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  1. NaNoWriMo- Day 12

    Still going way strong! Still have an average of just about 2,000 words a day! I should be reaching the 50% mark tomorrow! Haven't missed a day yet!



  2. When you're listening to your Disney playlist and Go the Distance from Hercules comes up and you suddenly have the mental image of yourself in a mistcloak running down the street while singing it. Also, when, after you finish your HoA re-read, you text your friends saying, "All my friends are dead."
  3. YKYASW the previous conversation just happened.
  4. Oh yeah. That was rough, by the way. I'm really lucky i survived. Only problem is that it was a shardblade. I can't use my left arm anymore.
  5. I haven't worn them frequently since sixth grade when i first read Mistborn.
  6. When you try to decide which of the three references you can use in this scenario. It's actually Ruin, though.
  7. When you now have an empty hole inside yourself because you are no longer reading MB... And now I'm imagining Sazed singing Empty Chairs at Empty Tables. But i have to finish the other book I've been reading for months!!! Anyways. Save me from myself and the voices I hear in my head... Please...
  8. When you just finished your Era 1 MB re-read, and you can't decide between Era 2, Warbreaker, or Skyward to re-read next. (Gotta finish Fires of Heaven first, though).
  9. Sorry for two status updates in a row.

    Just felt like sharing the reason I was crying today.

    I just finished my re-read of The Hero of Ages.


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Tesh



      I just feel bad for some reason.

    3. AonEne


      Well, you don’t need to feel bad. It’s fine :P 

      You should probably change your sig though, before the overlords get mad :P 

    4. Tesh


      It's actually shorter than it used to be.

      I'll take a look at it, but since i really don't post too much anymore, I'm not very worried.

  10. NaNoWriMo- day 6

    I'm actually still going really strong! I've been doing about 2,000 words every day, and I am 25% of the way to my goal of 50,000! So I have room for a slacker day or two, if i need it. 

    This is so much better than last year...

  11. I also have one wearing a havah with a cryptic on it. It doesn't look as good. When you need suggestions for more things you can do to your profile picture.
  12. Okay, I have finally decided what my favorite movie is.

    It's How To Train Your Dragon.

    Honorable mentions:

    Newsies, Phantom of the Opera, Aladin, Hercules, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Secondhand Lions, and Stardust. Although I think The Book Thief belongs in there, too.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Firerust


      You've seen Stardust and you love it, aaaaaaaa

      This is a good thing.

    3. Tesh


      Super good soundtrack, too.

    4. Firerust



  13. When it's FINALLY the weekend and you decide to stay up really late tonight and finish your re-read of tHoA. I'm just about halfway through.
  14. I just need to announce this to the world.

    SHADOWS4SILENCE IS BACK!!! (His username is now @SocialRetrobate).

    If you didn't have the opportunity to know him before he left for a while, you should know that he is both an amazing person and a phenomenal writer.

    So welcome back!

    1. (S4S) - SocialRetrobate

      (S4S) - SocialRetrobate

      Glad to be back. Thanks for the shoutout!

      *tips fedora*

    2. Rebecca


      Wow, it’s already been 2 years? Hey S4S! Though I guess you’ll need a new nickname now. :P

  15. NaNoWriMo people!

    *mutters about not being a great writer but needing to practice and how this is probably going to fail*

    I'm going to be writing a retelling of the Grimm fairy tale The Twelve Brothers, which i outlined a while back. I hope this lasts longer than last year...

    1. Rebecca


      Retelling of The Twelve Brothers, huh? Sounds cool! Good luck!

    2. Tesh