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  1. This is 2020 in a nutshell. Living vicariously through a forum to people who are watching a live video stream of a party.
  2. So the Sibling on Roshar is the collective spirit of all dead siblings in Sanderson's work?
  3. I would like to see Wit saying Monty Python's Oscar Wilde sketch: Wit: Your Majesty is like a stream of bat's shine out like a shaft of gold when all around is dark. Wit: Your Majesty is like a dose of clap...Before you arrive is pleasure, but after is a pain in the dong. Monty Python: Oscar Wilde Sketch perhaps a bit too vulgar for Brandon Sanderson though.
  4. I think Dalinar as a Bondsmith is able to bind the Unmade in the sphere. He did draw the Thrill in but I don't think just anyone with a strong connection to the thrill could do it. Still Aluminum would be potent if the unmade could not physically break the prison. The crystals used for stormlight capture could all be like Corundum aka an aluminum oxide crystalline lattice (sapphire, ruby). perhap the perfect gems have pure aluminum in a set pattern. Or maybe we can't go quite that deep into chemistry for answers.
  5. Autonomy wants to be free of other's influence, any Influence. There are several obvious ways to go about it. One is to kill or contain everyone outside of you, and the other is to encompass/convert everyone. I think we see Autonomy doing both of these. I think the short story Sixth of the Dusk gives us a reason for why Autonomy wants to stop technological advancements. A technologically advanced people travelling to worlds and interfering.
  6. I think we are going to see more about how to manipulate Investiture & Connection in Mistborn 3 (the way the Bondsmith takes Shallan's magic and makes it into a map from the Storm Father's memory, or the way Hoid uses it to make his illusion with Shallan). I think we learn some of Connection in the Lost Metal but its full definition may need a more precise stage to play upon and what better place to do that then on Sel with Forgers and Elantrians. This Investiture/Connection manipulation is at the core of mixed use of investiture. Hoid is capable of this and apparently so if Vasher. Kelsier and others will learn how to twist Investiture from one flavor to another in Era 3 Mistborn.
  7. With each oath sworn, the tighter a spren and radiant spiritweb becomes and I feel that if Dalinar is able to say the fifth oath then he will have full Connection to Honor.
  8. Taravangian's foil is Dalinar. Both are leaders who want to do the most for their people. Taravangian looks at it through the eyes of guaranteed solutions even if he has to deal with guilt. He is a fatalist and a pessimist. Dalinar believes that if everyone does their duty and tries their best then anything is possible. He's resolute and an optimist.
  9. I'm still of the belief that they are people who hunt secrets and that Kelsier is their leader, running the scheme from Scadrial (since he hasn't found out how to disconnect from Scadrial's investiture). the 3 diamonds represent the 3 realms, aka perpendicularity. Their name matches well with Kelsier's current state. Kelsier definitely wanted to know more about the cosmere so it seems like the next step for Kelsier to try to go out into the Cosmere and gather information using surrogates. He was able to get people from the southern continent to build a large temple in the cold mountains and then kill themselves to protect its secrets so he is able to create fanatics to do his bidding. He might have sent out those that he trusts to set up operations on different planets to send back Cosmere information. He would eventually have found out about Silverlight and sent people there to get more information and more recruits. Don't know if there are any WOB's that work against this theory. We will probably find out by or in Mistborn Era 3 so just wait 7-10 years.
  10. Drop the finana and surrender peacefully.
  11. No, they all start doing the Time Warp.
  12. It makes me wonder if the Recreance's cause was similar to the issues of the 3 laws of robotics from Isaac Asimov. Having oaths that depending on belief and circumstance can turn against themselves. I can see Odium orchestrating this over millennia and the Recreance as the final stroke against Honor. Honor probably saw it coming but could not change.
  13. I don't see Jasnah having much trouble being queen of a remnant of a kingdom since they are under Urithiru law most of time anyways. She is an insane work-a-holic so as long as she has stormlight to heal herself from sleep deprivation then she will be amazing in both ruling, fighting, and scholarly activities. She is actually too capable a character at this point so I feel we will see Sanderson throw some major curveball to her to up the drama.
  14. He did not trust his mind so he does not feel like he can tell someone else what to do. Nale is still mostly emotionless so ego and passion for his side would hold no sway with him, he would talk like Data does on Star Trek TNG. Next time they meet may be quite different after he finds out what the Law is under the Listener/Singer/Fused.
  15. I think Hoid's Cryptic is a lighteyed among the Cryptics, perhap a king or prince in the cognitive realm (perhaps why Elhokar was chosen). Also what do cryptics do. They work with lies and truths, aka secrets. This Cryptic knows something important.