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  1. Happy Birthday Sam!!!

  2. ah that makes a lot of sense
  3. well the least this thread is good for is boosting my content count
  4. Hey Ene yeah when I think of it which is rarely but it doesn't matter since I can still win this way
  5. HAHAHA you're very welcome tbh rickrolling isn't a bad idea though huh
  6. *loses the game*
  7. how is this thread still going
  8. I might not be around much but I'm happy to be on the list!
  9. general kenobi
  10. Oh so this is happening okay then. Time to share mine: [Borio Singaldi And The] In Which Nothing Of Interest Happens oh yeah and I had a bit of fun with the Mad Lib
  11. Halt is where it's at
  12. I'd like to see her against Scarlet Witch. I can't get over the fact that the storming Avengers was named after her
  13. *winces visibly*