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  1. Probably which ever had the reserves. If both do, than probably the one with the most.
  2. WARNING! IMPROPER USE OF LEGIT! Legit= legitimate TLM is going to be legitimate? Yes, it will be. It's also going to be awesome.
  3. When you have had two dreams about Brandon coming to your school. When your dream is to go to the fourth MB release.
  4. Uh... Thanks?
  5. Thanks, but no. I've been spiked once, and that's enough. And it was just in my role play that had nothing to do with the Alleyverse.
  6. Hey, can i get in? TUBA hasn't been doing anything lately, and I'd like to do something.
  7. And the third Bondsmith down is the Sibling. I don't know much about it.
  8. When you got @Cel a B4 t shirt for her birthday. When you can say Rock's name. (Still working on the spelling).
  9. All. The. Time. If live to go to Germany, honestly. I'm part German, and I'd love to learn to speak German, which is a little weird here. I took a few short little lessons, and i can now read a little bit, (hardly any) and can speak even less. When your tuning your banjo and wish you had perfect pitch. Same goes with timpani. And trumpet. No joke. I'm learning banjo, and an relearning trumpet, and i do percussion in my school's band. When you need to stop writing such long replies to everything people say!
  10. I don't even have hundreds of dollars. It might not be the best thing to try until i find some other people, preferably at my school, who play. Until then, I'll stick with collecting books, hotel pens, bouncy balls, rubber ducks, and rocks. Thanks for the advice, everyone. I'm going to stick with being a professional mancala player. (I play against myself. I also play the version that no one knows about. The actually fun version, though i know the most common one too. I like being alone). When you have 39 Cosmere related things hung up on your wall around your room, all but one traced by hand. (This is a common symptom of having way too much spare time, or of procrastination, or both. Or possibly not having enough books to read).
  11. What should i start with?
  12. When you're mom asks you if you see Wit again, (she's reading tWoK) and you just start laughing. Also: I just found some Magic: the Gathering cards in my local Walmart and was wondering if it's worth starting to play, and if so, where to start. (The only one i know of who plays, though, I'd my cousin, and i only see her every other month or so).
  13. I didn't read Warbreaker until after WoR. The connection between the two isn't actually important until the end of it (and you're just fine without it) and OB, really. But I still freaked out when I (WB and WoR/OB spoilers) I. Can't. Wait. For. Storming. Fall. I need season six!!! Urgh! Ene, you have cursed me!