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  1. I think we can say that humans can subconsciously hear the rhythms.
  2. God, Adolin as an edgedancer would be beast. Finesse is his middle name (see dueling.) Adolin is very much a dex based fighter (though he has a good str stat as well.) He would take to being an edgedancer with grace.
  3. I thought the whole revelation with the the shattered plains being a city covered in crem, was that it wasn't shattered at all. Like you can cut into the crem and be in a building. I thought we were waiting to find out why the city was abandoned.
  4. Have only trudged through half the pages but a though struck me. Could Renarins freak outs be him achieving the next level of his knighthood? Maybe seeing major truths is how they rank up. After his freak out suddenly the next chapter with him he has a glysblade.
  5. This states they can be Squires and maybe even Knights Radiant.
  6. So if Harmonium is an alloy of both Lerasium and Atium, I wonder if The Set are going to try to seperate the alloy in to its respective metals. Which makes sense with their motives of trying to breed allomancers, seeing as they would now have lerasium. Has anyone asked Brandon if that's possible? Those metals were lost weren't they?
  7. I hope nobody tries to swallow it, Ettmetal explodes when in contact with water.
  8. The "Lost" Metal could very well be misdirection. As for the other point, lemme start with saying I'm not the best versed on Shardic Investment on a planet. I'm not sure if creating a magic system is an automatic thing or only if they purposefully make one. I think it's the latter. I figured Trell was just piggybacking off of the Magic System already in place. Converting agents and using Subterfuge and whatnot.
  9. I dont think it will be as straightforward as this, knowing B. Have a feeling they're going to be running around half the book assuming the metal is atium, even though we have the clue about Paalm's Spike being a metal Harmony doesnt know. I kinda assumed it was another shard (Going by Trell?) in the system being there long enough to invest and create their own god metal.
  10. I'm not saying I wouldn't love to have a full shard bearer who's female. But in Vorin dominated areas I think it would be more effective for a female to only have a shard blade. Nobody expects them to have shards at all. They would be more effective as Assassins, like we've seen with Liss.
  11. I think this is in reference to Hoid.
  12. It also seems like the general view of soulcast food is it's not as nutritious. So it would be interesting to know if stormlight-infused crops suffer from this as well.
  13. I made an account just to say this one. I thought of it last time I did a re-read. Not only is Szeth an assassin, he's A-Shash-Shin. Shash meaning dangerous.