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  1. So I’m going to be away for today and tommorow as I’m going trekking in Ras Al Khaimah and won’t have WiFi, see y’all later

  2. I don’t know how to react to being referred to as Devaan, but I run a system called Chrysts in the alleyverse (there’s a bank thread that’s inactive, but private transactions are still being used, there is a rudimentary economy) I suggest that you take care of The public transactions while I take care of the more sensitive and confidential ones. I would love your help.
  3. character development

    Silphio glances at his watch ”I’m aware” As metronome finally left his vision he started laughing. ”TIME SENSE? THAT’S HIS EPIC POWER?” Silphio laughed at the Epic who obviously had a god complex, the trainees shrugged and went back to it, they still had another fifteen or so minutes to go
  4. "Aye!" Astiel said, waking up from his nap.
  5. character development

    Silphio looked him up and down. "Never heard of you mate" He barely supressed a laugh as he waved his pupils back onto the training grounds, he knew at least some of them would be watching in case there was a confrontation. Several dissapointed pupils walked back on and began to spar. Whoever this man was, he wasn't on Devaan's portfolio, and he was obviously an epic from his demeanour, but he was either new with uncontrolled power, or a non-threat, and the intelligence Division hadn't informed him of any new world hopping epics recently, so Silphio wasn't worried anymore. "Anything I can do for you? It's getting late but we have a sunset training recap with free food, your welcome to join in"
  6. character development

    Silphio noticed the smug tone, with a nod, the pupils practicing around him immediately withdrew into their barracks. "I'm Silphio Shamus, this place is called Devaan's training ground. I haven't seen you around before, what's your name?"
  7. A grin emerged from Devaan, engaging his forcefields below him he rolled on top of the air positioning himself above Sebastian, Akeron flashed, zooming straight towards Sebastian’s neck, The enemy was trying to take over a guild the Canton was allied with. He had to fight with intent to kill. Midair, Devaan braced himself to fight off any wires, he felt more alert, ready to respond to attacks.
  8. character development

    Silphio floated over to the man and smiled. ”Hey, are you here to pick up a student?”
  9. We can’t afford to talk right now. Devaan looked at the wires shooting towards him. I wonder if they conduct electricity? Devaan sidestepped a line and his finger brushed against it, sending a shock into the line, judging Sebastian’s reaction as he ran off the side of the building, engaging his shields he dropped to the ground unharmed, he hurried over to Max. ”Together” He said. Closing his eyes he reached out his hand. what are you doing? Devaan felt a familiar weight in his hand, The temperature around him suddenly heated up. Devaan lifted Akeron into the air. ”I had no idea that would work” He told Max with a smile. He fell into a team stance, covering Max and Althea, preparing to counter any attacks, if Max went in, Devaan would follow up. @I think I am here.
  10. Devaan was busy but he saw the sign, he just nodded in response and his right arm suddenly shot upwards while his left still went for the neck, trying to remove his helmet.
  11. character development

    After Devaan's death, the training grounds changed. The shooting range had been upgraded, targets the house expanded to have it's own barracks were pupils slept and lived, complete with bunks, a common room and a small private sparring ground to settle private disputes. An armourer had opened up shop, selling it's wares to visitors and pupils alike, Silphio had set up a private currency that could be used to buy things from the old man at the store. The weapon rack had even more assortments of weapons, armour and firearms, there was a heavy artillery area as well, the sparring grounds had improved, mock terrain dotted some of the areas. The security was upgraded too, hidden posts throughout the mountain in case anyone was making the climb, aons to strengthen the pupils lest they get attacked and a large amount of other things that made the people inside the training grounds feel just a little safer. Silphio looked over them, a large assortment of trainees were busy training, occasionally someone approached him, hoping for an advancement duel. Let era three in Devaan's training grounds... BEGIN!
  12. Hey and welcome to the shard! Have an upvote and a cookie!. If I remember correctly, the cosmere is a dwarf galaxy so that could in fact work. We'll definitely keep that in mind.
  13. Devaan smiled to himself. It was working, he was on the defensive and a skilled fighter, no doubt he was analyzing the fighting style of Devaan and Hellbent. But Devaan didn’t have just one style, he had over 350 years of fighting experience, and that gave him one hell of an edge. Devaan finished the thrust to the chest and watched Myriad sidestep it. Devaan’s leg shot out like a bullet, hooking around Myriad’s leg. Devaan’s left hand shot out, trying to Grab Myriad’s neck. Checkmate Devaan electrified his gloves for contact, preparing himself for the shock that would occur if he made contact
  14. @Ark1002 @beantheboy12