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  1. No. All events and actions take place precisely as dictated by the creator, Brandon Sanderson.
  2. Why, specifically? Is there a duraluminum fueled sooth/riot on a human shown in the books? It's obviously an advantage, particularly if Kal is on one of his despondent streaks, but why would that amount to her "win condition"? The effect isn't permanent and Vin still has to do more damage than Kaladin can heal with stormlight before the effect wears off.
  3. Rounds 1 - 3: Advantage Vin Kaladin has no shardblade, pewter is effectively plate, and Allomancy appears to have more staying power than stormlight. Kaladin is mostly just a threat in close quarters while Vin can attempt to wear him down at range, although Kaladin's increased speed mostly counters this. Duraluminum that Vin has an easier win condition by supercharging an attack and killing Kaladin before he can heal/recover. Round 4: Major advantage Kaladin Kaladin's win condition is ridiculously easier to obtain with a shardblade. A longer fight still favors Vin but unless they're in a city with metal buildings for Vin to rapidly ping-pong herself away, Kaladin will get into melee range. Round 5, Unlimited Metal/Stormlight: Kaladin, no contest Unlimited healing + instant kill > Vin
  4. Why does this unknown Sibling have to be the one that powered Urithiru? Do we have a WoB to that effect? Presumably, the only "sibling" that we know to not have been powering Urithiru was the Stormfather. The function of the Urithiru mega-fabrial seems to be specifically designed to cultivate life at the tower. What if the "sibling that withdrew" didn't withdraw particularly far an settled at, say, The Valley and the unknown 3rd sibling is the one to which Melishi was bonded.
  5. I don't expect a new cast of heralds, I'm thinking we'll get one (Kaladin) and the scenario will be: "You need how much time to stop this once and for all? Then that's how long you will have. It should be easy compared to enduring Shallan's puns."
  6. Normally we see awakening turning the object they drew color from into grey, but when Susebron does it the objects turn white. Is that just because of the ridiculous heightening he is at? ...or is it a Tide ad?
  7. Atium and the speed thing we saw Sazed/Marsh do. Kaladin is Bruce Lee with a spear and a speed boost - if you react to what he's going to do in a couple seconds then what he's going to do in a couple seconds will change. If it comes to close quarters combat Kelsier is going to burn through his atium just to stay alive. Unless Kelsier is using the stored speed thing, in which case Kelsier wins without atium (assuming he can land a killing blow before that runs out). I like how Sanderson writes precognition in the Reckoners - it's an edge, but manageable to overcome. Superspeed is an "I Win" button.
  8. At one point the Stormfather tells Kaladin, "Men ride the storms no longer." Which seems to indicate they did at one point, so I doubt it's unique. Adhesion is defined as the surge of pressure and vacuum, so all Kaladin did during the highstorm is create a high pressure bubble. There's not really any reason yet to believe that isn't part of the standard windrunner kit.
  9. You're making it difficult for me to maintain my irrational and unsubstantiated hatred of the substance in the Cosmere.
  10. We're going to build the wall, and make the voidbringers pay for it.
  11. More like, "I can't tell whether or not this is satire and at this point I'm too afraid to ask."
  12. First, I acknowledge that I am heavily biased towards Kaladin and know nothing of post-death Kelsier. That said... ...doesn't investure resist investure? Kaladin should be immune to soothing so long as he has Stormlight, right? How much precognition does Atium give? I'm not so biased that I think Stormlight enhanced speed will win out there but it should at least dull the effect somewhat. It does me no good to know a bullet is coming towards me if I am physically incapable of moving out of the way in time, or if I am fast enough to move but there are a lot of bullets Sylblades so that I can do little else but dodge the OP insta-kill-sword. And Kaladin's win condition is a heck of a lot easier to obtain than his opponent's.
  13. I'm hoping is anything other than aluminum. I work in a fabrication facility that deals primarily with aluminum tubing so any time I hear aluminum referred to as anything other than the most obnoxious substance in existence I die a little inside. Not to mention that I am surrounded by literal tons off the stuff so hearing it referred to as "rare" thoroughly kills my suspension of disbelief.
  14. I've been leaning towards, "I will allow some to sacrifice their lives that others may live."