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  1. Personaly like RWU or RWB aggro. And Izzet guild. And Davriel. Have yet to start EDH.
  2. Ok, describe what you think of Adolin in three words or less.

    1. FictionSpren


      Also, Hi there. Have you been on 17th shard fr a while?

      I need someone who knows how this website works

    2. NoiseSpren


      So, basically you should beware people giving you cookies and alleyverse craziness. If you write something vulgar, it ends like chull (chull!). You cannot make light of people in any way. Every forum has informative list (like books discussed here etc.) so beware spoilers, these are sometimes dangerous. Brandon sometimes replies to something (rare as diamonds!). Look at gallery, some things are cool. BEWARE SHIPPING FORUMS, THESE NEVER END. Ok?:ph34r:

    3. NoiseSpren


      Adolin? Good boy swordsman.

  3. Ah, Adolin's sword... Maya in there!!!
  4. Venli might be in the third group since her flashback start in the same time. And Kal, maybe? Primary group quess: Dalinar, Renarin, Shallan, Adolin, Jasnah. Secondary: Szeth. And Lift? On second thought: give me Szeth and Renarin duo. PLEAAAAASE!!!
  5. *stares wordlessly again* -Ou. Edit: Thesevoidbringersoutthere!Ihavenotnoticedthembefore!Thisissocool!!!
  6. Hoid is unimpressed by them so I think they are more Roshar centric and are not so powerful.
  7. Shut up and take my money!
  8. The War of the Spark story is rather bland and contains absolutely nothing of any import about Davriel. So the story aspect of these cards is poor. I want more Davriel cards in Core set 2020.
  9. "So, Jasnah, how much do you know about Sazed? Nothing? Do you want to know more?"
  10. "Just a distraction. I survived worse. I will clean the mess. Sorry for the table, Doc." Andrew seemed distacted. "My spren-" he stopped in middle of the sentence. "You know... One with temper like this shoud not get hands on a shardblade. Never... What kinds of pizza do we have?" You have to keep your mouth shut! What was by Almighty that?!
  11. Andrew picked these spheres and inhaled stormlight. Then he walked - Oh right, no legs. I forgot. - wheeled in the kitchen, took dull knife and stabbed it with full force through palm of his right hand. It stopped one inch deep in the table. "Stop" The pain was overhelming. "Caring" Blood runned across the table. "About" Stormlight started to heal him. "Them!" He pulled the knife out with wet sound. He sunk in his wheelchair and muttered: "They do not appreciate it and even if they did they will die. They always die." Then he left the bloody knive on the bloody table to get some pizza.
  12. "No. You get up." Andrew took four full spheres and tossed them in front of Tylers face. "Breathe" that was not a question.