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    Things I spend my time doing: wasting time not doing homework, hanging out with @Tesh, reading, eating, watching tv with my sisters ( Barbie isn’t really that bad!! ) playing/ practicing percussion, singing, always singing, and generally being annoying.

    BYU, reading, anything BS but especially SA and Elantris! I also love music (band and choir). Also, spending time with friends, learning things, asking stupid questions, over complicating things, and being happy :)

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  1. Happy Birthday!

    Have some cake:




    1. AonEne


      I want that cake. 

      HB, Cel, even though you don't know me :P 

  2. @Cluny the Scourge I love those books! Redwall is great. I read them all a few years ago, I really need to re-ead them. I'm also not thirteen yet, but my bday is in like 6 days, so..... Hi @Sami! I am so glad to meet you. I actually hated the Lunar Chronicles, but thats just my opinion. My favorite Sanderson book is either WoK or WoR. I'm not sure.
  3. I don't have constant access to a spanreed, due to my present position. I am only rarely able to write. I am eternally grateful to you all, for both your sympathy, and your help. I have never in my whole life acquainted myself with such respectable, exemplary individuals.How about the Lost Legacy of Roshar? Also, Brightness Kholin, what is a PM? I am quite unused to these kind of things.
  4. I, Brightness Celia Amaram, ( otherwise known as @Kaladinwillumarryme?) feel a necessary urge to jump in on this meeting. I would also like to attend. But, I suppose it would be rude for me to intrude without sharing some details about my personal history first, as long as you all swear that you will treat all of these matters with strictest confidentiality. I am a Truthwatcher, which I found out at a very young age. I always hated my older brother, all throughout my chilhood. Meridias was 9 years my senior, and I rarely saw him until the discovery of my spren, Molan, and likewise, my use of the Surges Progression and Illumination.. After that, he realized what a valuable asset I could become. He tried, unsuccessfully, to convince my parents to let him have me trained as an assassin, to make things look like "accidents". He always was quite fond of accidents. He was furious at my parents refusal, and soon after, they died in a palanquin "accident". After that, he was my legal guardian, and henceforth, I was to be his assassin. After just a few days of training, I ran away. I was caught several days later. Of course, he was furious when I, of course, refused to do it. I must have gone too far, for he snapped, and I can't believe I actually survived the ordeal that followed. He would've killed me, but his adviser convinced him to spare my life. I used Illumination to make myself a new identity: Cel, a darkeyed young woman of the 8th nahn. He branded me a slave, and sold me. I was a slave for 3 years, before I found my way to Sadeas's warcamp, as a bridgeman. I ran away and escaped through the chasms after just a few days though, using the Surge Progression. I made it to Jah Keved, where I reside presently as Celia, a darkeyes with brown hair who is currently serving as a servent in a Brightlord's estate. I would like to meet with you because I need help. I must get revenge on my brother, and I must avenge my parents. I feeI as if you can help me. I will meet you in Urithiru on the specified date. Sincerely, Celia Amaram
  5. Yeah, I agree about the coach. He will probably get more used to the team this next year. i was sad to lose Mendenhall though he was great. Also, i miss Taysom Hill! We needed him.
  6. @StrikerEZ, that is so cool! I am a percussionist, and I was in honor and all-state band for my area, and received an award at all-state. As such, i think it's awesome that you also are involved with music, i think music is an amazing brain-developer and helps build good character. @Silverblade5, I didn't mean to imply anything, i don't take offense that easily @Ammanas, I actually am REALLY nervous about getting in, I have heard it is amazingly hard. I am willing to do anything it takes to get in. It's cool that you went there. Do you watch their sports? I love watching their football, basketball, baseball, basically any BYU sport. I actually know @Tesh Kholin's birds, they don't like me that much, but they're still fun.
  7. @Sunbird I don't live in Utah, and actually, @Ammanas, i didn't graduate from BYU, I'm only in middle school. My parents are both alumni, and so is all of my family for generations back, I want to go there too. @Silverblade5, sorry! As I said, i don't really know what I'm doing on this website. how do i move it to that forum? Also: 7. I am the oldest sibling, which is totally both a blessing and a curse at the same time. Any other oldest siblings can understand. 8. I am always obsessed with things, like MAJOR obsessions. First it was Cinderella, the Star Wars, the Harry Potter, then Percy Jackson, then Lord of the Rings, the Marvel, then Sanderson (I think the last one will be a life long thing, not just a few years )
  8. 1. I am a weird mix of a tomboy and a girly-girl (e.g. I love makeup, shopping, and talking about boys, but I also love hiking, watching sports, etc.) 2. I am a TOTAL DORK!!!! I love books, music, and spending time with friends. 3. I am somehow totally talkative, and totally shy and outspoken at the same time, depending on who I'm with. 4. I know like absolutely nothing about computers/phones/online/dark magic/things/stuff. 5. I always (literally always) have a different song stuck in my head. Like, I doubt there has ever been a moment in my whole life where I don't have a song playing in my head. Often, I sing/hum it, because I just can;'t help it. (e.g. right now I have best day of my life by american authors stuck in my head.) 6. I am way to emotionally attached to fictional characters (especially Cosmere ones) Wayne is my soul mate! Respond with other things about you!
  9. Thanks, I will re-read those. I guess I just need to be more observant of those things.
  10. Thank you all so much! I would love to hear more about that. And I guess I must have forgotten about the drums with the Parshendi.....
  11. I haven't, but I will. Thanks for the suggestion!
  12. Thanks, I definitely agree with you. I am normally to shy to speak up for things like that, and it always means a lot to see someone who agrees with me about the importance of the arts. They are a big determining factor in any culture. I just wish there would be a main character who was a musician.
  13. I know this probably sounds dumb, most people think music is a waste of time, but I wish there was more about the music of the culture in Brandon's writing, especially in Roshar. I think a main character who was a musician, or any details at all about it would be great. I mean, I know there's musicspren, but you never really see them. Is there a Calling for music? I;'m not sure, but I wish there was. It would make some characters more relatable, to me at least.
  14. Thanks, she's a lot of fun.