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  1. The skeleton responded to Temeria's feint, trying to block the blow with its dagger. The skeleton couldn't feel surprise when the blade's path changed direction. But it still did get hit by it. The blade clanked against the joint of the armor. Knocking that hand off entirely. Now with only one arm, the skeleton went for a counterattack, lunging clumsily at it's opponent.
  2. Mac opened the tomb. An old skeleton the looked to be on the verge of falling apart lay at rest inside. On its right ring finger lay a small embroidered band, Aonic symbols engraved into it. It looked to be made of Nicrocil. The skeleton's eyes began to glow a vibrant orange. It became clad in ethereal armor as it sat up. A simple dagger dropping into the palm of its hand. Mythseeker It rasped in a voice fitting something with no vocal cords You have come to seek Rhazien's ring? Claim it then! The skeleton moved on its own accord, bones knitting themselves back together as it leapt off the tomb. Distancing itself from Mac, holding his dagger warily.
  3. "I'm starving" Nohadon quickly finished the cookie in two bites, then picked up a second one. "Chaos tends to do that. He doesn't want things to get out of hand." Nohadon looked at Ene for a moment. "These aren't spiked, are they?"
  4. “You lead the way.” A look of horror appeared on his face, processing this new information. “the cookies were banned from the intro thread? I thought it was only guild advertising!”
  5. Nohadon came back from his walk across continents. He foolishly forgot to let people know it was happening, but he came back, he always came back eventually, except for when he forgot to. He sat down and looked around, spotting Ene. ”So, What’d I miss?” He said with a grin @AonEne
  6. The most difficult thing about writing this would be setting up the perspective. What I'm going to try get across is depending on what perspective you look at, ANYONE could be the antagonist. Tavarean looks evil when you are looking at it from Urial, but when reading a SjinYo story, Lariat or Exsqaur might seem like the main antagonist and Tavarean protecting them from the bigger continents. It'll be one big story split into three defined parts, similar to how stormlight archive is plotted out. Got it, I'll work on that. I don't think that the crooked cap should be able to recharge their own stars, it puts much more of a time limit on each job, as you mentioned earlier. The war is continuous, but it's been around for such a long period of time now that people have gotten used to it and no longer see the others as 'enemies' unless they are in the military, so while everyone is still at war, most nations are being practical about it
  7. I was going for an Ocean's feel with some fantasy elements mixed in, what do you mean by tropey? I'm new to writing and I can't tell when I'm being cliche or falling into tropes. Could you elaborate? The star afterwards has to be refilled by the master artificer, all the exhausted coins are sent back and redistributed into the economy every month, which has the continent's economy in a life cycle state, where items are more or less valuable depending on how close it is to the stars being refilled, the amount of stars still with that spark still around, etc. I'm setting up the story as several parts. The first part is going to be the crew coming together, training and meeting each other. This will be expanding on the world and characters, the second part will be one big heist or maybe a couple of smaller heists (I don't know which is better, I'm leaning towards multiple heists instead to really set up how efficient the group is) And the third part is a cat and mouse style chase between Tallas Cav and the Crooked Cap which leads to a legitimate threat to the Crooked Cap's existence. I think I forgot to mention this. The first spoiler box was for all the short stories that my friend and I are writing in this world, not just this one, which is why it's much broader. Got it. I'll do some more about Uriu, thats where the first part (and a significant amount of the other two parts) will be set, so it makes sense to flesh it out more then places that won't be featured as heavily. Each continent needs to be primarily self-sustaining due to the giant war thats raging out around the world, I was thinking that there was a large trade network throughout Urial, between Uriu, the four other cities and the countryside towns, all working together and profiting from it on the side.
  8. Hey, so A friend and I are making a fantasy world and setting short stories in, we've made a wordlbuilding document, and I'd love some ideas on how to expand it. Here's the main world building document (Lots of this will appear in the prologue of all the short stories) And here is the one continent and short story I have planned out, set in the continent of Urial. Don't be nice! All I'm looking for is how to improve!
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    The bullets hit Bel and were rebuffed by the Edo shielding on her robes. She walked through the maelstrom of bullets without a single care. All she felt was the sensation of tranquility wash over her. One bullet got through. It hit her shoulder, she didn't even notice, the pain minuscule in comparison the the calm. Bel looked at the creature she was facing. The opponent that wanted to ruin her calmness, who wanted her pain to come back. The calm makes it go away, why resist? She heard a voice, Alson, desperately pleading to her. The Aons faded more. Light shone from Bel's fingers. That had never happened before. It was bright, it left trails when she moved them. Aons. Since when could I draw them? Without thinking she drew one, testing her newfound power. Working fast, she drew many overlapping lines that joined in a square that surrounded four lines in the centre. Aon Sheo, Death.
  10. main plot

    Silphio flew hard and arrived at his canton in minutes. His chapter was already assembled. He called over Seymour, head receptionist. "Get me three ops squads stat." Seymour nodded as Kestraal stepped out of the canton building. "You need the guard forces too sir?" He asked. "No need, We need you here to make sure we aren't attacked once we've played our hand" "Understood." Kestraal withdrew as three operation squads, thirty canton fighters total ran out into the courtyard, fully equipped in their own weapons and armour. "Listen here everyone, odds are, not all of us are coming back from this, so if you want to bow out, do so now, you won't be punished for deserting this mission. We are the auxillary forces for the allied guild, we are the reinforcements. Canton teams, I want you protecting the chapter's flanks, Crusade, I want you to breach that godsdamned shield of theirs! does anyone want to bow out?" Silence filled the courtyard. Not a single person moved "Good. Lets go" Silphio began to walk out, leading the march towards plasmacore. @Ax's Boyfriend
  11. main plot

    Astiel snuck up behind Azreal, showing him his canton intelligence card. Prepared to dodge any strikes that may come his way. "I'm Astiel, member of the triumvirate. I need a mission report and a whereabouts of Silphio, we're here to help now, we've been stopping panic in the city." @Grey Knight *** Silphio woke up in the middle of an alley. Oh hell. He thought to himself as he quickly covered himself in armour. He remembered being hit in the head after talking to the Crusade member, and now he was here. He took off as fast as he could towards the canton building, someone had tried to take him out of the fight, and had done so successfully. He needed information, and he needed his chapter.
  12. Happy birthday Nohadon! (I think)

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    Bel was thrown through the air, above the dense fog that had covered the city. She saw the stars before plummeting back down to the earth. She moved her shields to her feet as she landed. Reinforcing her legs and preventing the damage from going further than them with well placed barriers. She hit the ground with barely a scratch as the pavement beneath her cracked and cratered. She looked up, feeling no pain, no fear, nothing. Bright blue aonic investiture pulsed off of her as she walked towards the giant, entering a chayshan dance, her form began to blur with the speed she was moving before her foot snaked out, kicking up at the giant's stomach, sending a concussive blast towards it at the same time. Alson ran forward, but was knocked back by the concussive blast. He was thrown against the tavern wall. "Bel! Listen to me! You have to remember what matters! Think for a second! Remember Sebastian! he wouldn't have wanted you to lose control like this! Syndicate is still alive for harmony's sake! I can't kill him without you!" Alson ran towards her again. This time her Aons glowed a little duller, changing colour from a brilliant and vibrant blue to a darker shade.