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  1. "No use fighting, eh? But you were so quick to call me Psychotic you filthy heathen!" Eishtar yelled over the crowd. A speed bubble jumped up around him once more, unslinging his sniper and tapping sight from it, focusing on a point between Reval's shoulderblades. There was no scope to look down as Eishtar stabilized the long run against his shoulder, head straight, eyes forward. He dropped the speed bubble once more and then pulled the trigger, the hiss of the bullet exiting the barrel covered up by the racous gunshot gave Eishtar no small amount of joy as he watched the projectile race forwards.
  2. Eishtar began to laugh. A deranged, broken laugh that echoed throughout the crowd, warranting no small amount of suspicous glances as he slowly leaned backwards. "Of course my good man! You've made your beliefs known! You have made it clear you wish to remain damned and I commend you for sticking true to your decision. May Isarok forgive you." Eishtar made a speedbubble with just the two of them in it. He stared at Reval as his grin faded into pity. "Because I sure as hell won't" Eishtar drew his gun and fired, aiming for the man's kneecap as the zealot lept backwards to gain distance, jumping out of the speedbubble, landing with an agility that didn't fit his frame. The crowd would have seen the flash but heard no gunshot, but he didn't care whether or not they noticed.
  3. Eishtar laughed softly, smiling at the girl. "Especially Rainbowglow" Eishtar responded, that twisted grin returning to his face as he moved close to Vivi. "Tell me child, are you, as the non-believers say, invested? It is a rare gift, something to be greatful for." Eishtar's eyes widened for a moment as he involuntarily flared bendalloy as the world around them came to an abrupt halt, his breath caught in his lungs as he stared at the frozen crowd. Eishtar calmed himself and bent down to eye level "Isarok has given you a gift, make sure it is used well, little one. I suggest you stop by our church sometime and listen to the father's sermons. They are enlightening."
  4. "You claim I have killed?" Eishtar asked with as much sencerity that the zealot could muster. "I have done no such thing. I have saved. I have healed. I have avenged. but I have not killed" Eishtar sneered at the word, 'Killing' implies that what Eishtar did was evil, as if it was nothing short of salvation. "The difference between your ardents and I is a simple one." Eishtar chuckled before lashing out and whispering in Reval's ear. "Your Ardent's are heretics. I am not" Eishtar withdrew and once again turned to the girl, smiling once more. "I too had a mother and father, I think. But just as you are, this Max person you speak of is also a child of Isarok, everyone who has been touched by light owes their existance to the godess" @Sorana
  5. Eishtar let out an involuntary snarl, gritting his teeth afterwards as if to conceal his rage. "Empty words?" He spat, downing another vial of bendalloy and consiously flaring his metal as the crowd was almost a standstill around them. It was just Eishtar, Reval and Vivi now, isolated in the festival. Watch the boy, there is no doubt that he carries a weapon he seems skilled enough. You must distance yourself when violence comes, jump through bubbles of time until you have your distance. A kindly woman's voice rang through Eishtar's mind, advising him, telling him what to do. He smiled. Then rain down cleansing fire. The godess was on his side. "You, Heretic, Have you even considered your blasphemy? You force my hand with your empty words." Eishtar turned to the girl, snapping abruptly to the tones and mannerisms of a kindly old man. "We are all Isarok's children, children of the light, dear." He replies reassuringly before resuming his abrupt glare towards Reval. @Sorana
  6. Eishtar didn't drop his crooked grin as he remembered Father Chain's teachings. You will be met with resistance, you will be branded a cultist by the unclean, show them the light. The girl had adopted a fighting stance, staying close to the boy. Interesting. Eishtar's mouth stretched thinner into a warped smile. His hand dropped loosely to his holstered Sterrion, always ready to draw if need be. The safety had been clearly and deliberatley broken as he thumbed the hammer of the revolver absently. "Please sister! The damnned can be saved! Just submit to Isarok's teachings and all will be well!" Eishtar spoke as if qouting scripture, his eyes flashed with menace as he spoke, his body shuddering, begging to be relased.
  7. Crazy. They thought Eishtar was crazy. Eishtar pushed through the crowd, scanning for the man who had dared accuse him of such a thing. "You there!" He yelled as loudly as he can. "Heresy can be forgiven! The church of Isarok looks to save those who blaspheme from themselves!" Eishtar grinned at Reval, his smile gap-toothed and misshapen. "What's your name, godless heathen?" As he preached, time slowed around Eishtar, catching Reval in a speed bubble for just a couple seconds as they talked. Eishtar didn't even notice it was happening, turning a blind eye to the stopping and starting crowd.
  8. A tall man with scarred, dark skin, looks around, his form (as well as the people in a small radius around him) blur as he moves between the crowd, calling out to everybody that could hear. "Attention all heathens! heretics! worshippers of false gods! You have been saved by I, Eishtar Al Sorei! Join the church of Isarok, lady of light and purity to ensure the safety of your souls beyond the veil that is death!" Eishtar calls out, he carries a rifle, slung loosely over his shoulder with vials of bendalloy attatched to the shoulder-strap, making a makeshift bandolier.
  9. OOOH I like this, I have plans! Ideas! Things to do and a character to walk around and call everyone heretics!
  10. Nope! But considering I'm thinking of a fresh start anyways, not converting old characters or anything it should be alright? That being said, if there happens to be a handy synposis I'd gladly take a looksee. I'll take a peek at 'A Masked Dance' and have some fun over there for a bit, or maybe the Einladung hospital if it's still active.
  11. I am! I'll disable it right now, thanks for letting me know, and for approving my character, any reccomendations for threads I should join? I'm a little out of touch
  12. Well it's been a while but here goes:
  13. Happy birthday! In lieu of a gift, I've made a donation of 200C to the DIStressed ChildRens EvacuaTION service in your name. ;) Have a good one! 

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  14. The skeleton responded to Temeria's feint, trying to block the blow with its dagger. The skeleton couldn't feel surprise when the blade's path changed direction. But it still did get hit by it. The blade clanked against the joint of the armor. Knocking that hand off entirely. Now with only one arm, the skeleton went for a counterattack, lunging clumsily at it's opponent.