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  1. @Argent So that infused ruby group chat span reed question was mine actually. It was super weird hearing it on your podcast haha. It seems stormlightening must have been recording the Q&A during his signing. That was exciting seeing you guys discuss it!
  2. Oh yes please! This would be so awesome!
  3. To go along with this, on page 494 of both the US Kindle and hardcover editions it says: "I'm telling you, I'm dangerous. Sure, I can crush this little rebellion, bathe Oathbringer in some blood. Great. Wonderful. Then what? I come back here and lock myself in a cage again?" I wasn't sure if I should report this as that's an idiom that could still exist in the world considering not all blades are shardblades, but it seemed less applicable to Oathbringer.
  5. I had the same reaction during that chapter, but by the end of the chapter was feeling better and more confident that she won't have to as much over time, but will choose to be Radiant while using it. I think this shows that she'll slowly get more used to using the blade as Shallan, although I'm guessing Radiant will feel more natural and comfortable using it, so she'll be able to phase between them fairly easily. But I guess we'll find out!
  6. Oh, perfect, thank you!
  7. Chapter 15, about halfway through: '“From what I’ve heard of him,” Radiant said, “it will depend on where there are any convenient rooftops nearby to jump off.”' This isn't necessarily wrong, but it appears that the word 'whether' might be more appropriate than 'where'.
  8. I didn't see a place to report errors from Tor's chapter releases of Oathbringer, so I figured I would start one myself. I'm assuming we can probably ignore the weird mistakes like the occasional 'e' that seems to be replaced with a space. If you see any spelling, grammar, or content mistakes, though, feel free to post them here!
  9. Ah, that you did. I missed that. Thanks!
  10. You mentioned this would be out in June. Does this mean we can expect to see it in the next week or so?