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  1. Ok, describe what you think of Adolin in three words or less.

    1. FictionSpren


      Also, Hi there. Have you been on 17th shard fr a while?

      I need someone who knows how this website works

    2. NoiseSpren


      So, basically you should beware people giving you cookies and alleyverse craziness. If you write something vulgar, it ends like chull (chull!). You cannot make light of people in any way. Every forum has informative list (like books discussed here etc.) so beware spoilers, these are sometimes dangerous. Brandon sometimes replies to something (rare as diamonds!). Look at gallery, some things are cool. BEWARE SHIPPING FORUMS, THESE NEVER END. Ok?:ph34r:

    3. NoiseSpren


      Adolin? Good boy swordsman.