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  1. Lovely! Y'all should do more giveaways ; )
  2. Do we have a timeframe we think the story takes place in? In Earth years? I know M-bot is almost 200 years abandoned, do we know what year Defending Elysium takes place in? Do we have an idea how long after that it is?
  3. Just saw it yesterday and pre-ordered it!
  4. They seem to have it available at but not
  5. I wish they'd leak some info!
  6. Great! I know I've done preorders for the audiobooks before but it was closer to release date.
  7. Has there been any news about the Skyward audiobook? It's definitely not available for preorder on and I couldn't find any other news on it. Have I missed something?
  8. The first time I heard of Sanderson was when I was in college 6 years ago trying to sell plasma. I was almost passing out and the tech was talking to me helping me stay conscious. He asked what kind of books I liked and when I said fantasy he said I HAD to check out this book called Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson because it was amazing with a really cool in-depth magic. I think it took me another couple months to get around to finding a copy but IT WAS THE COOLEST BOOK I'D EVER READ!! I really loved how scientific the magic was. I read everything he'd published up to that point (Hero of Ages I think?). Over time I got more and more into being a BranSanFan and I've read almost everything he's written. My favorite is all the cosmere behind the scenes. He's seriously the best writer in my opinion. I find myself comparing all other books I read to his style of writing. And I think his books just keep getting better and better.
  9. When did the Cosmere decal become official? Will they get allomantic metal decals back in stock? I'd love to have everything shipped at once. Can you put the decals on a car rear window and have them last?
  10. I wasn't planning to buy the graphic novels until I could get all three. Is there a chance they won't do the 3rd one if they don't sell enough of the 2nd one?
  11. I'm REALLY loving the new reincarnation of Shardcast, I listen on YouTube. I love learning more about the cosmere background since my kids keep me too busy to forum lurk. Thanks guys for producing this!
  12. Is it like "Kleenex" is used commonly for tissue?
  13. Has there been an official WoB on this since this thread happened? If it is the Superman S it makes sense that The Faithful would have all these pendants. How much Superman merch is all over the place?
  14. On a scale from Ella Enchanted to Lord of the Rings? I agree that some things in books just don't work in a movie setting. For example in the Ender's Game movie they completely removed the plot lines with Ender's siblings. I think that was a good move because it would have taken a lot of screen time to properly address and doesn't actually affect Ender. Ultimately though I really disliked the movie because they changed the core of the main character (to avoid spoilers, they nerfed him). And devoted so little time to battle school, the coolest and longest part of the book. I'd much prefer TV series adaptations than movies of Sanderson's books. More time to flesh out details!
  15. I know you're already back @Aryanath but if anyone else is going to SLC you've got to check out a bar called Lucky 13 for their burgers and fries!! They smoke all their meats in house and are just absolutely amazing. I wish there were some Sanderson themed shops in the area. I'm going in a couple weeks to visit family and it would be so fun if there were a cosmere store to go to!!!