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  1. Considering that another theory I've read was that book five ends with the destruction of Roshar and a mass migration to Nalthis...
  2. Nah, I'm biased as hell towards Stormlight Archive and even I'm going to give that fight to a Fullborn 9 times out of 10. 10 times out of 10 if they're too invested for an Elsecaller/Lightweave to soulcast from a distance. But arguing about things that don't actually matter is fun. What am I supposed to do now? Get off my butt and organize the garage and basement like my wife's been asking me to for months?
  3. We've also seen Kaladin using a helm in the arena where he was able to keep it from shattering. It's reasonable to conclude that a Radiant can keep their Plate going longer at the expense of Stormlight. The question then becomes if the Mistborn with Atium do enough damage to deplete the Radiant's Stormlight before their Atium runs out. Doubtful, seeing as Kaladin was keeping the helm intact against shardblades which is reasonable to assume do more damage per hit against Plate than pushed coins. They can also make their shardblades into literally any weapon yet all the leftover blades are swords. Standard equipment against Thunderclasts/Fused need not be standard equipment against Mistborn. If you aren't fighting anything that can really punish you effectively and consistently for having a visor slit, like a Mistborn with Atium could, then there's no reason to specifically avoid it at the expense of diminished vision. I've looked through those stupid plastic "glasses" that have a bunch of holes in them. Can I see? Sure. Would I pick those unless absolutely necessary? No. Speed wins all but that's why I think an Era 2 Steel/Steel Twinborn wipes the floor with a full Radiant to the same extent that a full Radiant wipes the floor with an Era 1 Mistborn. Atium isn't an "I win button" like a shardblade hit is - it shows the paths available to the "I win button" if it happens to exist. I don't reject that Atium will show the Mistborn a path where they score a hit on the Radiant. I reject that Atium will show the Mistborn a path where they score a hit on the Radiant and not take a hit in the process. Future-sight only shows what's physically possible, and a full Radiant's abilities put a serious limit on what is physically possible for a Mistborn to do to them. I think all Atium will show the Mistborn is how to not die until it runs out and their eyes get burned out. Not sure where this is coming from. Unless I missed something no one is suggesting giving the Radiant any abilities that can't be reasonably explained as naturally available to the Radiant. Outside-the-box application of presumably existing abilities is in no way comparable to "lulz, give them the Elsecaller Honorblade. gg ez." Pretty sure that's exactly what we are doing. We're going to disagree here, but if we're going for a "base" comparison as you say it's supposed to be then I'd say it's reasonable to use Mistborn from when they were naturally occurring (Era 1) with the metals that were commonly known and naturally occurring at that time. If we did assume an Era 2 Mistborn then they don't get Atium but an Era 2 Mistborn wouldn't need Atium anyway since it's not unreasonable to give an Era 2 Mistborn Medallions and F-Steel is brokenly OP. With Stormlight speed, Plate, and Blade, I just don't see a Mistborn winning. Pretty much ever. A Duralimin enhanced Pewter Punch might shatter a plate section (and be rebounded in the process) and then their eyes get burned out. A Mistborn in melee with a Radiant is a dead Mistborn.
  4. More like shore up their only weakness against a Mistborn. And if we assume that Plate is at least somewhat as configurable as the Blade then there's no reason a Radiant with knowledge of a Mistborn's capabilities wouldn't make their helm have many small holes instead of the usual slit. Same advantage as the "shardglasses" previously mentioned except now the Radiant still has their I-Win-Button available. Against what's essentially someone with A-Pewter, F-Gold, partial F-Steel, regenerating armor, plus whatever surges they have? The only thing a Mistborn is using Atium for is to stay alive. Not compared to a Radiant, they can't. All the future-sight in the world wont let me win a boxing match/knife/gun fight with a self-repairing tank unless I have a rocket launcher in my back pocket. For a Mistborn that would require an environment where they have enough to push/pull to overwhelm the Radiant's defenses as well as sufficient anchors for this purpose. In such an environment there's almost no way for them to lose. Without such an environment there's almost no way for them to win. Somewhere in the middle we get an insanely entertaining fight.
