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  1. Hey all! Since reading the epilogue and being horrified/intrigued at what Vargo!Odium did to Hoid, another question has continued to plague me. Why on Roshar did Hoid meet with Rayse!Odium ~1,000 years ago? We’ve seen Hoid speak about the potential destruction Odium could wreak upon him. Hoid seems genuinely troubled by the possibility through the series thus far. So, given this, what lead to their meeting a millennia ago? Why did Hoid risk this meeting? What did they discuss? How did it go? I wonder if it took place near the Recreance, though this depends on timeline stuff. If it did was Hoid away of the impact of the B-A-M capture and was thus discussed? I honestly have no idea and perhaps the meeting meant nothing, but it stood out to me and I had not seen anyone discuss it thus far (apologies if I missed it!) Let me know what you think! Am I crazy and reading into something... or was this meeting important and something we should be focused on? If you have any theories or ideas, I’d love to hear them!
  2. Hey guys! I'm super excited to share with you my latest tattoo, the Immortal Words from these amazing books which I love soo much! I'm so happy with how it turned out, and I couldn't wait to share it with you all!
  3. Ahhhh sorry! Need to read things more clearly. Not awake enough for this.
  4. Whilst I agree with Aemetha that being in the promximity/zone is important, I suspect that it also has something to do with the squire also needs to believe in the Radiant's Ideals. For example with Bridge Four, they each strongly believe in the protective ideals of the Windrunners during their time as Khloin bodyguards. As Ytsken says, Vathah is like Shallan in that he perhaps felt he was living a lie. I could be totally wrong here, but something about that feels right to me... though I'm not sure exactly how that works perfectly for other orders right now.
  5. I really like this idea. When the Fused were being described in the book I thought of Nightblood being a way to stop them continually coming back. On the other hand though, the idea of Odium's forces getting Nightblood scares me. I imagine Nightblood would be just as capable of doing severe harm to a Herald as well. Or to any of our Knights Radiant. We know that Vasher/Vivienna/Nightblood were mostly written for Oathbringer, so I can totally see him doing some harm on both sides of this conflict eventually.
  6. Hey guys, a few months back when I first joined the Shard I put this question out there in the Cosmere Questions forum: After the epilogue of Oathbringer I grew super excited as something I thought of actually happened in the books (it's a storming rarity!). So, naturally, I'm pretty keen to discuss this. What I'm interested in discussing is: what does this mean for Hoid? How will this restrict him in terms of his worldhopping? We know he appears in MBE2, is the Cryptic with him then? And if so, how easily did he manage to take the Cryptic with him? Further questions I have would be things like: was it a long term plan of Hoid's to develop a Nahel bond? Or was it a "I simply need to stop the Fused getting it" kind of decision? I live in Australia so I won't get the chance to see Brandon anytime soon. But if you will see him and thus interests you too, please ask him about it. Lastly, I am really excited to potentially witness Hoid telling truths to his Cryptic to further the bond. I feel as though we may truly get some information about the elusive being. Plus... potential Hoid shardblade eventually?!
  7. It would make for an amusing interlude. I could just imagine Hoid looking at this spren like... "Oh no, why are you doing this?" (Except with more of the Hoid eloquence we love). In fact I'd be curious to see if any of the Radiant Orders aligned with Hoid's views on the world... but maybe that's the topic for a theory rather than just a question.
  8. Hey! Thanks a lot for those responses, both very helpful. I didn't really consider the restrictive nature of the nahel bond (probably should have!). Makes a lot of sense. I think the reverse idea is interesting, if some spren do identify with Hoid and what that could mean. Probably nothing, but doesn't stop me wondering about the concept. Youre definitely right about easier methods of obtaining surgebinding. I look forward to seeing how Hoid approaches this, especially after Brandon said his role will grow in the series. Anyway, thanks for answering guys, I really appreciate the ideas and opinions on the subject
  9. This is very upsetting... Hopefully you'll be able to cross paths with him another time!
  10. @Darkness Ascendant hey! I'm in country NSW, Wagga Wagga, so I'll trek up to see him over the weekend. I'd love to meet some other fans of Sanderson... I'm slowly influencing my fellow readers into the Cosmere and thankfully they are falling in love with it. Awesome! I'm already thinking of questions to ask too! If I pick up anything he says that you may have missed I will definitely pass it on to you! Or anything he writes as part of a book signing I'll take a pic of it and post it on here! @King Cole he is appearing at Supanova. The Sydney event is Friday June 16th to Sunday June 18th but on his guest page he's only appearing Saturday and Sunday. Brandon is also going to Perth and the dates for Perth are Friday June 23rd to Sunday June 25th. Pretty exciting. The last time he came was 2012 I think (I could be wrong!). I had only just tried Mistborn then. Now being a Cosmere addict, I can't wait to meet him!
  11. Hey guys, has anybody asked Brandon about Hoid and whether or not any of the spren are paying attention to him or vice-versa? I can't find any relevant WoB's in my searching. I imagine Hoid, who seems to be collecting different magic abilities, would be highly interested in having a nahel bond, giving him access to surgebinding. if anyone has a relevant WoB or information on this it would be highly appreciated
  12. @Delightfully Smoak He is making appearances at Supanova in Sydney and Perth in June. that is his guest page. There's not set event schedule yet (*cue irritated sigh*), but he is doing general admin Q&A's, plus signings and photos, both Saturday and Sunday. I plan on going to Sydney 'cause, likely, it'll be my one chance to see him amongst a long, long time. I've learnt to be wary of these hemalurgically-infused baked goods... The notion that their being passed around in baked goods makes me wonder if coeliac's are more susceptible to hemalurgy though.
  13. Hey All! I go by Comby and have (finally - after much lurking!) decided to create an account so I can interact with the wonderful Sanderfans A big push for me to create an account was the fact that Brandon is actually coming to Australia very soon! I am really excited that I may have the chance to meet the man who raised the bar for fantasy writing in my eyes. Plus... you kinda need an account to interact, so if I'm going to meet Brandon and maybe ask some questions, then it helps to have an account to share anything I gain from that opportunity. Anyway, I look forward to joining in some of the awesome discussions you guys have! Comby