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  1. One of Moash's best qualities: He'll die one day.
  2. The point is, Kaladin was having major difficulties utilizing the surges while trying to save Lirin's sorry ass. Lirin, on the other hand, had little to no contribution in this book. It seemed that his only use was to be saved by a son who he emotionally abused. Also, Lirin IS A COWARD, for he is not only obsessed with his fragile, unrealistic hope for peace, but that in the entire book, the only one he dared to be harsh to was Kaladin, who, of course would never harm his own father in spite of the latter being a huge jerk. If SA is ever to be adapted as a live action or even an animated series, Lirin will sure as hell get more hate than he is currently receiving.
  3. Although I'm fully aware that Sanderson had mentioned it's theoretically possible for one to join multiple orders.However, the Skybreakers and Windrunners seemed to have a somewhat toxic relationship due to them following different principles, and that aside, we knew from RoW that Nale was once an enemy of Jezrien's, somehow expanding the opposing status of the orders in a symbolic way. Hence, I wonder if a person could be accepted to both, is it possible to follow one's gut like Kal YET completely abide by law like Szeth?
  4. List of people deserve to meet their ends as chasmfiend dump Lirin Lirin Lirin Lirin Lirin Laral Nale Taravangian Moash Lirin supporters Honorable mentions who cannot receive this fate cause they're dead Amaram Sadeas Pursuer: for being simply boring to read about Roshone Wax's uncle
  5. I ship anyone with Kaladin so long as he/she/it is not Laral.
  6. Szeth did Roshar a great favor in killing Gavilar.
  7. But a lawyer could also twist the meaning of a law, and yes, I know Nale had done comparable stuff in order to hunt down new radiants, but that's really not the case though...the thing is, if said individual tried to manipulate a certain meaning of the law in order to save who himself and the honorspren deem innocent, would the highspren appear to be strongly oppose to this, to the point where the person would lose his/her rank as a Skybreaker?
  8. A handicapped.
  9. Lirin hater +1. Hope this emotional abusive coward end up as a chasmfiend's dump.
  10. Evil or good? Nah, he's just plain pathetic.
  11. I hope he eventually recovers and decides to teach Nale a lesson. A brutal lesson involving honorblades, that is.
  12. No, just no. Never as indulged in Kaladin's so called "character charisma" as some might be, however, even I found that Sanderson acted as if he was deriving pleasure from torturing the character with multiple issues "Well, you've somehow come around with the flaws of the social structure? Guess what? Now you'll have major mental issues to cope with! And adding to that is your father continuously trying to force you into a confinement suitable for his unrealistic morality!" Perhaps Laral's attitude in Oathbringer is understandable (though from a reader's standpoint, I honestly consider it almost unbearable), but's just the fourth book, and although the first arc of SA is about to complete, I just do not see the point in having Kaladin going back to Laral, with potentially other choices around. A large chunk of my guts wish she'd just die of old age and sickness while eventually becoming irrelevant to Kaladin, or she could just be swallowed by a chasmfiend. A more savage and whiny version:
  13. Considering how Nale easily defeated Szeth, I wonder how would 4th oath Kaladin fare against the Herald? Other than that, I now wonder if Nale is in fact the most dangerous surgebinder on Roshar atm? By dangerous I'm not regarding to the raw power as a whole, but instead only restricted in the field of melee combat or straight up fight.
  14. I don't know if the question was answered or not,but I'm really curious that whether a surgebinder can abosorb the Mist if he/she somehow worldhops to Scadrial ... Sanderson said that the investitures are basically the same,and that one can ''hack'' in different Cosmere magic systems.So given that the Mist is somehow produced like Stormlight ,I wonder can a surgebinder just takes a deep breath,abosrobs some Mist and stars using his/her abilities ?
  15. I just simply don't consider Szeth as his best when fighting Kal in the sky (WOR),I mean he talked,and talked,and taked A LOT. Also he seemed to be more interested in killing Dalinar at first rather than fighting Kaladin.And after all,Szeth is superior to Kal in terms of experience/h2h combat/tactical fighting .
  16. Fullborn With all 16 metals (steel,pewter,duralumin,nicrosil,iron,tin,aluminum,chromium,zinc,copper,gold,cadmium,brass,bronze,electrum,bendalloy) Unlimited metals (NO major weaknesses could be seen) Blood lusted Moras off Win by killing or KO Composite Surgebinder With all the 10 surges (adhesion,gravitation,division,abrasion,progression,illumination,transformation,transportation,cohesion,tension) Unlimited stormlight Blood lusted Morals off Win by killing or KO
  17. I know,Rashek got the powers from the Shard,and Fullborn is what we called people with TLR's abilities on this site IIRC.
  18. No,I actually mean Fullborn...AKA someone like Lord Ruler By metals I mean this fullborn dude has all 16 types of feruchemic objects
  19. Fullborn stomps,mismatch.
  20. Like,does she ? I mean Szeth killed her father,and in her POV chapter I don't recall her hatred toward him ....
  21. Adolin for sure.
  22. Shallan Davar Torol Sadeas Eshonai Adolin Kholin Dalinar Kholin Kaladin Stormblessed Szeth-son-son-Vallano The Lord Ruler Conditions Vin has all 16 metals and is armed with 5 glass daggers and a bunch of coins, she is allowed to use mist in round 8 Shallan is equipped with her shardblade,Pattern【with 30 minutes stormlight】 Sadeas is equipped with his shardplate and a hammer Eshonai is equipped with her shardplate and shardblade Adolin is equipped with his shardplate and shardblade Dalinar is equipped with his shardplate and Oathbringer Kaladin is equipped with his shardblade (Syl),and has 3 oaths 【with 30 minutes stormlight】 Szeth has Nightblood and Jezrien's honorblade【with 30 minutes stormlight】 The Lord Ruler has all the metals (of course) Everyone is blood lusted and wants to kill right away
  23. combat

    TLR by speculations Odium feels like the right choice Vin,Lift hardly has any impressive feat yet
  24. She has 5 min atium,and 30 minutes of metal in round 1-7.