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  1. @Ark1002 @beantheboy12
  2. Devaan immediately followed up, keeping the pressure. The katana whirling through the air in perfect stance, left leg, right arm, neck and then a thrust straight to the chest, a glittering pinwheel of metal. Keep pressing the advantage, he has to go on the defensive while we keep this up.
  3. Devaan knows, but also knows he tends to fight better when angry.
  4. You need to engage your shields dammit! Devaan said as Hellbent was shot. He's more skilled than you.
  5. Behind you. I know. Devaan immediately went low, a sweeping kick snaking out to trip Myriad up.
  6. Devaan smiled, realising he was spotted. He engaged Myriad. He's using knives and not his guns, interesting choice. Devaan reached into his pocket and pulled out a gold butterfly knife, charging his gloves, a single cut would shock. the knife an iridescent whirl, he stepped forward, expertly parrying the first strike and going for an elbow to Myriad's right eye.
  7. Deevaan was perched on a roof, looking at the events through a scope of a rifle, watching Myriad work. With the Ronin, we can actually do something. Kill Myriad and Sebastian? No, if we bring them alive, we can interrogate them. The wire is a problem I wonder if they're metal? I wonder if they conduct electricity. I'll sit back for now, until they want to tangle.
  8. Silphio watched in the distance as the mercenaries fought his double, they swapped when he was leading them back to the tavern. Any second now... There it is. The double vanished leaving a note on the ground. The person you were fighting was not Silphio Shamus, time is running out, ask around and find me.
  9. Silphio went low, dodging the wall of flames and backing towards the tavern
  10. It can control electricity and output it as lighting, but it has to have a charge, a phone can give him the ability for one small lighting blast, etc. It can shock people with out charge if it makes contact. The katanas leech people like allomatic chromium.
  11. Pure fire now, he's intangible. Silphio began to feel the heat through his armour I don't know his weakness so I can't engage it. But he has to have some vulnerability to water, can I use that? Silphio rolled through Volatile, hitting the ground behind him, trying to lead him back to the tavern. It must be exhausting, becoming fire like that. If I can stall him for long enough he might tire himself out
  13. I agree with the skills factor, but considering Ronin won't be using investiture, can I suggest giving him a total of 200 Skill points and 0 investiture points instead of 100 each? With the equipment, I recognise how powerful it is. what would you suggest I do? Here are some options: The shield could not protect the central motivator, meaning it has a weak spot. When paralysis occurs, Ronins equipment stops working. When paralysis occurs, even once they agree they must wait 20 seconds. If none of these work, I'll use the OP sheet. Hah, sorry but no. Not with someone who's personalities are so focused around fighting.
  14. Staff didn't catch alight, Silphio used it to push Volatile back before closing the distance with his flight, aiming for a kick to the kneecap. Behind volatile, Silphio's white spine went for a bite around the arm, ignoring the flames.