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  1. >Makes thread about gender. >Scrolls down to find picture of toaster strudel.
  2. Star Wars is bad Marvel is meh Pineapple on pizza is the only pizza The Herald of Justice is my boi
  3. DC all the way. BAErry Allen FTW!
  4. All day every day my dudes
  5. Harry Potter: Dolores Umbridge Sherlock: Anderson amirite?
  6. @Ookla the Tremendous huh. I looked for one but couldn't find any so I just made my own. Interesting
  7. I'm sorry if this is weird to anyone but I am curious to know on what makes up the community. If you are uncomfortable answering that is fine, this is just a generalization for me or anyone else who would like to know these facts. Again I am just curious as to knowing what the fandom is in general.
  8. Just something that has interested me since finishing Bands of Mourning, but if Nicrosilminds store investiture, then could you potentially gain any investiture from any shard by being in a certain proximity (or whatever defines the borders of an investitures "range") and then tapping your metal mind?
  9. A fullborn is literally a physical god
  10. @Chaos I thought those were likes whoops...
  11. How do you give/receive reputations?
  12. I think that Matt Smith would make a great Kelsier, I mean, he would definitely have the insanity and genocidal-ness down.
  13. Chromium/Steel would be a very interesting combo as you could run super quickly to leech everybody before they could react
  14. I've read all of them