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  1. I know that i said that i was coming all the way back. But i have decided that I'm going to leave the Shard. This is for personal reasons only. I will leave right after the Knights of the Cosmere's second role play ends.

    This hurts, but it is what it's best for me. I'll be gone in about two weeks.

  2. Update: We are almost done with the current role play. If you are interested in joining, I'll add you to our conversations, and you can begin actually role playing in #3. We will only be letting a few people in. There is no set number, but probably no more than ten. If you join, we expect you to participate. We have had people join who just randomly left with no warning, and people who didn't post at all. If you need to leave, we understand, but we would prefer to have some notice. And if you aren't going to actually write anything, there's no point actually joining. If you don't want a big part, that's fine. If you just want to write the parts of some side characters, we can do that. Thank you, Tesh
  3. When whenever your friend (fellow Sanderfan) texts you something stupid, you send her that one picture of Szeth with his face in his hand.
  4. Okay. So, I came up with this amazing first line three-ish years ago. (I don't know what woke me. The gunshot, the screaming, or the pain). This amazing story started forming. But my pacing was terrible, and i couldn't figure out why. Finally, after listening to several episodes of WE, I figured out that i had two problems. One: not enough bad stuff was happening. Easy enough to fix. Two: I needed to get rid of two of my characters. The ones i named after my cousins. Those two characters are in over half of what i have, and removing them will result in me basically having to rewrite the whole thing. (It's only around 23000 words, but it's the longest (and best) thing I've ever written). So i was wondering if anyone has any tips for getting rid of these characters, or anything. (Oh, and does anyone have any idea how to saddle a horse)?
  5. When you get bored and list the names of all of the orders of the KR in the back of your science notebook. I forgot what the Skybreakers are called. I kept wanting to call them "Skywards" for some reason....
  6. Tesh, you up for writing the next scene where you, Cole and Diona run into Rathil and Sam in the main hall?  You should definitely note the pending structural issues with the fortress as Rathil noted in his POV.  Even better, you could add in the Koloss finding all of you for a nice touch :) 

    This is the last thing I need to happen for me to make a re-appearance, and then MAYBE we can finally wrap up things in this RP soon.

    1. Tesh


      Do you haven't left...

      Yeah, I can do that. Ugh, I need to check in on here more often.

  7. I mentioned Fiji because i watched the Truman Show a few weeks ago. And then someone read my mind!
  8. MERRY CHRISTMAS! And that's not true. I do look back fondly. But i am glad i left. (Sorry). All of you guys are amazing! And i went to Fiji.
  9. I can see Willshaper and Stoneward, but not really Windrunner or Skybreaker.
  10. I remember that now. I think that's almost exactly what it is. I wonder what orders they would be in... We need to learn more about the mind sets of the other orders in order to make a better guess. I'll look into it after i re-read Warbreaker. If I can get around to it.
  11. First off, this is my first post on the forums since MAY. Anyways. Are you honestly going to make me choose? Those three are some of my favorite Cosmere characters. But I'm really excited to learn how Vivenna and Vasher got seperated, and how they lost Nightblood, and then how Nale got him, and why he decided to give him to Szeth... And where else has Vivenna been looking for Nightblood? In Oathbringer, it only specifically mentions her wanting to find Nightblood, but i can't remember wether there were any suggestions of her wanting to find Vasher.
  12. Well... Hi.

    I've been secluded in my own role play for long enough. I'm going to get slowly come back into the fourms, now.


    Hi, everybody!

    It's really weird posting this.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Ink


      Welcome back! What else are you going to be doing on the forums? (Theories, games, roleplays, other?)

    3. AonEne


      Tesh on the forums? :o Yay! ^_^

    4. Tesh


      Theories, questions, learning...

      I'm going to try to avoid the games, though.

      But I am back!

  13. Probably which ever had the reserves. If both do, than probably the one with the most.