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  1. Sorry about that, TJ. It's complicated, alright? I feel like I owe an apology to half the village because almost all of the people I was sus of were village.. Goes to show that I'm a better elim than villager. GGs, elims. Araris, that was extremely well played. I had my doubts, but that's easy to say after I've lost, isn't it? Danex, well played to you too. That's the cleanest and fastest jester win I've ever seen, honestly. Mat, I'm not gonna forget about Ishar's blade any time soon Thanks for the game, Ash and Elandera! It was a ton of fun.
  2. It's a shame, but this does simplify things, I suppose. @Whysper, where did these blades go? Also, I would like everyone to claim what Blades they have. If an elim with Stormlight got Chanarach's Blade, we might lose here and now. There's no point in keeping this information hidden anymore, as we're extremely close to the end of the game.
  3. Everyone's talking about how last cycle's vote manipulation could be a frame, but wouldn't the elims prefer a tie in that situation, had both Gears and SfS been village? They save a charge of Stormlight, a villager dies anyway, the other villager is still super suspicious, win-win for the elims. Manipulating the vote in that situation is only useful if one of the people being voted on is elim, the way I see it.
  4. Well, yeah, the scan is pretty pointless now, since we have the Shaman. However, your roleblock protection is still useful. Also, did you use the surges on anyone since you got it from Alv? EDIT: @Mist, I've seen you looking at the thread from time to time Any thoughts you're willing to share?
  5. Neither of the neutrals really hurt the elim team, I think, but 3 elims could very well be true, and it's better to assume that, imo, so we don't screw up too badly. I think he'll be removed on the next day, which might actually be bad for us since I'm fairly certain he's village, considering he started with a blade. No matter, though, I think we'll be alright anyway. I'm pretty certain everyone out of SfS, Lotus and Mist is elim, and if they aren't all elim then.. well, we either lose with 3 left or have a decent chance with two left. Does this help the village in any way, shape or form?
  6. Okay, but look at it like this. If it's 6-2 right now, then 5-2 after day assuming SfS is village, 4-2 after elim kill. If it's 5-3 right now then it's 5-2 after removing SfS because 3 elims would essentially guarantee him being elim, 4-2 after elim kill. So, no, we're not going to lose this night if a mislynch happens.
  7. Siiiigh. Well, that's alright. I hope Ishar gave Araris some stormlight, at least. SfS. There's essentially a 2/3 OR 3/3 chance that SfS is elim, and them flipping village doesn't exactly end the game. Connie, this would have been so much easier had you killed someone last Night..
  8. Keep in mind that if you suicide and hit a villager, we lose, but I won't tell you not to do it. Actually, now that I think about it... No, we don't. Huh. Now, if you do decide to kill, then the elims won't attack you, out of fear that they'll waste the kill. But maybe you won't use Nightblood, and they do manage to kill you.. At this point, I'm tempted to say we go for broke and pull out all the stops, cause, assuming 3 remaining elims between SfS, Lotus, Mist, and maybe Stink I guess, in the case that Araris kamikazes himself onto someone then we absolutely need a Chanarach kill to not lose. Assuming 2 elims, then Chana and Araris both killing simplifies the game a lot, with either 3 villagers and 2 elims or 4 villagers and 1 elim left, unless they get both and we outright win. Regardless, I'd implore Chana to kill anyway because it can only help us at this point.
  9. I was talking about Jezrien's Blade along with Kaladin's Adhesion, though that confirmation changes things. Vasher most likely has Vedel, in that case, though I'd like them to come to the thread and confirm that. The kills on N2 and N4 were Devotary's/Vyre's ability to kill on even cycles, according to what she told me, so Chanarach has not made any kills yet, to my knowledge. That probably means Vasher is village, which helps.
  10. 4 hours after normal rollover time. Agreed, I'd rather the Night be extended by 4 hours as well. Honestly, I.. don't know. No more pinch hitters, sadly. You might want to try to post once or twice a cycle, just to stay alive. Beyond that, I don't know. I'll join the vote on Gears and hope for the best, then, just in case. It's worth assuming the elims have two vote manips now.
  11. Yeah, likewise.. I was worried about that. Well, no matter. I don't really remember why there was a correlation between me and Alv, but I do recall that Jester's flip factored into it and made Fura less certain about everything. Plus, the suspicion didn't really disappear. I was fairly certain Alv was village, and this only strengthens my belief that all Honorblades started in village hands and Ash refusing to answer the question was just a red herring Anyway, some reads, with more reasoning to come later. Gears - Null, and I dislike that I don't have much of a read on him so late in the game, which does make me lean elim. SfS - My grievances with SfS are mostly the same as with Lotus, but they've just been contributing little, with not much express reasoning behind their actions. Leaning elim Araris - Village. In hindsight, I don't see how any of his actions would add up to him being elim. Lotus - Little less suspicious of them than SfS, for reasons I've stated, but still. Null-/Light elim. Condensation - Village, after the past few cycles. Vasher - Null? Has been flying under the radar, I don't really know why people trust them. I had a village gut read, but in hindsight there was literally no reason for it. Mist - I was fairly certain one of the pinch hitters is elim. Vapor was Village, Whysper is village.. that leaves Mist, and, imo, one of Gears, SfS or Lotus. But maybe there isn't much of a basis for this assumption. Though.. Kaladin could have been inactive. Judging by the fact that Mat took my Blade D1 (And I am mad about that, mind you! :P), it's possible that the only vote manip to have happened during the first time Ventyl was about to be lynched were Devotary and Mat/Ishar.. Hm. Well, we'll see. Whysper - Village. Stink - Village. I suppose I don't mind lynching Gears, but I'd rather people come out with some more suspicions and we have more options to choose from. Chanarach, it might be worth going off. Honestly, it'd be boring if you didn't, this late in the game
  12. I.. remember telling Fura early on that I was in contact with both neutrals, though I didn't tell him who they were. Beyond that.. I suppose you'll have to take my word for it. I'm not sure if anyone else was aware that he was neutral that early on? EDIT: In regards to Araris's other post, consider that Mat mentioned me "going to extreme lengths to pocket him", which is basically a result of me using Tension on him. Were I elim, I think I would have done that anyway, since it's a much more long-term investment than giving it to Szeth, but in that situation I wouldn't have had the slightest reason to attack him. So elim!me using Tension on Mat on the same turn he's essentially slated to die makes no sense. If I intended to kill him, I would have used Tension on Szeth. If I intended to pocket him, I wouldn't have wanted him to be attacked. It's an overall waste of Stormlight and I would have had no way of knowing he had some sort of immunity (which he did, I believe). Also, the Shaman essentially rolled the dice on that recall cause they had no way of knowing which Blade I had