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  1. So, I haven't been able to get on for most of today and it's midnight, so expect a post from me in the morning cause I need my sleep Regardless, this is a fantastic start. I.. can't really say much of value until I do a full reread of the thread, so this is just here to say that I still exist.
  2. So, I wanted to hold off on explaining my reasoning on the Ventyl vote, but there's no point. I don't want to lynch them because they're probably the strongest village read I have right now, but I wanted to see how much momentum the train would gather. If Ventyl is indeed a Radiant, the elims have a vested interest in trying to make that lynch happen, especially considering the IKYKs that will ensue tonight (will the elims attack Ventyl, will Ventyl be protected, is Ventyl even a Radiant..). It's risky, of course, but I'd try it in that position. Beyond that, I also wanted to see the reactions to my vote. Specifically if TJ would say anything. He didn't directly respond to me, but he did say he's hesitant to vote on Ventyl. I'm not sure if I'm reading too far into this, but it feels like he's distancing himself from a lynch beneficial to the elims. As I'm writing this, he goes back on that post from earlier and considers the possibility that Ventyl is actually elim. Oddly flip-floppy on whether or not he wants the lynch, it seems. I'll talk about the Ventyl situation more in depth at the end of this post, as I'm getting sidetracked way too often. The way he got his vote off of Ashbringer is very weird too. Reads to me as an elim trying to back off of a lynch that won't happen with some sort of dignity intact. Remind me of how I backed off of TJ himself in QF45, and I was an elim there, so... Just the "sort of seems", "could be", very non-committal language. It's a red flag for me, makes it feel like you're distancing. If your goal was simply to agree with El, you.. could have just said you agree. The way you frame it makes it seem like you were trying to look like a contributing villager while simultaneously attempting to pocket El. That's probably why she voted on you. So, first off, some clarification on what they're saying: Imagine someone claims Dustbringer. Then someone else comes out and counter-claims Dustbringer. Assuming there's only one of each role, lynching one of them tells us with near certainty what the other's alignment is. If the first one is village, the second one is elim or vice versa. Second, I find it very odd that you were fine with not having all the information. Asking for clarification when you don't understand someone's train of thought is always a good idea. Makes me feel like you already know he's a villager, so you just accepted the first explanation you got, then went back to it after you saw an opening to vote. So, the Ventyl situation is one enormous IKYK. My current assumption is that Ventyl is just a roleless villager trying to draw the elim kill away, but I have genuinely no idea. We're not dismissing it entirely, I just think that the chances of this being a village play are far higher than the chances of it being an elim play. I think gut reads play a part in this as well, though. I took too long writing this down and forgot something else I wanted to say, but if I forgot it's probably unimportant I'm most supportive of a TJ or Matrim lynch. Right now, though, I'm going to vote on TJ Shade.
  3. El's being very active, pretty aggressive too. Village read so far. Votes moving around a lot, but I don't mind that. I have a gut feeling Ventyl is village. Agreed with El that Mat telling everyone to be careful is weird. The wording bugs me most. Uncertain language about something that should be very clear. Objectively, the idea of the post is NAI, but I have a bad feeling about it. I've never been able to read Orlok. This is nothing new. Generally agree with him, but I get a weird vibe from his posts for some reason. (Having read his next post, I think I know why. Pfft.) Disagree on pre-game analysis posts being weird, though. He'd have written it before he knew his role or alignment and would have posted it regardless of alignment too. (Unless he didn't write it before the game, but I'm not sure if that's possible.) Changing it afterwards, as Sart proposes later, seems risky. It's not a bad move, of course, but you run the risk of your post looking curated and being more carefully worded than it has to be. So the only reason to change it would be if Gears was an elim. Thanks, Araris. For the chuckle and for the perfect example of what the mentality behind any vote should be Beginning to realize I'm biased towards people with this playstyle, so I should keep that in mind moving forward. I like Ashbringer so far. Their posts feel different from QF45, but they weren't active for the first couple of cycles so I'll have to see more. I agree with what Sart has to say, even if the role analysis part is not as clear-cut as that. There are three total possibilities here: Sart's proposal (elim!Gears alters analysis before posting to promote strategies that hurt the village), elim!Gears post the unaltered analysis (to look more village), or village!Gears posts the unaltered analysis (simply because it's useful). I'll come back to this in a different post, probably. Do not like Mat's follow-up to Sart's post. Saying you understand something, then going back on that the moment a vote opportunity is presented, feels weird to me. Disagree with Truthwatcher on waiting benefiting village. Fresh off of an elim game, I found myself constantly saying we should wait and see how things progress before making a move. We need to be proactive. Reacting to how the game plays out is the most comfortable position for an elim. TJ, I think Ash messing up the player count isn't a big deal. It's not a freudian slip or anything, it's just a moment of uncertainty about something that's.. fairly unimportant to the discussion. Very odd vote and your reasoning seems tinged in a lot of paranoia ...I don't know about Ventyl anymore, honestly. Said I had a village gut read at the beginning, but at this point I have no idea. The interactions between him and TJ are interesting, though. I'm not sure what to take from it yet, but I'm gonna vote on Ventyl.
