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  1. Good game everyone. Well played elim team. A few people got suspicious of us and some of us got votes but I feel the village needed just a bit more presence and some elims definitely would've been lynched. Also a big thanks to @BrightnessRadiantand the Co-GMs for hosting.
  2. Since Shqueeves got killed by the elims in our room, then, unless Gancho is really really good at appearing villagery, I Stink has the highest chance of being an elim here. Most likely my only post today.
  3. @[email protected]@Crimsn-Wolf @Mr [email protected] @[email protected] @Devotary of Spontaneity Hey guys, I know I'm not a beacon of activity myself but I have been trying to be online every cycle. Not putting votes in will only help elims. And elims will likely leave us alone if we're destroying ourselves. As far as I know, there aren't any items that heal poison. Elims know gancho is poisoner. Cadmium is going most likely. They could be elim or village. We will find out regardless. If cadmium is elim then he's trying to get villa kidpen while he's at it. If village then we can assess where we're at. But I don't think I'll be voting kidpen just yet although cadmium is linking me and kidpen. I'm currently suspicious of Shqueeves and somewhat of Sart as well. I don't know exactly what stink is doing. I feel he would try to have more thread control if he were an elim though and try to have more of a presence. I feel Gancho is village here from his interaction with cad. Other people I can't recall any posts from at all are Crims-wolf and Droughtbringer Any thoughts?
  4. Hey everyone sorry for being away. I've had a quick look at the previous cycles and Ihave a few quick thoughts. I have slight suspicions on Sart for using the mobile dropping PMs as logic for voting me. But it didn't seem like he we pushing it much so I'm not sure whether it's an elim trying to start something or a villager just trying to see what happens. So I want to see more posts from Sart before I make any firm conclusions about him. This vote on xinoehp is solely for his opening post today which just sounds like someone wanting other people to do the work of voting on Devotary without being involved themselves. I remembr a few posts from Gancho. His post above mine feels sincere. He's not trying to convince other people and going by gut. Lean villager here. Hopefully, I can come back later and do some more analysis.
  5. Just caught up with something, I will try to catch up fully before I go to sleep tonight. @Mr Doctor I didn't come online yesterday after voting. End of cycle is like 4am for me.
  6. I'd like to poke-vote Shqueeves. Or maybe not just a poke vote. Shqueeves feels like an eager elim wanting to start things off but losing motivation? Elandera is encouraging game/village talk and seems slightly pro-village to me atm.
  7. Hey guys, It's been a while since I've played an SE game so I'll try my best to be as active as possibe. I won't have any time for RP though. I think it would be wise to add some game-related thoughts to our posts soon, as this is a QF and people could get busy. (I, myself, do not have anything to add on this front yet but hopefully by my next post there's more content)
  8. Also, fifth, to answer your question from before. My vote was just to see what happened and if anyone else tried to jump on.
  9. I'll change my vote to Wonko. I don't really have any strong feelings about anyone atm so I'll join this wagon.
  10. I'll put a vote on Fifth for now. I think I die if I don't vote today. There were a lot of 1-vote wagons, feels like elims were safe and content to just sit out. From the top wagons, fifth has a chance to be an elim imo. Edit: Walin, yes, I received a message as well.
  11. Hey everyone. I am around and I will hopefully get some time to read and make a vote later in the cycle.
  12. Just for fun Hope you liked it.