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    But here is a riddle to guess if you can, sing the bells of Notre Dame: What makes a monster and what makes a man?
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    Lover, what have you become? Coal cars and oil drums, warehouse walls and factory floors. I don't know you anymore. And in the meantime up above, the harvest dies and people starve. Oceans rise and overflow. It ain't right and it ain't natural.
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    Reading, number one. I also love writing, musicals (such as Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Hadestown, and Hamilton), birds (I have a budgie named Kaladin), and have I mentioned reading? I also like history, skiing, dragons, and want to learn how to use a longsword. Have I said reading yet?

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  1. So apparently I'm on tumblr now.


    We'll see how this goes, I guess.

  2. Guess I'm doing this now too. Yayyyyyyyy 1,000,000 postssssssss!!!

    The image I put behind the symbol is what my pfp has been for the last few days, and I'm keeping it like that in part so I remember to change it back to that when this is over because I storming love that picture.


  3. Oh look. I'm back again.

    I'm a slackerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    Y'all should go listen to Hank Green songs. 

    Also I put in my two weeks for my job yesterday so hopefully in the future I'll be on here more regularly and also will no longer be failing English. 


    I'm currently reading The Anthropocene Reviewed for a third time, The Catcher in the Rye (which I'm really liking, actually), and I still haven't finished reading Lord of Chaos even though it's been about a year and a half since I started reading it at this point, but we don't talk about that. 

    And October (AKA national novel planning month) is coming up and that's scary. So yeahhhhhhh. I need to get back into writing more... And I need to enter more writing contests! *Tesh noises*

    Maybe I'll do Inktober and just do a bunch of low-quality stick figures. That could be fun.

    And Kaladin is doing well. He's just molting again.

    Y'all should read The Anthropocene Reviewed.

    And always remember... Sneezing is not normal. 

    Wow I just remembered that for a while back when I first joined I'd sign off status updates by saying "May Honor be with you."


    1. Ed Venture

      Ed Venture


    2. Doomstick


      I never sneeze

    3. Tesh




      Sneezing is abnormal.

  4. "And can you really be sure of this?" Then again, Talnic had trusted all of these people who had somehow fallen into this mess of a quest... So why not the child? Because he just came back from the dead, and never shows his face. He glanced at Ni, but then turned his attention to the others. "Wait, what?" Talnic said. "On the other side of what?" he demanded, spinning to face Gal. "And if the portal will close after the sun rises, how will we get back here?" He followed the man out of the door, his mind whirling with all that had happened in the last thirty seconds and his sudden and total loss of control of everything. Things had gotten so big and far more important than they ever had before. The fate of the world?
  5. "And why are we pressed for time?" Talnic asked.
  6. Talnic stopped dead. The young boy stood before him, looking a little damp, but seeming very much alive. "Are we sure he's actually alive, and that this isn't... necromancy or some other sort of magic? Or that this isn't an impostor of some sort? It'd be difficult to spot a replacement considering how silent he is and that bag," His eyes didn't leave Ni as he asked his questions. It felt a little pointless to address them directly to Ni due to his infrequent speech, but he didn't feel he would have been able to trust the boy's words even if he had felt like he might answer.
  7. Talnic's eyes shot open, and he stood abruptly and began sprinting towards the voice, which was coming from the general direction of the library. He rounded a corner and slid through an open door into the library. "What is it?" he asked, eyes wide, ready to face whatever had prompted the shouting.

    I'm confused.

    And now my beautiful 16 days is gone.


    Well, thanks anyways! :P You guys are seriously awesome.

    Oh and look! I'm on the Shard! It's been a busy few weeks, which is why I haven't been on at all for a while. Hopefully I don't just disappear again in the future... I'll do my best. 

    1. Knight of Iron

      Knight of Iron

      Welcome, welcome!

      probably you won the day because it was a dead day on the Shard or something. 17 Ian better anyways.

