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  1. Started the new remake of Link's Awakening. I didn't play the original, but I'm loving it. Especially the new art style
  2. To this one he told me (no recording unfortunately) that Susebron just isn't strong enough. To this next one, I kinda lost the question note, but I asked what's up with Warbreaker's sequel and if we'll get to see Endowment (#BestShard) get a bigger role
  3. So, I'll upload the audio later, but we got a longer reading of the prologue (Sanderson said it's around two thirds of the chapter) and in it we finally had confirmation that the short dude hanging with Nale at the party is Kalak! We also got an adaptation update where he said that they're considering making SA/Mistborn to a Castlevania style animated show (This is not from a signing event. Those will happen later this week. This was just from panel with him) Edit: I've just uploaded the audio, so here are some time stamps: 00:51 - first Q&A question 00:57 - Second Q&A question 01:03 - Final Q&A question. He starts answering about the other film rights around 01:08 01:11 Prologue reading. New part starts around 01:25
  4. Started the Liveship Traders trilogy. I forgot what a difficult read Hobb's books make...
  5. Started the Liveship Traders trilogy. I forgot what a difficult read Hobb's books make...
  6. I've decided to drop the Witcher halfway through Sword of Destiny for a number of reasons. Firstly, something about the writing felr kind of off. Maybe it's because it is a translated book and was not written originally in english. Secondly, the short stories just felt pointless. There was nothing to draw me in. Not the characters, not the plot and notthe setting. And finally, most character's view of women annoyed me. So now I'm rereading WB but with the annotations this time. I'm also doing a read-along of the Silmarillion together with some friends, and it's awesome. The book was a real drag the first time I read it, but with friends and a weekly reading goal I can really appreciate the sheer epicness of the stories. I'm even more upset now that the Amazon TV series won't focus on the first age... We just finished the first age, and will start the AkallabĂȘth soon. When I'm done with that, I'll finally hop back into the Realm of the Elderlings. I've put that series on hold a long time ago in order to read WoT, but now I can go back to it at last. I need to read the Liveship traders and the Fitz and the Fool trilogies and I'll be done...
  7. This happened to me as well, but with Claude
  8. Just finished part 1, and storming rusted colors! I did not see that coming... I reallly want to try the other houses now. I managed to recruit Bernadette, Felix, Linhardt and Dorthea (the last two just happened without me even trying). I really wanted Petra nd Ashe, but I guess it just wasn't meant to be. I didn't manage to get an S in support with any of the characters, so I guess now I'll have to wait until the end? I think by then I'll be on the verge of S with half the cast... (BTW, just got Marianne's prologue, but it's a bit to late for me to make her a dancer. Flayn is my dancer instead, but she's kind of underleved, seeing as I dont really have any need to use her in battle...)
  9. Oh man, I didn't get her prologue so I didn't know that... I am working on her lance skills to make her a Holy Knight. It's the only master class she has a chance of fitting in with my build. (Well, guess I should learn my lesson and plan these things from the start... maybe in my next playthrough)
  10. I'm obsessed with Marianne as well... Claude though, I'm not giving him any kind of special treatment, but he still manages to be my strongest unit... I've actually put a bit of time into him as an archer, and he's pretty great. He's like my second highest unit levelwise. I'm playing on Normal/Classic. P.S I think I might have too many archers
  11. That's horrible. Did you not use the divine pulse?
  12. This actually happened to me yesterday. I don't think I'll avlbuse it to level up characters as that sounds kind of tedious, but I certainly will take advantage of it in bad situations...
  13. The difficulty wasn't what bothered me. It was the permadeath. Apparently it can't be changed, so I've decided to push thourgh it as is. Hopefully it won't be tragic...
  14. So, apparently playing with permadeath isn't really a good idea when it's your first time playing a strategy game and you tend to get too attached to your class... It just becomes worse, because I can't level up the class evenly because I use only the stronger characters in order to kill enemies out of fear for the lives of the weaker ones, which in turns makes the strong ones op and the weaker ones severely underlelveled. So, does anyone know how I can switch to casual mode mid-game? If it's impossible, can someone please tell me how deep I am into the story? I picked the golden deer house, and I
  15. Same here. I'm only about four-five ingame months in, but I'm loving the game