  5. Nah, the sky is Kaladin's. Kelsier is just a kangaroo on steroids by comparison.
  6. Because I'd say the answer depends on the precise amount of Atium and Stormlight are in play. Do they have enough Atium to dodge the insta-win shardblade while dealing enough damage to deplete Kal's Stormlight reserve so he can't recover from a fatal wound? Yes - Atium user wins No - Kal wins
  7. No. It's not enough to simply know which way the Radiant will dodge, it's knowing which sequence of events will eventually lead to a vulnerable opening. Against Radiants, Kaladin in particular, Atium wont let the you throw a dagger at range and "always hit your mark". We know Windrunners at least get a considerable speedboost from Stormlight. That's likely true for some or all of the other orders. In order for the Mistborn to use Atium to perform one attack successfully against a Radiant that action needs to occur faster than the Radiant can react, "checkmate" the Radiant, or overwhelm the Radiant. Option 1: Atium will show the Mistborn that a future where they throw their dagger and hit the Radiant's eye doesn't exist so the Mistborn wouldn't waste their dagger in the first place. Option 2: Atium would show the Mistborn the series of events that they would need to do in addition to throwing the dagger to hit their mark. Option 3: They're in a metal scrapyard and that's one place the Mistborn probably wins without even needing Atium. I think the combat oriented Radiants at least are fast enough that Atium will only be useful to show the Mistborn how to keep themselves alive. The Mistborn might be able to see a few moves ahead but the Radiant gets two moves to their one. I'd give an Era 2 Steel/Steel Twinborn much better odds against a Radiant than an Era 1 Mistborn.
  8. No. All events and actions take place precisely as dictated by the creator, Brandon Sanderson.
  9. Why, specifically? Is there a duraluminum fueled sooth/riot on a human shown in the books? It's obviously an advantage, particularly if Kal is on one of his despondent streaks, but why would that amount to her "win condition"? The effect isn't permanent and Vin still has to do more damage than Kaladin can heal with stormlight before the effect wears off.
  10. Rounds 1 - 3: Advantage Vin Kaladin has no shardblade, pewter is effectively plate, and Allomancy appears to have more staying power than stormlight. Kaladin is mostly just a threat in close quarters while Vin can attempt to wear him down at range, although Kaladin's increased speed mostly counters this. Duraluminum that Vin has an easier win condition by supercharging an attack and killing Kaladin before he can heal/recover. Round 4: Major advantage Kaladin Kaladin's win condition is ridiculously easier to obtain with a shardblade. A longer fight still favors Vin but unless they're in a city with metal buildings for Vin to rapidly ping-pong herself away, Kaladin will get into melee range. Round 5, Unlimited Metal/Stormlight: Kaladin, no contest Unlimited healing + instant kill > Vin
  11. Why does this unknown Sibling have to be the one that powered Urithiru? Do we have a WoB to that effect? Presumably, the only "sibling" that we know to not have been powering Urithiru was the Stormfather. The function of the Urithiru mega-fabrial seems to be specifically designed to cultivate life at the tower. What if the "sibling that withdrew" didn't withdraw particularly far an settled at, say, The Valley and the unknown 3rd sibling is the one to which Melishi was bonded.
  12. I don't expect a new cast of heralds, I'm thinking we'll get one (Kaladin) and the scenario will be: "You need how much time to stop this once and for all? Then that's how long you will have. It should be easy compared to enduring Shallan's puns."
  13. Normally we see awakening turning the object they drew color from into grey, but when Susebron does it the objects turn white. Is that just because of the ridiculous heightening he is at? ...or is it a Tide ad?
  14. Atium and the speed thing we saw Sazed/Marsh do. Kaladin is Bruce Lee with a spear and a speed boost - if you react to what he's going to do in a couple seconds then what he's going to do in a couple seconds will change. If it comes to close quarters combat Kelsier is going to burn through his atium just to stay alive. Unless Kelsier is using the stored speed thing, in which case Kelsier wins without atium (assuming he can land a killing blow before that runs out). I like how Sanderson writes precognition in the Reckoners - it's an edge, but manageable to overcome. Superspeed is an "I Win" button.
  15. At one point the Stormfather tells Kaladin, "Men ride the storms no longer." Which seems to indicate they did at one point, so I doubt it's unique. Adhesion is defined as the surge of pressure and vacuum, so all Kaladin did during the highstorm is create a high pressure bubble. There's not really any reason yet to believe that isn't part of the standard windrunner kit.