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  1. I always carry around my book. And right now it's Mistborn, so we will see what happens.
  2. When this makes you feel deeply lonely... And when you meet someone in creative writing who says their favorite books are the SA, and you just stand there gaping and saying, "You've got to be kidding," for the whole minute you are supposed to be spending introducing yourselves. And because of that, I've been too imbaressed (that's spelled wrong) to talk to that particular person again. Also, when your friend has a friend who read SA, and keeps asking her questions, AND YOU WANT TO TALK TO HIM SO BADLY BUT YOU ARE INCAPABLE OF HAVING A CONVERSATION WITH SOMEONE YOU JUST MET!
  3. When you are rereading TFE, and (sort of half spoiler). Also, when you're constantly running around saying, "Onward! To glory and some such nonsense." (Sebarial, WoR, I'm pretty sure).
  4. Me: I love Hamilton. It's written so beautifully, and it's so emotional...

    Charles Lee: I'm a general! WHEEEEE!!!

    Me: Sometimes.

  5. Thanks for following me! ^_^

  6. All i can really say that hasn't been said before is the dog. The dog seems to have a close connection to the man, but then seems to disappear after the man puts the leash on.
  7. *gasp* It's awesome. I saw it in Salt Lake last summer. The chandelier spit sparks... You should listen to the music, (original London cast, Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman) and/or (preferably and) watch the 2004 movie. (Gerard Butler, Emmy Rossum, and Patrick Wilson). This is why I'm so lonely...
  8. When you keep wanting to call Michael Crawford, Michael Krammer. Luckily, even I can't mix up Sarah Brightman and Kate Reading.I When you realize your obsession with Phantom of the Opera is beginning to verge on rivaling your obsession with the Cosmere, and you are experiencing a very serious internal crisis. Save me from myself. When you send your group chat a picture of your two shelves of Sanderson books, and your friend responds, "You have a shrine worshiping his books," and you respond, "I worship all my books, his just more than others."

    My brain is a strange place.


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    2. AonEne


      Okay, how's this? @Tesh



    3. Tesh


      You're awesome.

    4. AonEne


      Aw thank you ^_^

  10. Is anyone else hardcore obsessed with Phantom? Anyone else agree with the fact that Love Never Dies sucks except for the music and Ben Lewis singing the music? The book is so storming awesome. 1990 anyone? Charles Dance is one amazing phantom, but I don't much care for the plot. Gerard Butler is awesome. Emmy Rossum was sixteen when she got the role of Christine! And she did awesome. I want the 1916 adaptation. Anyone heard anything about it lately? And has anyone seen the actual 1925 version? I've personally only seen the 1929 hodge podge. But still. Lon Chaney. Please tell me I'm not alone.
  11. Too Five Musicals of All Time

    • Phantom of the Opera
    • Newsies (The movie. Just don't mention the Broadway play. Please. It hurts).
    • Dear Evan Hansen
    • Wicked
    • Hamilton

    Just wanted to put that out there. :D

    1. Mistrunner


      hey hey now what do you got against broadway newsies?

    2. Firerust




      • Phantom of the Opera
      • Les Miserables
      • The Adventures of Tom Sawyer; The Musical
      • Dear Evan Hansen
      • Catch Me If You Can; The Musical
    3. Tesh



      1. The music is better in the movie.
      2. The plot is way better.
      3. I like Les more in the movie.
      4. Santa Fe.
      5. Jack isn't an artist. I found that part of the play just downright weird.
      6. Denton.
      7. Sarah.
  12. We could say that people could still join near the beginning, but i doubt think we should let people join when we are about half way done. But if we do what we did at the end of 2 and let people into the PMs to catch up, that'd be a good idea. Or we could just put the link to the docs on here, and let people ask questions in the comments about it. @Firerust, it is "open registration" right now. I'm just going to close it off before we get to the climax. Unlike last time.
  13. Aaaaaaand I'm going to be gone again. I'll be back Monday ish.

  14. We're finished with #2!!! Once the third one actually starts, we're not going to let anyone else join until near the end. I'm going to use the next few weeks to get the member information up to date. If you want to join, you have a few weeks to speak up. Once we decide on a specific date, I'll post that on here.