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  1. A scream echoed through the tunnels, in the direction Althea was facing. Devaan spun around. "That way!" He told the others, racing towards the sound. His cards were out in an instant, ready for an ambush as he ran silently towards the scream. He noticed Neo skating beside him and nodded. The kid had good instincts.
  2. "That'll use up a lot of your stores. Can you handle it?" Devaan asked. He's gotten stronger. His rioting is a force to be reckoned with. I haven't seen him pinpoint fatigue someone yet, but I doubt he wouldn't be able to do it with enough force to knock someone out. There's also the Oasis incident Yeah.
  3. "Fantastic. Now how do we find Frob? We know he's somewhere down here, but we don't know where. So unless anyone can track him him through these tunnels, we'll have to just walk in a random direction and hope for the best."
  4. "Down here, we are at a disadvantage. We don't know where any of these tunnels lead. Stay sharp and be careful. We don't know what's behind any corner." Devaan looked at Neo as he spoke. "As to your question. Vesuvius most likely has multiple exits. Which means we might have to split up until we have him cornered. We'll case the place before we go in and trap any obvious escapes. When we get there, Max, Althea and I will do check the safe house out. You don't have the ghost blood stealth training that we do, so we'll come back for you once we've finished, Any objections?" He asked as Max and Althea dropped down the hatch
  5. The dagger struck Novus in the back, the point embedding itself in between Novus' shoulder blades. Lights flooded the tunnel. "Dear me." Astiel told Novus, walking in from behind. "Decent perception, reflexes need honing. But with the right training we can make you into a decent agent. You'll have to patch that wound yourself and stop the bleeding. You'll never know when you need to do that when out on a mission." Astiel drew a card. On Tia flashed into the air, taking him and Novus down to the intelligence headquarters. He depoited Novus in a hospital bed, a first aid kit was next to him. "Good luck"
  6. Just want to say welcome back Arlin! 

  7. Devaan heard a laugh echo from under the tunnels. "He's below us!" Devaan realised, spotting the trap door that Frob went down. "Thanks for making the dam Althea, but we should probably break it down. We don't want to cause a mass blockage in the sewer system." He opened up the trap door and hopped down, looking around. It was another tunnel system, but this one didn't smell as bad. "I've never seen this part of the city." Devaan remarked in wonder. He assumed he'd seen all of it in his time here. Where they were right now was deeper than the where the thermonuke blast hit in the war. Otherwise he'd have seen this. Devaan shuddered. The underground wasn't his most comfortable environment. Tunnels just felt too artificial. He began considering the implications of a tunnel system under the city. If the majority of the criminal underworld found out about this. Smuggling would boom. I'll have to set something up down here to stop that.
  8. "I'd imagine so. Can we got some light over here? Neo, you stick with me, Max and Althea, go to the other walls of the tunnel. We'll have enough light so we can all search for trap doors or hidden walls. I don't have any tremor sense cards in this deck, so unless anyone here has tin feruchemy we'll have to do this the old-fashioned way."
  9. "Mistakes happen kiddo. You'll just need to learn from them. You joined the Canton yet? You'd be a help to the operations team." Devaan reassured him. Neo messed up, and If Devaan heard the commotion that Neo caused just a minute ago, he assumed Frob did as well, they might have already lost him, but Neo was inexperienced, he needed to be trained.
  10. Whoops. It's a little late though, as that fight has been over for a while. That's my bad, I assumed Hellbent's pride would have won over his stubbornness. "Yeah, I saw someone up ahead. There was a split in the tunnel, the guy I found was to the left, I think he was Frob but I didn't want to get too close in case he could spot me." Devaan began to walk down the tunnel, he matched his pace with Neo. "So, you tried to follow me?" he asked Neo as they walked.
  11. Three more knives flew out, two from the front and one from behind.
  12. A knife flew out at Novus, hurling towards him point-first.
  13. The wall crumbles away. Revealing a secret passageway. It was a long tunnel that slanted downwards. Astiel, hidden in the rafters of the ceiling watched Novus with a smile.
  14. "What time slots work for you? We have training 24/7 and each session lasts for an hour." Seymour replied, selecting a large ledger labeled Canton Training Times.
  15. When Novus entered the backroom. There were two corridors directly opposite of it.. A sign in between the two. Welcome to the trials. The man you were following is no longer here. Trust nothing, not even your own senses. One of these corridors contains the long and difficult pass, the other contains the short and easy one. Your task is to figure out which path is which, and which one to take. The room had various items on the floor. Crowded around the right door was a clock, an eyeglass and a feather. The one on the left had shards of glass, daggers and bits of metal. In between the two doors was empty walling, on the ground there was a mixture of the materials, it was difficult to tell where one set of materials ended and the other began.