punch and every strike. The aon cloaking changed to a blood red. He was growing faster, stronger the more injured he got. Every time he injured himself, the spirit chain kicked in, Devaan was healing through it but the loop kept going. @Ookla the Dragon Reborn
  9. The Canton shook under the force of Hellbent's push. Devaan looked up, and his Aon cloaking changed. It was pulsating a deep red. More Aons topped his body. His limiters were removed. Devaan stood. and walked over to Hellbent, noticing the man's shocked face. "This... belongs... to me" Devaan took the card off Hellbent. The push stopped. "You want to see true strength?" Devaan punched Hellbent in the stomach. A sonic boom ripped it's way through the space between the two fighters.
  10. Blushweaver's palace?
  11. Then did you really betray the guild or did the guild betray you? Food for thought.
  12. I'd love to join! The concept of the seer is awesome, and i think it's good that lynching the seer can't straight up end the game day 1. I'll sign up as Velrond Tarot. My non-ookla name is Nohadon
  13. He's still fast, be careful. Hellbent appeared in front of him, two pinwheels of light spinning through the air. Devaan instinctively tapped more and more nicrocil. He pushed on the spikes even harder. He also shoved on the metal minds, launching hellbent backwards. with bronze hearing, he could detect huge amounts of luck, Devaan couldn't match that by tapping alone for more then a second. But a second was all he needed. He shuffled his deck and drew three cards. Ace of books, 6 of blades. And his last joker. the ace of books gave him more luck stores to draw on. The 6 of blades summoned an aon in the air. Tia. He wouldn't grab hold of it yet. But the joker formed a second ethereal white chain. Tapping huge amounts of luck, the chain connected the joker nicrocilmind to hellbent. Here's hoping it works. The card is pretty untested. investiture chains are tricky. He tested the card's stores. By the lord ruler. It's enormous! He felt all of hellbent's investiture. His luck, his stormlight. He started tapping. How's two people draining your reserves instead of one? Devaan kept pushing the spikes, he needed one to give. He focused all his energy into a singular spike. giving it a huge shove. @Ookla the Dragon Reborn
  14. Silphio saw someone in a mist cloak leaning against the tree, immediately a name came to his mind when he saw Tena. Tena, robbed Devaan's vault, she was in the seven day war, do not engage unless drunk. "Hey" He called, floating over. "What's up"
  15. Simirtas began to glow. He stopped burning chromium. Devaan drew a card from his waterproof pouch, it still had it's nicrocil stores in it. He tapped it, iron pulling the thin metal sheets away from the walls, protecting them from the leeching water. He tapped weight and breath and sunk to the bottom, his right foot connecting with the nicrocil floor. He started tapping it. A thick, 20 meter block of nicrocil, completely full with allomatic steel. Normally, spikes wouldn't be pushable as they were inside the body. But with this much power. He started tapping, barely denting the enormous stores of the metal mind. He shoved on hellbents spikes. Increasing his weight with his iron minds. Trying to rip the spikes free.