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  1. Knights of Wit: Hoid forms the eleventh Radiant order.
  2. Still nothing...
  3. I sent a second attempt. Still no joy. Hope they don't think I'm a spammer when they see two entries with different names and the same email.
  4. It just had "first name", "last name" , "email" and "metro areas". No way to tell if I spelled things right.
  5. Maybe they rejected my application because I put my name down as "Necessary Eagle" instead of my real name.
  6. that was from only this site won't let me attribute quotes. anyway. I signed up yesterday, and I got nuttin' and I don't know how long the normal wait time is. Just want to check if I did something wrong before I try signing up again.
  7. I mean, there's a bunch of 'em, but I'm rather sleep-deprived from staying up too late reading Starsight, so I can only remember a few at the moment: -Why do the delvers hate AI? There's nothing cytonic about robots... is there? -Why do humans have a special connection to delvers? -Why does Spensa hear stars, but Jorgen hears slugs? -Is the delver problem, like, solved now that Spin talked to one? Or is it just that one delver that decided to stop killing? Are there individual delvers, or are they a hivemind? Are there delver politics Spin is going to have to deal with next book? -Is it true that all those rubber-forehead aliens are descended from humans, and if so what does that imply about early human cytonics? -Does advanced Cytonics by itself really bring delvers, or is that a misunderstanding/oversimplification/Superiority propaganda?
  8. My reaction, circa 5 PM: Starsight is here!? If I start now, will I finish by Reasonable O'clock? ...probably. Maybe. Who cares, I'm diving in. My reaction, circa 11 PM: er, eleven is semi-reasonable? In that it's not yet officially Tuesday? (But seriously: Wow)
  9. I don't think Listeners can pass as plausIbly human.
  10. The death of the OA emissary has always bothered me. Dusk and Vathi figure out that the machine is a trap, that they were meant to find it. Which means the emmisary's death wasn't an accident, either. The Ones Above must have somehow arranged for him to die. But how would that work? 1. The emmisary knew he was going to die. Which would raise the huge question of what about their mission he found worth choking himself for. I'm having a hard time imagining someone martyr himself for other people's profits. 2. My phone is a complete chull that keeps deleting the detailed paragraphs I've been laboriously tapping out, forcing me to sum things up abruptly instead of making eloquent arguments. 3. The Ones Above are a bunch of cold bastards who killed off a redshirt because they figured it would be easier to get away with one murder than wholesale violation of the Prime Directive. 4. Phone = storming rusting colorless deathant chull that tries to evade responsibility by autocorrecting to "chill" . 5. The emissary faked his death. Abruptly summed-up version: faking the dead when there's a bunch of people who will be desperately trying to revive you is difficult*. It's also risky because you have to survive whatever the local burial customs might be. Also they might try to cover up their theft by dumping your body overboard and swearing you fell or something. I mean, sure, they have sufficiently advanced magic for space travel, they can probably rig up something. But we know that kandra definitely are good at playing corpse. And it's widely thought that the OA are from Scadrial- which, coincidence coincidence, is where kandra are from. I'm going to cut myself off here before the Chull Phone strikes again, but what do you think? *I mean, I'm assuming. A bunch of godlike Space Dudes with the power to do Patji-knows-what if they're pissed send you an emissary, you'd probably be doing your best to send the guy back in one piece.
  11. Drifter begs to differ.
  12. If it helps any, there's a fic on AO3 where Adolin bonds him as a spren.
  13. I didn't scream out loud, but my internal dialogue was definitely all-caps there.
  14. i feel like there's a lot of loose ends we're not going to see wrapped up because of the one year gap. Sure, we'll have the aftermath, and they might be summed up in a memory or dialogue, but it's not the same as being there as it happens. Seeing the expressions on their faces, so to speak. The thing reaction shots I was really looking forward to seeing was what happens after Jasnah finds Ash and Taln. What Ash's reaction to waking up in (I assumeh) Urithiru is. What Jasnah has to say to her. How Jasnah breaks the news to Dalinar & co that she has two Heralds in custody, would they like to interview them? (Would they recognize them? Some of them saw Ash and Taln during the battle, but it was pretty busy and there was evil mood lighting).
  15. *happy dance*