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  1. @mariapapadia thank you for the explanation. I went ahead and bought The last wish off TBD. I'm currently planning a reread of the Silmarillion along with some friends.
  2. I've been thinking about starting the witcher series before the tv show starts. Any opinions about it? Also, if someone can tell me the proper reading order (I understood that there are also some short stories and stuff) I'll be reall greatful... That last chapter was probably my favorite one in the entire series. I felt some kind of epic rytham throughout it.
  3. I tried looking for this throughout the forum but didn't really come up with anything, so I'll just ask here I need some nice short Pattern qoutes. Something that'll look good printed on a shirt, so I'd really like some help
  4. I have at last finished WoT. It as been an amazing experience, this series has been with me for nearly a year and a half. I feel kinda empty now... Anyway, I'm starting to reread SA. After that I'll probably go back and finish the two trilogies I haven't yet read in The Realm of the Elderlings...
  5. Just finished The gatherting storm and started The towers of midnight. I can't believe how clise I am to finishing this amazing series... It took me a while to get used to Sanderson's writing, but after that adjustment period I'm still enjoying the books a lot. The only character that still feels kinda weird is Mat. It feels like he became a walking joke...
  6. My current one is 'Concerning Hobbits' from the LotR soundtrack
  7. Super Smash Bros. ULTIMATE!!!
  8. I'm currently playing Celeste. It's an indie platformer and it's amazing. I'm playing it on my Switch, so I don't know the PC control scheme, but hopefully, it doesn't use the the mouse...
  9. I don't like the pokemon themself (though black/white 2 fixes that by having a ton of older gen ones), but the plot and gamplay are probably my favorite. Also, Oshawott is wayyyy better then Snivy. I started with snivy when I played black 2, in it was the only pokemon game I ever played where the starter wasn't a part of my party...
  10. I'm currently playing Undertale for the first time, and I'm not really enjoying it. Nothing in the world has ade me want to explore it, so the gsne is mostly rushing through areas for me. The story is fnit really interesting, and most of the jokes fall flat. The music is excellent though...
  11. Finally got the Dagger of Dreams. Gonna start it tomorrow
  12. You guys are getting me hyped for a book I can't yet read
  13. Finished Crossroads of twilight! Does that mean that I've crossed the lowpoint? Anyway, it'll take a little while till I'll get the next book
  14. I finished GoW. I think it kept it's momentum beautifully until the very end. It was great. I'm currently focusing on the valkyries, and those fights are amazing. Being late to the party as usual, I'm finally buying a Switch this weekend. I'm obviously going to start with BotW, but does anybody have any recommendations on what to play after? I'm kind of a RPG guy (less JRPG, but that's fine as well), but I'm willing to try sime new stuff...
  15. Me too, but my favorite so far was The Shadow Rising.