  4. Hey everyone! Haven't really been able to check the thread so far. Give me some time to catch up, then I'll come back with my thoughts. Judging by the 5 pages of discussion, I should have plenty
  5. In a blackout game, you're told absolutely nothing about the roles and extra rules it might have, beyond just "it's mafia" We were told some things, so that's probably why Kasimir called this a "partial" blackout game. But it's fairly obvious there's a lot more here
  6. It was glorious, I have no idea how it even happened.
  7. I love this. I love everything about this. Signing up as Aiden Ostlin. Would love to have a random cosmetic role.
  8. This was a lot of fun, honestly. As my first game back, I couldn't have done any better Fifth, Mint and Ash all did fantastic: If I hadn't fallen asleep on C6, we would've gotten a perfect win 24 hours earlier I expected us to have to fight for the title of Prelan, but hey! I'll take what I can get. I look forward to playing with all of you again! The villagers too, I feel like Gears deserves an honorable mention for how quickly he picked things up. Definitely did better than me on my first game! Also, your monologues in the spec doc had me rolling. Well, uh, yeah. There it is. I fell asleep 40 minutes before rollover as we were preparing to hammer, and the whole thing got scrapped because without me it'd be a 50/50 chance between Mint and Lotus getting lynched and if they did it and Mint still got lynched, we'd just lose The compulsory voting seemed a little counterproductive, honestly. People popping in just to place a quick vote so they don't die never helps. However, I did greatly enjoy the focus on pure social deduction. I'm not sure how the game still turned out as chaotic as it did, since the only thing people could do was vote and the only night action was our kill, but I'm not complaining. Thanks for running this, Orlok and Rae! EDIT: @Matrim's Dice Heh. Thanks! Goes to show that you really shouldn't trust me from now on Likewise! @TJ Shade Indeed you were! Pretty sure you and Striker are the only two people who voted on me this game, and Striker did so as a poke-vote on C1. So props for that! Shame that nobody believed you
  9. It's 1 AM and I couldn't think of any funny RP, but hey. It's the thought that counts. Good game, everyone.
  10. Frankly, even the answers you gave aren't sufficient. I don't blame you for going to sleep, but it would be so easy for an elim to do that and disappear for the rest of the cycle. If you were an elim you wouldn't even have to wake up at rollover to hammer, seeing as your vote was already on Lotus.
  11. There isn't much left to say here, I think. Truthwatcher. Pretty sure the elim team is Mint, Truthwatcher, Ash and Vapor at this point.
  12. I agree with most of what Fifth has to say here, honestly. I'm going to place a vote on Mint. 2 hours and 30 minutes left. If anyone has any other ideas, speak up. Either that or vote Mint. Let's not make this a last minute affair if we can help it.
  13. Yeah, you're right. Our only hope of winning now is getting all 4 elims in a row. So.. I'm trying to narrow down my suspects. Out of everyone, I'm most suspicious of Vapor and Lotus. I have no real read on Truthwatcher, Ashbringer, Striker and Mint and I want to say I like Straw and Fifth. I want to rethink those reads for a moment. Mint has escaped the lynch far too many times. I haven't found anything I dislike in her posts, but the fact that she hasn't been lynched yet after, like, 3 cycles of her being one of the main trains immediately drops her down to suspicious. I'd say this also makes me very suspicious of Fifth, but he openly said Mint should be more grateful to him for saving her for two cycles in a row (How bold of an elim do you have to be to say that?) and very quickly turns on her when he starts thinking she might be going for a mislynch. Which is admittedly still weird, but it's slightly mitigated by it being in self defense... I might have to rethink the groups entirely. Striker and Ashbringer are probably not elim. They both messed up the number of living people and didn't realize next cycle would still be LyLo even if everything went perfectly for the village, which makes me feel like their perspective on the situation is very "village-y", if that makes any sense. An elim would have thought the situation over too many times to make such a mistake, I think. Vapor and Lotus are the people I dislike the most and it's a mix of a lack of genuinely helpful contributions, generally odd playstyles and an outright terrible gut feel about both of them. Straw has been really nothing but helpful the entire game and I want to say the only reason I really suspect them now is because the paranoia is settling in. But I'd rather trust them at this point. Truthwatcher is a wild card, honestly. I am genuinely not sure about them either, but I've liked them more these past couple of cycles. That's just a gut read though, and I definitely don't trust them. Main suspicions: Vapor, Lotus, Mint Kind of suspicious: Fifth, Truthwatcher Least suspicious: Striker, Ash, Straw I'd be willing to lynch any of the first five, honestly. There's no need to reiterate that we can't allow a hammer to happen, so we all need to be voting on the same person by the end of the cycle. Any thoughts?
  14. If this isn't LyLo and we got an elim, I'm all for it.