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  1. Ayalin laughed. "That's ironic. I love reading, writing, and I've fenced for years. Although I've been trying to find a way to learn how to use a broadsword. But I think we're going to get along just fine." A rustling in the alley, only caught by the enhancement of tin. Aya swore, pulling out a handful of coins, moving slightly in front of Nym. A man stumbled out of the dim alleyway, seemingly drunk. He grinned at them, lurching forward. Aya glanced at Nym for a moment, then Pushed one of the coins right into the man's thigh. Aiming was almost easy at such a close range. The man bellowed, falling to a knee. "We should probably run for a block or two," Ayalin said, backing away from the man. "He should live. But still." She tried to ignore the fact that Nym had just seen her use her abilities. She'd deal with it later. Aya turned and jogged away, hopping Nym had the sense to follow.
  2. Nym and Ayalin just walked out of the school, exchanging very few words. It was getting awkward, and Aya didn't really appreciate it. As they were walking down the street, Aya kept tapping her pocket with her metals. "Well, uh, what do you do for fun?" Ayalin finally asked. Better to stab herself in the foot then let the silence strangle her. @Ookla the very snazzy
  3. Ayalin let out a soft sigh. "Nice. Starbucks, then? I'm pretty sure there's once a few blocks away." They started walking down the quiet halls, the voices of the teachers muffled by their doors, and only passing the occasional student. @Ookla the very snazzy
  4. Ayalin laughed. "I hate math with a burning fervor," she said with a little sarcasm. "Which stinks as I'm fairly good at it. But, it is what it is," she shrugged, smiling. This girl truly did seem nice, in the quiet, reserved way. Much like Ayalin herself. Even just the small talk was making her feel... Less alone. "I never do this, much less ask someone i just met, but-" Ayalin paused. It was stupid. It was all so stupid. She was never going to have a friend like herself, and that was fact. You're never going to if you don't put in the effort. "Want to ditch? We could go get some hot chocolate or something." She wanted to voice her hopes, but pushed them down, not wanting to weird Nym out. @Ookla the very snazzy
  5. "I'm there quite a bit, actually. That must be it... Occasionally is more often than most people." The silence seemed almost eerie, and she sidestepped slightly to be out of view from the window on the door of the classroom in front of them. Ayalin had never missed a class on purpose before, but she didn't really mind. She just didn't want to get caught. And it was, after all, gym. She didn't mind it, but still. It was gym. No one was likely notice she was even gone except the teacher. "I take it you don't like your next class, either?" Aya remarked, leaning against the wall.
  6. "I'm Ayalin. And i don't really sing." Ayalin thought back, trying to place the girl's face. "Do you spend much time time in the library? I'm there a lot, and i see a lot of people come through there." That might be it... Nym seemed like the type who could sit in the back of a room and no one would generally notice her. @Ookla the very snazzy
  7. Ayalin was slowly wandering her way through the halls towards her final class of the day, fingers drumming against the book she had in one hand, and her eyes darting around the hallway. Her other hand occasionally patted a pocket, feeling the comforting shapes of the few coins. Pewter burned softly inside her, ready to flare at a moment's notice, and all of her other metals ready either within her, or in small vials in her other pocket. She was always watching the people around her, trying to find... Something. Someone like Ayalin herself, perhaps, but more likely someone who just... Fit. She'd never had a true, solid friend who understood her before. Just her. Not her books, not her strange views or her quirkiness. Just her. Two minutes to the bell. Aya spotted someone. She was walking, head down, a little tense, eyes occasionally darting up. Aya had seen her before, but they had never spoken. She strained, trying to come up with the girl's name, but got nothing. She shivered, thinking of just starting a random conversation with someone out of the blue with nothing to say. Stealing herself, Aya walked up beside the girl, offering a small smile, fingers still tapping the book. "Um... Hi. I was just... Well, you look really familiar, and I was wondering where I knew you from. What's your name?" Ayalin cringed, knowing full well of her lack of social fluency. @Ookla the very snazzy
  8. True... True... High-speed whacking and pecking. But still... Terror.
  9. Terror. Complete terror.
  10. When this hurts your soul... Shallan could write a song about it, and Hoid could accompany with his flute.
  11. No. It's actually a jar, and I used paper and yarn to make it look like Kal.
  12. For some reason people think it's weird that I dig through the recycling things in my classrooms for bottle tabs. I mean, it's for chainmail! How is that weird?


    Today I was doing that during lunch, and one of my friends told me that I was stealing from the teacher (who we all know pretty well) so I asked her, "Do you want these bottle tabs that I stole from the trashcan?" and she instantly started laughing and I think she almost fell out of her chair.

     She didn't want them back.