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  1. I think it would go from the roots to tips, but generally fast.
  2. It would probably would try to kill you thinking your evil
  3. Have a Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you get wonderful Cosmere gifts.
  4. Have a good Christmas Eve everyone.
  5. Dalinar: You could be fire!!! Evi: But I’m not a stick!!! post your bad stormlight jokes
  7. I would be Third Of The Early Morning
  8. So today in class one of my friends said he sexually identify’s as a mailbox. So a split second later I said at least you are a male. Safe to say the class got a good laugh.
  9. That’s a real good costume
  10. Hello I really enjoy listening to your podcast it really shine some light on things, or shows me thing I’ve missed while reading. I started reading Cosmere books about 2-3 years ago and have not stopped reading since. I am up to date on all the Cosmere eagerly waiting for Stormlight 4.

  11. I was with my group getting ready to storm a castle full of orcs. Three people from my group snuck inside the castle and me and a other guy were outside with a squad a troops. So we decided to put shields and a cart hook it up to a ox and ride it in. We also put shields on the ox. I was on the ox and the other guy was in The cart like a chariot. We broke down the door and I rolled the highest so when we broke down the door I one shot stabbed a orc with my spear killing it. We one, plus the ox lived
  12. Dungeons and Dragons !!!!!!!
  13. Hey thanks for visiting my page

    1. AxeliustheGreat


      You're welcome. 

  14. I think we should get membership cards from the 17th Shard .