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  1. @Serce Forts Welcome Brightness Varaseel. It's... nice... to see another with a nack for Lightweaving? Anyway, welcome to our fold. Your humble servant... Mathis
  2. combat

    I didn't look too close to see it was a tournament. But if it was, all my bets are on the Lord Ruler.
  3. combat

    My friend actually went to a Sanderson book signing and asked him this question, except there were no limits or OP characters. His answer, From Sanderson himself is: Your humble servant... Shadows4Silence
  4. @hwiles I love the math man!
  5. The same with all Feruchemist metalminds, the larger in size and the more pure in their metal composition, the more of an attribute they can store. A small ring can't hold as much as a large bracer. So while storing an attribute can be limited physically by a person, the metalminds can also be just as limiting if not more. Also, continually storing an attribute can be limiting if you use it too much. For example Atium stores age, but can't make you immortal, as stated in the Coppermind Wiki: "Also, while able to extend their life greatly, someone Compounding atium is not truly immortal; over time, the amount of youth that they would need to consume (and the amount of atium necessary to allow them to do so) would increase beyond their ability to generate and store it, besides outstripping their physical ability to ingest and burn it." Overall Feruchemistry does have its limits. Hope that helps King. Shadows4Silence
  6. I agree with the fact that it's instinctive. I would assume that it would be something that comes naturally like breathing. Shadows4Silence
  7. @CarolaDavar Another amazing story I can add to my collection of tales. I commend your bravery Carola. That is something I do not do often... *nod of respect* Your humble servant... Mathis
  8. Yeah, so those who join, I'll help get better Ranks. There. Now do I get to keep the treasure...
  9. I just discovered that I can't upvote more than 16 times in one day...
  10. @Sami I don't know what you're talking about... @Tesh Kholin I can Steelpush just fine on Roshar. I just can't push Shardblades or Shardplate because of the amount of investgure. And I'm just gonna upvote all posts. Help give people some nicer ranks than Awakened Object and whatnot... Mathis
  11. Donate is not in my vocabulary. However, borrow and interest is, along with steal, take, plunder, etc...
  12. @Tesh Kholin Why wouldn't we need treasure?