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  1. So recently i have been wondering if having enough or running out of stormlight was an issue post Recreance. during the Desolations it didn't seem to me like there was any mention either way and i just am wondering if maybe they just used bigger gems or if the level of oaths made them more connected to the spiritual realm and if they were possibly drawing investiture straight from there. maybe that's why their shardplate used to glow. I just wanted to get a discussion up, I'm interested to hear everyone's opinion
  2. this makes so much sense its crazy! the bond is an agreement. and with the spren always being present with the KR there is no way that the Recreance could have been planned "behind their backs" so to speak
  3. theory

    I do enjoy this theory because if the Bondsmiths destroyed Honor then it would explain Mr.T's quote from the diagram that stated something along the lines of "hold onto the secret that destroyed the KR, it might be needed again" whatever it was that caused the Recreance i believe that it was an internal affair. I dont really think breaking the oaths would have "killed" Honor, but perhaps weakened him enough that Odium could then win. and with Honor knowing this he created the visions in his last moments before the showdown. but this is just my own speculation. Im ecstatic to find out what really happened!
  4. i was a little unclear in my meaning. with Syl being made of pure investiture and kaladin being bonded with her i feel that was were the "excess investiture" came from. renerin has never consumed stormlight (that we know of) but we know that being bonded with his spren he cannot hold a "dead shardblade" withouth hearing screams. but what im still not understanding is why is it that when kaladin touches one or renerin does theres no mention of it speaking to them? all we know is that they hear screaming.. whats different about the scene with the last clap? i feel like it stands out for a reason.. but i digress im kinda making shots in the dark here. i just wanted to share my thoughts to further the coversation, get some different opinions
  5. well in the prologue Gavalar says to Eshonni “The parshmen were like you once. We stopped their ability [to enter the?] transformation somehow by capturing a spren. A very ancient, very important spren.” He looked to her, his eyes alight. “I’ve seen how I can reverse it. A new storm that will bring the Heralds out of hiding. A new war.” to me it would seem that he is referring to what the Bondsmiths did.
  6. " Malchin was stymied, for though he was inferior to none in the arts of war, he was not suitable for the Lightweavers; he wished for his oaths to be elementary and straightforward, and yet their spren were liberal, as to our comprehension, in definitions pertaining to this matter; the process included speaking truths as an approach to a threshold of self-awareness that Malchin could never attain. " -Words of Radiance, chapter 12, page 12 does this mean that he bonded with a spren that he was incompatible with? it leads me to believe that he wasn't very "artsy" and was more straightforward and liked combat more that a typical Lightweaver
  7. i do think there was some sort of perceived betrayal by either honor or the spren that lead to them abandoning their bonds. but who's to say that it wasn't odium that convinced them of this betrayal. if not directly then through the unmade. someone had to have convinced every order that they had been betrayed. and there had to have been some truth to it. being bonded with a spren and having that kind of relationship with them, surely the KR would have asked them for the truth. or maybe they thought that abandoning the bond would protect humanity (pure speculation) i just dont know how a whole organization who have spent hundreds of years protecting people would simply give up the ability to do so just like that.
  8. My main question is that because Brandon is so explicit with his wording, what are the unmade? The very name implies that they used to be something different but were "unmade" to their current form. I find myself drifting back to what Tanavast said to Dalinar in on of the visions. he said something in reference to Odium along the lines of "he must choose a champion. hes still bound to some of the same rules" that makes me think that maybe binding Odium is only one part of the Oathpact.
  9. If the Nahel bond is similar to the gem bond in the shardblade then it would stand to reason that Kaladin may have leaked a little more investiture into the blade by simply touching it than when it was normally summoned. therefor resurrecting it a bit more than a normal summon would have. Doesn't kaladin hear syl scream when he touches a blade on a different occasion?
  10. stormlight

    Wow, this just added a whole new depth to the story.. I really want to know now!
  11. thank you @Extesian this was really helpful!
  12. i realized this as *facepalm* for a moment i had forgotten he was the leader of the windrunners.
  13. that makes a lot of sense. so because they drew their investiture from honor himself would that have made them slivers? and if its just the blades then were the heralds originally just "humans" or were they created to wield the Honorblades and therefor were given their immortality for being a sliver themselves? and while on that topic of their immortality why is it that Odium wasn't able to shatter/destroy them? something Tanavast said to Dalinar during a vision about Odium being bound to some of the same rules as he and that he would need to choose a champion and that this was how they could "get him" so to speak. im just a little confused here on why Odium couldn't or wouldn't destroy them
  14. i wasn't aware that Jezrien's blade wasn't with the shin. Did I miss something?