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  1. I'm going to be gone until Monday. :)

    1. AonEne


      Why is there a smiley face when Tesh leaving is a sad thing?

    2. Tesh


      Plans changed. I'm actually leaving tomorrow. 

      And a smiley face because I'm coming back really soon.

    3. AonEne


      That makes more sense. :)

  2. I'm going to be gone for the next eight days. Talk to you all later!

  3. I just add people as they join, explain some basic things, ask if they have any questions, answer them, then remove them from the PM. After their first comment i add them to the other PMs.
  4. I'll add you to the introductory PM, if Ene hasn't added you to the others yet.
  5. I finally got around to reading Gaston Leroux's Phantom out the Opera! I finished it today and loved it. I recommend it to anyone who likes classics that involve ghosts. It's also way different from the musical, which i love.

    My thoughts on some adaptations:

    Andrew Loyd Webber's 1987 adaptation is amazing, as previously mentioned. I love the play, and the 2004 movie. (Although there are a few things about it that are annoying, like his mask not covering the whole deformed area of his face, and it never mentions Erik's name). 

    I have seen part of the TV adaptation from the 1970's, I believe, and it was just cool. Some of the lines are just so dark, and appeal highly to my writer soul. It's cool. (The first half that i watched is on YouTube).

    Then the 1925 adaptation. The first adaptation. It's the one that's the closest to the book. There is no sound, but I found it really entertaining. It was really well done. (Guys, Lon Chaney, the guy who played the Phantom, did his own makeup). I'd actually highly recommend this one, even though it's so old. It's really good. I found it on Wikipedia under the page for the specific movie. 

    Thanks for reading this little piece of randomness. :)

  6. I'll add you to the introductory PM.
  7. When you wish Surgebinding was real...
  8. Instrumental music (AKA movie soundtracks) is better than "regular music." This does not include some Broadway musicals. The Phantom of the Opera, for example. Harry Potter is full of inconsistencies and weird little... Things. I still like them, but they are way overrated. (Read Sanderson books instead)!
  9. May is mental health awareness month. Last year I posted a post that highlighted several different mental disorders, and where i talked a bit about my views on mental health. I'm going to take a different approach this year. Thanks to my experience last year, I learned that a lot of people on this site are dealing with mental illness, whether in themselves, or in their family members, or in friends. I personally have dealt with depression, anxiety, and something called derealization. I have been experiencing derealization since February of last year, and my anxiety and depression have been results of that. I know this might be difficult, but I encourage you to share your struggles with this. Either dealing with them in yourself, or someone you know. This is something we can't hide from the world. The world tends to ignore people with mental illness, often attributing it to specific causes that we can change. (Which we can't). People say that it's not a big deal. They're wrong. I'm sure almost anyone here will support you in your struggles, no matter what they are. I know that what i have gone through is nothing compared to other people. I know i will never understand. But I will stand by all of you. I'd also encourage you to change your profile picture green for this month, the color for mental health awareness. (I lost my original profile picture, so if I change it this month, then change it back, it would be a horrible quality picture. [Insert longer explanation here] I am sorry about that, but there's some green in it)...
  10. The porcupine can fling spikes at people!
  11. When you wish you had enough wall space. (Ugh! Sorry for the double post)!
  12. Every single time. Then i put the books in order.
  13. Only four spikes? Honestly, I thought you guys were more ambitious than that.
  14. When you go to look at a Brandon Sanderson section in a bookstore and realize you own all off the books they have. And I wanted to buy the paperback version of OB just because of how big it is.
  15. "What took you so long?" "I got distracted." "For two hours?" "There were books involved."