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  1. Happy biiiiiiiirthday!!!!!

    Hbd GIF by happy-birthday - Find & Share on GIPHY

    1. Tesh


      (That's not my actual birthday, but thanks anyways). :D

  2. Ow. My heart.

    I finished my Warbreaker reread. Within almost exactly 24 hours.

    All I shall say is this- it is a lot better than I remembered. (And it helped that I sort of knew more about Vasher and Vivenna and just the Cosmere in general).

    Well, and I'll also say this- I love all those characters so much! Last time I only really liked Vasher, and I hated Vivenna, but now those two are both awesome and everyone else...

    And my brain hurts. I'm going to go to sleep. :D

    1. DoomStick


      I know that feeling

  3. I do this with every person I meet, after they have answered whether they like reading or not. Occasionally i get a yes, and then try to talk to them about it, but all I generally get is an, "oh, I liked it," and then that person avoids the topic of books at all costs around me. My cousin (who introduced me to the books) is the only major Sanderfan I know in person. (Eh. Maybe a few of my other cousins, but the two of us are by far the most obsessed). I'm working on a girl in my creative writing class, though, who's read Stormlight. I'm sure that was a much lengthier thing than anyone wanted. So, as a result of my Warbreaker reread: Whisper quietly about changes in color. Post signs telling people to stay away from a black sword. Run up to random people, look super nervous, and give them your Breath.
  4. When out in public, what are some of the best ways to find other Sanderfans? (My contributions) Swearing the oaths very loudly while staring up at the sky. Throwing coins at people you deem dangerous. And if course, using words like storms and rust as curses.
  5. Elementary school was when i was obsessed with Percy Jackson. I knew every little thing about that series and so did my friend. Harry Potter was a close second, then followed by Septimus Heap and The Alchemist series. And i need to re-read all of those... My friend and i would always get together and make our own stories and stuff. She was always Annabeth and Hermione, and i was everyone else.
  6. Thank you all so much! This is exactly what I've been needing! And my library is still currently open, so I'll have to stop by and stock up!
  7. I know that there are some other threads like this floating around, so sorry about that. But I have some specific requests. I have been trying to find good fantasy lately that is, well, good. I'm currently reading tWoT (book 6), and just need a good list I can refer back to when starting something new. I need some solid recommendations that are nothing beyond tWoT content wise (as Brandon says, mature themes without mature content (I think)), are well written, don't focus too much on the romance aspect of the story, and are just awesome. Preferably with dragons and swords and stuff. It's super hard to find solid fantasy in the YA genere that doesn't have a huge focus on the romance, and most of them that I have read lately have had the same sort of feeling to them. (There are some exceptions. I love Six of Crows, and Fablehaven is amazing, even though Fablehaven could arguably be children's). So YA, adult, even good children's fantasy. (Only if the children's fantasy is leaning a little to the dark side. Beyonders, Happenstance Found, Septimus Heap, etc). Oh, and science fiction. I love Ray Bradbury's stuff, and have recently read some old Sci-Fi short stories and LOVED them. So... Thanks!
  8. Authors- you can say you hate them, but still get along with them just fine.

    And a random writing prompt: The Cream Cheese Debacle of 1905.

  9. I believe they used to be limited, but that was changed a while back, probably sometime before i joined.
  10. "Um, yes." Ayalin took a hesitant seat on the couch, trying to sit as far from the woman as possible without looking like she was doing so. @Ookla the very snazzy @Dr. Dapper
  11. I just got this thing for my two parakeets, (it's a thing i set on top of their cage with perches and toys) and it's freaking them out. They've been flying around my room squawking and just now one of them finally went up to it and started biting it. 

    Crazy birds.

    1. Nathrangking


      They are possessed by the thrill!!!

    2. Tesh


      Or possibly spiked. :)

  12. Ayalin grinned. "Yes, I'd like that very much." She wasn't alone. "There are more people like me? People with these abilities? And who are you people?" What else was going on in the world behind the scenes, hidden from view? And what had she stumbled into? @Ookla the very snazzy @Dr. Dapper
  14. A sloth in a bucket whom i named Lirin. My contacting someone asking if they'd like to join TUBA, but not realizing they had been spiked by the DA. Nothing came of it, though. And no, I do not remember that. And yes, these are a little strange. It's been a long time...