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  1. let me find the most relevant quotes, first of all. So yes, that's the general impression I get.
  2. Well there was a "Dug" in the Lost Metal Prologue...
  3. Because the narration says the kandra have gotten weirder over "the decades" since they went their own ways.
  4. The most interesting Cosmere connections: 1. Apparently Saze set all the kandra free? And the implication was that this was within a century of whenever the story takes place. 2. Is Xisis Foil? 3. If Midnight Essence comes from (or is associated with) Aethers, what does that imply about Re-Shephir's nature?
  5. I've been checking the Arcanum almost every day, looking for that reading, and it's finally up.
  6. I had an epiphany about this the other day. Wax + Steris = Cosmere Batman. Because if there's one character known for being always prepared...
  7. It was an unkeyed metalmind.
  8. Problem: Sazed is losing control of his Shard because he's out of balance from trying to be more Preservation-y than Ruin-y. Fact: Ruin's signature trick was altering the written word. Solution: Make words appear. Lots of words. Lots and lots of words. Every time someone throws out a scrap of paper, Harmony can write "Saze wuz here" up and down both sides. Every time someone scribbles something rude on a restroom stall, Harmony can change it to a Pathian proverb. Alleyway graffiti can migrate from wall to wall, correcting its spelling and grammar in the process. Sazed can continue the Words of Founding-- The Further Thoughts of God on Everything, Volume LXIII-- in any discarded book. He can write the Great Scadrialian Novel. He can write the Terrible Scadrialian Novel, if that appeases his inner Ruin more. He can write fanfic for A Hero for All Ages. He can (again, if he needs to use up some extra Ruin) write disturbing, badly-spelled TenSoon-centric smutfic for A Hero for All Ages. I cannot see any flaws in this logic and I expect Harmony to start on his writing career immediately. You're welcome, Sazed.
  9. This is a very very small thing, but I find it hilarious that Harmony sometimes lets Marsh play psychopomp for real.
  10. Trillium, you say? I think you may be on to something.
  11. Would Discord produce the same godmetal as Harmony, or would the different Intent/Identity create a metal with different properties?
  12. It would be funny if Brandon throws us a curveball and Trell turns out to be, like, Endowment or something.
  13. curses! wasn't able to check the page until Tuesday night because of the Jewish holidays, I was wondering what was going on