    2. Matrim's Dice

      Matrim's Dice

      Yeah, I'd say 17 days on the 17th Shard is pretty good anyway :P 

  9. I propose that we make this the new Rick Roll.



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    2. Knight of Iron

      Knight of Iron

      You rickrolled us whilst proposing the new rickroll... wow.

    3. JesterLavorre


      The link is a rick roll, isn’t it? :P

    4. Matrim's Dice

      Matrim's Dice

      Yeah ok that was smart :P 

  10. Gahhhh. Haven't posted here in a while... So I just got back from a fairly short backpacking trip this afternoon. It was just an overnight thing, we only went about nine miles, nothing very special. Finally I got home, and it was great. I caught up on a couple texts I'd missed, and stuff like that. I was about to head into the shower when a friend of mine texted me and said that the AP scores were out. So in an instant, I went from pretty dang exhausted but also pretty content to really on edge and kind of excited. I'd known that I had passed the test. I didn't doubt it. I just knew that sometimes when I take tests and feel like I did well I end up... not doing well. Or I could have done really well, which I felt like I had. I looked it up, and I had gotten a five. It took me about five minutes to stop shaking. So then I called my mom to tell her my score. She's a teacher and so was at my school and told my math teacher from last year, and both were super happy and enthusiastic about it. And then right after that my mom told me that I wouldn't be able to take this class that I wanted to next year. I had taken this class last year, but it was AWESOME. And it changes every year, and I would love to redo a lot of those activities, plus I have two really good friends who are also taking it this year, where last year I literally knew no one in there. But I wouldn't be able to get credit for it, because I'd already taken it. That wasn't a concern, though, because I do well in school and almost have enough credits to graduate as it is. So my councilor said she could make it work, most likely. So I was worried about that all summer, but I thought that it would happen in the end. But then a few days ago she emailed me and said that I had to pick a different elective because I couldn't get credit if I retook this class. But then I told her that a couple months ago she had said that she could make it work. So she said that she would see what she could do. And guess what. I can't take it because 34 other people are already in the class. I can't take it even though it was my first choice of elective. And so I went from exhaustion to elation to being thoroughly depressed, all in about ten minutes. (There are other reasons I'm really upset about not being able to take that class, but the fact that I should be taking it is the biggest one at the moment.) So I took a nap. On my floor. And when I woke up I realized my sister hadn't fed my bird while I was gone and that he was starving. And then I also realized that I hadn't been paid yet, even though my payday was yesterday. So at this point, I don't even care at all that I got a five on the AP test. I'm too tired, too sad, too overwhelmed, too anxious, and too mad to even consider trying to be happy about it. And it's also about 80 degrees outside and I have a very low tolerance for heat so I just feel all-around miserable. So there's that. *sigh*
  11. I'm almost done with my, uh, *cough* seventh *cough* reread of Oathbringer, and I really don't know why Brandon says his prose isn't very good.

    It's wonderful. 

    I storming love it.

    It's gorgeous, especially in scenes with heightened emotions of any kind.

    Even in Mistborn and stuff, it's great prose.

    Maybe it's not super intricate or anything, but that lets the focus be on the characters and the story and stuff instead of on the writing itself.

    Anyways, that's my random thought for tonight.

    Also. I want more of Jasnah and Renarin's relationship please that'd be awesome, thanks.

    Hopefully, if we don't get that in the next book, we'll get it in the second arc.

    Ahhhh only six more Stormlight books! Only one left of the first arc! 

    Mmmm I love the Cosmere.


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      hehe sure

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      Well, Jasnah and Renarin are two of the main characters in the back half so they storming better get some scenes together. :P 

  12. Sometimes I forget KotC was a thing. It is a little painful to remember sometimes... *shudder* HAPPY STORMING SHARDIVERSARY!!!


    you may now resume your regular Sharding :P

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      You've got this. 

    4. Mist


      You too! *hugs*

  14. I am good with whatever. It would be best if I didn't start it, but I can if needed.
  15. "help i just poked my screen with a bean" -Salad