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  1. I dont know about Kaladin's accent being a hick's accent, but then again Im not American, I only know the "stereotypical" accent. You might want to give it another try theres a couple of epic scenes on YT from it, I really enjoyed it I think you might.
  2. 1- Adolin, hands down, fun and easy going, loyal, great wingman, and handy in a fight. 2- Dalinar, no explanation needed. 3- Dalinar, Kaladin, Szeth. 4- Szeth, Renarin, Sja-Anat. 5- Lopen, Lift. 6- Ulim. 7- Renarin/Teft. 8- Teft, been there. 9- Syl, she’s intelligent and articulate. But seriously, Rushu. 10- Teft, again.