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    But here is a riddle to guess if you can, sing the bells of Notre Dame: What makes a monster and what makes a man?
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    Lover, what have you become? Coal cars and oil drums, warehouse walls and factory floors. I don't know you anymore. And in the meantime up above, the harvest dies and people starve. Oceans rise and overflow. It ain't right and it ain't natural.
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    Farewell my fallen idol and false friend. We had such hopes and now those hopes are shattered.
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    I cannot believe what I am hearing! A great discovery is near. Lesser men may wait behind, paralyzed of heart and mind, but I am not afraid to dare! We'll change the course of history, please see beyond your petty fears. I was once a dreamer, now I'm man's redeemer! We're on the verge of new frontiers! She's going to be perfect! God is here on earth! I am the modern Prometheus, bear witness to her birth!
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    Look around you! I have found you cannot tell, by lookin' at the surface, what is lurkin' there beneath it! See that face! Now, I'm prepared to bet you, what you see's not what you get - 'Cause man's a master of deceit ! So, what is the sinister secret? The lie he will tell you is true? - It's that each man you meet in the street isn't one man but two!
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    Death doesn't discriminate between the sinners and the saints, it takes and it takes and it takes. History obliterates, in every picture it paints, it paints me and all my mistakes.
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    On the north-east tip of North America, on an island called Newfoundland, there's an airport. It used to be one of the biggest airports in the world, and next to it is a town called Gander. Welcome to the Rock if you come from away. You probably understand about a half of what we say. They say no man's an island, but an island makes a man, 'specially when one comes from one like Newfoundland. Welcome to the Rock!

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    I genuinely don't know where I am.
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    Reading, number one. I also love writing, musicals (such as Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Hadestown, and Hamilton), birds (I have a budgie named Kaladin), and have I mentioned reading? I also like history, skiing, dragons, want to learn how to use a longsword, and am currently learning how to use a French smallsword and (theoretically) how speak Welsh. Have I said reading yet?
  1. Wow.



    June 30, 2017

    It's been a while.

    I'm still really really grateful for all of the connections and friends I made through tKotC. Everyone was just absolutely delightful to interact with, and I honestly miss it. But I definitely don't have the time to revive it right now.

    But yeah.


    1. Frustration


      I miss tKotC

    2. Tesh


      It was a party, that's for sure...

  2. From the album I drew some stuff

  3. From the album I drew some stuff

  4. From the album I drew some stuff

    Hollow Knight stuff again? After all this time?
  5. From the album I drew some stuff

    I just think he's cool.
  6. From the album I drew some stuff

    That's my thumb.
  7. From the album I drew some stuff

    I got a new phone with a MUCH better camera. Soooo these pictures will all be a lot better after this, but for now this is the only one. I may go back through and retake all these but that's a task for another day.
  8. This is so niche and I love it so much.
  9. I started a tumblr blog for my art! It'll just be Owl House and Hollow Knight for the foreseeable future, though eventually I'd like to figure out how to draw other stuff. :P

    This is my inktober stuff.


  10. Considering the game that your PFP is from, as well as your current rank...

    Are you a Hollow Knight Radiant?

    *runs away and hides in bush*

    1. Tesh


      *bursts from the clouds in a giant moth costume*

      *epic music begins to play*

      M a y h a p s

  11. I just barely read all your contact methods with all the musical quotes and I freaking love it. Very much approval :P.

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    2. Tesh


      MSN is from Down Once More in Phantom and it's my favorite line in the entire musical. Except maybe "The Punjab lasso, monsieur!" but that's just cause I'm a huge nerd and I love the book. 

      ICQ is from The Modern Prometheus in Frankenstein which is SUCH A GOOD SONG AND I LOVE THAT MUSICAL SO MUCH AHHHH.

      You should listen to it. :)

    3. DramaQueen


      ...yeah ik you keep telling me to...

    4. Tesh


      It's easily one of my top three musicals, next to Hunchback and Come From Away. 



    Just finished Thanks to Them.

    I'm no longer even remotely emotionally stable.

    I'm torn between absoulte joy and love of this show and every single one of these characters and the people who worked on this show and a burning hatred of Disney because those cremlings shortened the season so fricking much and AHH.


    You all should watch The Owl House.

    It's my absolute favorite show ever.

    I love it a lot. 

    If you can't tell by my drawings. :P

    1. NerdyAarakocra


      Some of my friends want for me to watch that show.

      Could you give a basic plot summary? Thanks! (no spoilers cause I might watch it)

    2. Tesh


      Luz the human feels super out of place at school, doesn't have any friends, and keeps getting in trouble for being weird. So her mom decides to send her to a summer camp that will help her learn how to fit in. However, after an owl steals her favorite book, she follows him through a portal into the demon realm, however it's "not the PG fantasy world [she] imagined." 

      She proceeds to befriend a cranky old witch who's a known criminal and a smol little demon and they start going on adventures and she meets new people, does fun stuff, and AHHHH so good.

      It has found family, it has humor similar to Gravity Falls, the first season has a bunch of fun slice of life episodes, season two gets deep into lore and plot and really fun stuff like that. 

      There's also a ton of queer rep! Luz is also cannonically neurodivergent! 

      Genuinely my favorite show ever. I love every single character so much, and the lore and plot are so cool.

    3. NerdyAarakocra


      Thank you! I'll probably watch some of the episodes over Thanksgiving.

  13. From the album I drew some stuff