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  1. If it helps any, there's a fic on AO3 where Adolin bonds him as a spren.
  2. I didn't scream out loud, but my internal dialogue was definitely all-caps there.
  3. i feel like there's a lot of loose ends we're not going to see wrapped up because of the one year gap. Sure, we'll have the aftermath, and they might be summed up in a memory or dialogue, but it's not the same as being there as it happens. Seeing the expressions on their faces, so to speak. The thing reaction shots I was really looking forward to seeing was what happens after Jasnah finds Ash and Taln. What Ash's reaction to waking up in (I assumeh) Urithiru is. What Jasnah has to say to her. How Jasnah breaks the news to Dalinar & co that she has two Heralds in custody, would they like to interview them? (Would they recognize them? Some of them saw Ash and Taln during the battle, but it was pretty busy and there was evil mood lighting).
  4. *happy dance*
  5. I stand corrected, then.
  6. It's a WoB.
  7. These are Skybreakers we're talking about. In terms of commitment to absolute justice, it might be a selling point.
  8. Nightblood isn't a shard, though. I think "corrupted" here probably means something a bit different from when Odium or Autonomy does it-- but who knows, I've certaInly been wrong before.
  9. Adolin reads his father's book... and has a bad several days. It turns out there's only so much you can suppress your emotions and pretend to be fine. Character study and action and drama, so there's something in here for everyone. Storms
  10. It's a real WoB. Again, can't link on my phone, but it's from November 2017, look up "red" and "investiture" .
  11. What do you mean? I didn't link to a specific WoB yet (I can't copy links on my phone)
  12. Didn't Tanavast coopt the already extant Stormfather 1.0 as the top Honor spren, transforming him into Stormdaddy 2.0? That sounds like Brandon's definition of corrupted Investiture to me. (Also it's kind of hilarious that, with all the theorizing about the Unmade being preexisting spren that got Odium'd, the only Shards that we know for sure found powerful Adonalsium spren and remade them in their own image are Honor and Culti).
  13. Might as well update this one while the thread's back up: OB pretty much confirms that Felt is a worshipper.
  14. Might as well update this one while the thread's back up: OB pretty much confirms that Felt is a worshipper.
  15. "Hey! Listen!" (Okay I know that joke has already been made, but I can't resist).