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  1. It might seem so, but I don't think it really makes a difference.
  2. So, first off, I'd like to apologize for my inactivity the past couple of cycles. It's been.. a little bit hectic. I'm going to have to do a reread of the thread to figure out what was going on, but something I'd like to note is that we should look back at the first day and night, to see if anyone was being overtly suspicious of Lum. The elims would have known she was lying, and so they would have been trying to frame her specifically. I know this isn't much contribution, especially considering a scan would normally benefit the village and, as such, villagers would also be pushing for a Tin scan.. but I figured this was worth mentioning. I had two Bendalloy medallions and I did intend to use one, but I forgot..
  3. So. Someone used Bendalloy to delay CadCom's death. If this was indeed a villager looking to get more information out of CadCom, they should reveal themselves. However, I doubt it was a villager, as I also have a Bendalloy medallion that I did not use.
  4. Sorry for the bad formatting, by the way- I'm doing this from mobile. First off, I'd say it's a better C2 lynch because the person with Tin (if they're a villager, and the chances point to yes) could use their medallion to see who is lying. That person is most likely an elim, as lying about their medallion just.. doesn't sound like a great idea when they can claim they just have one without revealing the power, or even not claim at all. And.. I just noticed Devotary responded to that an hour ago. Whoops. Well, either way. Second, yes, I do believe your points are invalid, and I've explained why. You yourself admitted that Fifth's plan is better, and yet you still stick to your guns and claim that this would help the village, when in reality claiming on C1 only helps the elims. The elims do not know where the medallions they *didn't* distribute go, and thus there is still information they need. I talked about this before-- If someone claims a metal the elims want gone, they can just.. take them out if they roleclaim. I believe my case against you is fairly solid, and I'd like you to provide equally solid proof to the contrary, as opposed to claims that I'm cherry-picking your posts. Third, I.. really don't understand what you're trying to convey in the last paragraph of your post. I'm going to leave my vote on you for now. EDIT: @Cadmium Compounder, I'm pretty sure Fura claimed to have an iron medallion.
  5. I honestly believe CadCom is justified in suspecting those who wanted to get people to roleclaim, as the night kill happens before medallion passing. That means the elims could destroy any medallions they decide are too dangerous to keep around thanks to a hasty roleclaim. I don't know if this fact was pointed out earlier, but for this reason I will vote Fura. Claiming on C1 does not help the village, even though at first glance it might seem so. I don't remember who proposed revealing what medallions we had C1 on C2, but that's a far better idea than claiming now. EDIT: @FatherTiempo, my assumption that the maximum number of aluminum metalminds had been reached was because 1.There is one medallion of each type in the game regardless of what the Elims added, and 2. The Elims can add up to 5 medallions of each type.
  6. That's six aluminum medallions claimed, if I'm not wrong. If everyone's being honest, that is. That should be the maximum amount. My first thought was using a Tin medallion to verify those claims. There's little point in *not* doing so, really.
  7. Them being passive means they'll activate when the holder is attacked (or I read it as such, at least). I might be wrong, but this is generally how I remember passive items/abilities working.
  8. I think it's fairly clear that the elims choose who to send medallions to. They submit a list of players to the GM. There isn't much left to the imagination. I.. don't think the elims would give themselves Pewter medallions. I see it as sort of a gambit, one that is decidedly not worth it (in my opinion). If they did, they'd lose them after this cycle, giving them protection they will most likely not even need, and then the medallions would become a double-edged sword, as they'd raise the risks of the elims hitting someone with a medallion. I also have a medallion, by the way.
  9. Well, it's been half a day and nobody has posted anything yet (besides Elandera). We need to get this going soon, don't we? Quick question, though: @Kidpen Will there be a lynch this cycle?
  10. Well, it's been a long time since I last played, but maybe it's about time I try again. I'll join! A little clarification on medallions: The Southern Scadrians distribute some of them on Cycle 0, but are there other ways of getting them? Is it possible to give someone else a medallion you possess? Could the Southern Scadrians just give themselves medallions on Cycle 0?
  11. I'm going to apologize in advance for my inactivity this cycle and possibly in following cycles. IRL stuff takes priority I'll try to be as active as possible, but I can't promise anything.
  12. Well, I finally managed to get on again. I even forgot to make a night PM We got one! I'll look at last cycle's thread later, to see what I can gather, but for now.. something that caught my eye. 1. Forgetting the number of necessary votes for a lynch is a stretch, but it's understandable, I suppose. However. Miracle Max is actually more helpful to the elims than the village, so them blatantly trying to get rid of Max might very easily be their way of incriminating Sart. Also, alienating Max isn't the best idea, yes, but treating Neutrals as "just another elim faction" is a sadly common stance in SE and Mafia in general. I can understand where he's coming from, even if I don't agree. The fact that you're so hung up on Max says something. You realize that keeping Max alive doesn't necessarily help the village win, yeah? 2. Okay, that reads slightly as trying to pocket CadCom. Especially considering you're under fire. And then we have a pretty big flip-flop, to borrow one of El's terms: You say that Len being an elim speaks for itself in regards to Bugsy, but then imply that he's an elim for.. having a vote moved off of him? Again, this was at a time when we didn't know Roadwalker wasn't Max, and I still stand by my belief that the elims are trying to toss the blame on people by associating them with Roadwalker's/El's death in one way or another. And it's very curious how you specify "moved from Bugsy to Roadwalker". In my opinion, the fact that a vote was moved from someone is first and foremost, and to who(m?) is secondary. Again, this reads as not wanting to commit, which I find suspicious. Plus, what does Bugsy have to do with where that vote was moved?? I'm confused. Sorry for mild incoherence, but it's 6:20 AM and I have nothing better to do (Mainly) For the reasons stated above, Devotary. (As a TL;DR: I think the elims are trying to frame people (namely Sart and Bugsy) for Roadwalker's/El's deaths, this is the next stage in their "plan": revealing these "suspicions" to the thread.) EDIT: I will suggest something to everyone: Don't focus on Devotary. We can decide whether or not to lynch her, but look back on the last cycles with the new information we have now. Analyze anyone that has posts worth analyzing. We need as many reads as possible, and this'll help massively.
  13. That "charade" is now (mostly) dead and buried, just like Roadwalker
  14. I'd prefer a shorter night, tbh.