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  1. My favorite moment is when Kaladin saves Dalinar from the Parshendi Shardbearer, after going back for the army with Bridge 4. There was epic music playing in my head during that entire battle.
  2. Thank you for asking this particular question. I was particularly curious, but didn't know where to ask.
  3. Either Pewter/Pewter or Steel/Steel
  4. Interesting... I wonder if the spike holding stormlight would make a difference. Would it make it easier to hold the investiture and spren, or make it harder?
  5. You might be able to trap a spren inside of it, then you could transfer the spren and the power of surgebinding. This might make it last longer
  6. I'd like to mention that Jasnah is not emitting stormlight. Is this just a graphic effect, or does this mean something?
  7. You can use Hemalurgy to transfer Allomantic and Feruchemichal powers. Could you also use this to transfer certain aspects of surgebinding? If so, what kind of spikes would you use? Would you use gemstones? If you know of any threads that can answer these questions, please tell me. Feel free to tear my theory apart, I am kind of new at this.
  8. Sounds great. I am big on board games, so this is awesome news to me.
  9. Seeker. I feel like this suits me. I tend to freeze up under pressure (waves of coins or thugs flying/running towards you) and prefer to stay in the background.
  10. I definitely agree.
  11. Power: Shrinking/Growing Secondary: precognition Weakness: Needles Cheesy name: Addition Evil: crushing buildings like pinecones
  12. Sorry, I may have spelled that wrong. I listened to Elantris on audio.
  13. ... when you draw Aon Reo in the dirt at scout camp.
  14. Sorry guys, I was on scout camp, but thanks for the answers!
  15. The idea for this theory started when a friend of mine told me that Nightblood was eventually Szeth's Shardblade. I saw one problem with this, after finishing Warbreaker. Nightblood needs to feed off of BioChroma. This got me thinking. My theory is that BioChroma and Stormlight are very similar or the same, but are effected by the world, type of investiture, or person. An awakener might be able to suck in stormlight, converting it to BioChroma. On the other hand, BioChroma and Stormlight might not be similar enough for persons of investiture to absorb these various powers, but similar enough to power Nightblood. I couldn't find any other strings relating to this, and you can feel free to smash my theory to pieces if necessary. Also, If anyone finds a string relating to this, please tell me. Thanks, T8