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  1. Honestly, I have no idea. I have this really good friend I've known since I was seven, and she's one of those people who is friends with everyone And everyone tells her about their problems. I mentioned this specific personality test when I was doing all my research on it, and she told me about her friend. This might have been eighth grade, though, since she was in high school....
  2. The reason I said that is because i know someone who knows someone who, based on her results, decided she should drop out of high school as a sophomore. I don't know what came of that or how she got to that conclusion, but... Yeah.
  3. Why didn't i find this in seventh grade? I went through this phase where I did extensive research on the MBTI, and it's SO INTERESTING. I'm an INFJ, by the way, although i have a few traits that would fit the INFP category. Some things I learned: The scores are determined using percentages. If you get a percentage really close to 50 in any of the categories, look at both that personality type, and the one where the precentage is really close flipped. For example, if you get I (75%) N (75%) F (80%) J (56%), read the page for INFJ and INFP. This isn't a scientific test. It was created by a mother-daughter team with no science to back it up. However, the majority of the time it's super accurate for a lot of people. The people who don't for into any one grouping might fall smack dab in the middle of two or three personality types. People like putting themselves and others in groups. There's obvious ones, like race and gender and religion, and we use these to understand ourselves as well as other people. (I'm not saying this is bad, it's just super interesting). I think we do this to help ourselves process the world and people around us more easily, and what our place in life is. We shouldn't rely on these types of tests at all, really, but it's super interesting to see how we use them and apply them to ourselves and others, right next to these other things like race and gender and religion. Those are just some random things I've learned or thought about over the past few years in regards to the MBTI. But seriously, don't rely on these tests for anything, really. They aren't scientific, it's super easy to get whatever result you want by just knowing what the different categories are, and they can cause a lot of issues. They can be super fun to analyze or to just take for fun. I'm not trying to dismiss that. Just be aware of how seriously you are taking your results.
  4. Wow! Apparently I hit sixty followers. 


    Thanks, guys! 

    That's sixty one people who get notifications whenever I post one of these...

    *evil laughter*

    Can you tell it's really late here again? 

    27 days until RoW!

    I'll attach a picture of this thing I made with some brush pen things I stole from my sister. This is the extent of my artistic ability. The picture is poor quality, as I took it on my Kindle, which is probably about five years old at this point. Why'd i make it? I dunno. It looks kinda cool, though, I think.



    Oh, and I'm planning on submitting a short story to an anthology in December. I haven't written it yet (and NaNoWriMo and RoW are going to make it difficult to squeeze in), but when I do, would any of you be willing to offer some feedback? It'll be less than 6,000 words. I got into this anthology last year, and it'd be great to do it again.

    1. Condensation


      Ooh, it looks like the inside of a highstorm to me. If you were, say, inside the eye or something. I don't know if a highstorm has an eye, but it should.

  5. Well, I guess my middle school experience was just particularly awful. I mean... I actually have friends now! It's great that you guys are enjoying it, though. Stay positive!
  6. You know, that's really accurate. And we'd never hurt you. Hurting people is bad.
  7. I know for a fact that I was one reaaaaaaaally annoying middle schooler. (And... Middle schoolers who end up in the high school for one reason or another can be really annoying. And freshman. A lot of freshman are really annoying too). Middle school sucks. I think that you can complain... The middle schoolers here are obviously children of culture, after all. And all of a sudden I feel really old... But at the same time REALLY YOUNG. I'm a sophomore. It was only three years ago that I was in seventh grade, severely depressed, had no friends, and was all around miserable. But at the same time, it was three years ago. I'm gonna say this, then leave you children to discuss middle school. It'll get better. It might be good right now, but it probably isn't. No matter what, things will change, and there will be good things ahead. New friends, new hobbies, a new stance on life. Be smart, and things will get better. It might take years. For me it was eighth grade when I found my friends. It might be when you're fifty. Hang in there.
  8. *sigh*

    I hate it when this happens.

    My mind is so full of information... Don't do history homework for four hours before going to bed.

    I'm thinking about Saladin and Ashoka and the Byzantine Empire and the Momluk Turks and the Samurai and how they moved from straight swords to curved ones and how their armor is made from leather and about Japanese feudalism and China's influence on Japan and how Japan was attacked by the Mongols twice and about Chompa rice and the Grand Canal. (Sorry for any misspellings. Did I spell misspell right? It looks weird). 

    Yeah, we're transitioning from China to Japan in history.

    And yes, it's nearly one in the morning.

    Yes, I'm eating a bagel.

    Yes, I have school at 6:30 in the morning. (Seminary)

    Yes, even if I go to bed now and then miss seminary I'll get almost no sleep.



    Shoot. Now I'm thinking about RoW, too. 

    27 days...

    There are a solid three status updates in a row with nothing in between. All of them are really weird.

    Back to reading my book...

    My bagel is gone now, too, so that sucks...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Tesh


      That's the most amazing thing I've ever heard.

    3. Lunamor


      He was an awesome teacher, though no teacher alive has the skills to get me to learn how to make a semi-decent pot. I got a whole lot of pity As in that class :P

    4. Tesh


      I have tried doing things like pottery before... It's really hard!

      I'm not a very visually artistic person, though...

  9. 30.



    Rhythm of War!!!


    I made one of those paper chains to count down, and it's slowly getting shorter!

    And my Bridge Four poster will get here tomorrow, so I'm super excited about that, too. 

    And RoW!!! Yay!

  10. Two things.


    How do you pronounce Siri?

    Is it, "Hey Siri, how many days until November 17th?" 


    "Look at poor Sigh-Rye over there. She can't go riding into the sunset and forget all her problems."

     Or something else?


    Book advice.

    I just finished rereading Frankenstein (holy crap it's so good) and am currently reading Lord of Chaos and a short story anthology. Ignore the anthology.

    And I really want to re-read the first trilogy Mistborn again. 

    My bird's being super weird right now, by the way.

    Do I continue reading Lord of Chaos and try to finish it before November 17th (I'm about halfway through), or kind of read it in the background and try to re-read MB before November 17th (which I can easily do)? Or do I do one, and if I finish it do the other? Thoughts?

    Bonus question.

    Male or female bird? I'll be getting Kaladin a buddy soon. Males are super fun, make beautiful chirping sounds, and don't bite super hard. Females make these sort of squawking noises, (guys, Kal is talking to a piece of paper right now (actual words, by the way)) and hormones can be really dangerous. (Egg laying). They can also bite to the point of drawing blood. But I am fine with all these issues and know how to deal with them. 

    What do you guys think?

    For names, if it's a boy, I'll probably name it Spook, and if it's female, I'll probably go with Syl or Vivenna depending on colors.


    Thanks for reading this super random thing! I'm just really indecisive.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Tesh


      Well, that was my intention! :P It's down as April first for a reason.

      And I've decided if I get a blue male, it'll be Spook, but if it's green he'll be Pippin. :)

      In regards to gender, I guess at this point it just depends on where I get them. I've been talking to someone who has four chicks right now, but I also know somewhere else I could go. I could also rescue.

      Thanks guys!

    3. Rosharan A.C.

      Rosharan A.C.

      My pleasure.

    4. Tesh


      I'm glad you find pleasure in responding to a status update as weird as this.


  11. You can change that in your settings...
  12. This has completely derailed. But yes, Studio C (up to season eight) is amazing.
  13. As they say in Studio C, turn them into horcruxes so then they at least have part of a soul!
  14. *snort* This has been much appreciated.
  15. Um... Plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. We convert oxygen into carbon dioxide. And we need oxygen to live... I didn't know blue eyes or red hair was a mutation! That's really cool!