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  1. Yes. Beirst does not need to activate their ability. IP address is flavor. Temptation works under the basic assumption that you are using your role to do something good for your faction. Temptation's power makes it do something good for the Spammers instead. It will not always do the same thing at the same time. It only affects abilities that you have and are using, but it can bend or even reverse the ability. A doctor might kill their target, or poison them so that they have to be healed every turn to survive, or they might just be unable to save the target. It is technically up to us. We made a list before the game started of how this role affects every other role. No player knows about the list. Standard Role Block
  2. Welcome to LG53: The Fate of the Forum. This is a Semi-Blackout game of Spambots vs. Eliminators. Our dear Admin Chaos has given me the information about several Spammers who have infiltrated our forum, and are impersonating members of our community. He has tasked us with removing them. Luckily, we Eliminators have an advantage. We know all about the abilities of the Spammers, but the Spammers are unfamiliar with us. Spammer Roles: (Not all roles will be included) Vodiyehi: Has a script that can make thousands of posts per day. If Vodiyehi targets you, no one else will be able to do so. Only Votes and Lynches will be able to target a player. Babaji: Has access to Near Eastern magic that can inspire love or hate. If they target you with love, you will end up joining them. Luckily the cooldown for this is yearly, so they’ll only be able to get one of us before we get them. If they target you with Hate, you will die, no matter what. This can also only be used once. SookeSiled: Posts lots of corrupted URLs and infects computers. If they target you, everyone on the forum who didn’t use their computer will also target you that night. Beirst1928: Built one of the Best Firewalls known to man. Immune to everything except the Lynch. Temptation: Absolutely terrifying with Code. They get into the code and corrupt it. If they target you, your action will do exactly what you didn’t want. You will accidently ban a player instead of protect them. Or you will accidentally reveal your IP address instead of PM them. Or something. And then they will know what and who you are. Vashikaran: They’re rather good at deleting code, so if they target you, there is a good chance that your account will be temporarily disabled. The Spammers do have their own server to talk in, and as a group can get an account deleted every Weekend. I’ll be doing my best to hunt them down myself, so hopefully they won’t all be in play. But I will check in at 11:59 PM PST every Week to check who you guys have vote on, and that player will be banned. Mechanics and House Keeping: Open PM’s. Cycles are split into 2 Turns: Weeks which have a lynch, and Weekends when the Spammers get their Kill. Tied Lynches are decided at Random. At least 0 votes are needed for a lynch. Not all village roles are unique. Quick Links:
  3. Okay, I was wondering about that. I was so confused. xD Thank you for the game. <3 <3 Sorry that I wasn't more active.
  4. Excuse you, I have made a singular post every cycle, I believe. I have been watching the thread as much as I can every cycle, but I underestimated how hard it would be to keep up with a QF. I havent been able to do any analysis, which is why I havent placed any votes or really done anything at all.
  5. Huh, I guess I forgot just how fast QF games go by...Sorry that I am failing to be at all active--work and school has been kicking my butt and I am having a lot of issues with keeping up. I'm not really sure how to respond to all the suspicions that are now on me solely based on a power that I have--one that is just as useful to a villager as it is to an elim.
  6. Wow, r00d. I thought we were friends. (also, Hamilton, I Have the Honour to Be Your Obediant Servant, said by Hamilton to Burr. Good Musical, I approve.) Why are people always suspicious of me? XD I will come through with reads once I am more awake, and on a computer. Also, is no one going to question Lopen's role? Really? Looking through the rules again, I am fairly certain it was a secret role. Why is no one talking about that? @Elandera it feels like it could be a tad overpowered for an elim to only be killable by lynch right off the bat, though. Especially in a game that lets us kill with an item. If anything, I dont think the elims would attack one of their own to try and 'clear' them because it would bring said persin under suspicion--like it is doing. It seems unlikely to be an elim ploy because it draws attention to myself when there wasnt otherwise attention on me. Granted, it could be an IKYK situation like with Fifth in the last Joe/Darkness game. //still annoyed at that, lol// I mean, obviously I'm going to defend myself, but seriously. It seems like way too risky of a ploy for an elim to do. If I were an Elim, then that would kinda make me think the elims are all potentially inexperienced.
  7. I don't have much to add at this point--also won't be super active today or tomorrow because of work, but I will get on when I can. I love this so much, my goodness. xD Shaman Sky glanced up at the person that was suddenly exclaiming a love for apples. She shakes her head slightly, her sky blue hair falling into her eyes as she studies the others in the room with her, fretting to herself. 'Oh goddess above, whatever shall we do about these dastardly 'Rightful Rulers'? We have to find and exterminate them as soon as possible.' She glances at another man who had spoken out, studying him momentarily before dismissing him as any type of threat. [:p] She begins to move around the kitchen, slowly looking for any clues that may help her narrow down the possible murderers.
  8. Hnnn, I shouldn't have read this thread, dangit. Now I have to sign up. I will join as Shaman Sky, an eclectic Witch that is oddly obsessed with nature.
  9. //sighs// Welp. I tried sooo hard to avoid unnecessary attention. And then I claimed to Fifth, since I figured they weren't likely to be a convert. And then fricken Alvron. >.> Anyway, that was an amazingly fun game. Thank you to @Domi in the Dark and @Jaddeth in the Bush for running it!
  10. I am so angry rn. I feel played. I TRIED SO HARD, GOSH DIDDLY DARNIT! TT_TT
  11. I see arguing much more this cycle pointless, since y'all won't believe anything I say. But I am also going to vote for Hrathen to kill Meta. Interesting assumptions you make, indeed, oh Ruler of Shadows. While I agree that screwy things are happening, I am not actually lying, and I am as incredibly confused as you are. I am not certain what happened, all I know is what I was told. There is always the possibility of a secret bodyguard-esque role--it is partially a Joe game, after all. It just seems like you are making a lot of assumptions on how things must have happened. Nevertheless, you will see soon enough next cycle, since a tie vote means I will move from injured to hoed. Maybe you'll believe me when I flip Village.
  12. So, I am not sure what happened last cycle. The GM's pmed me saying my target was protected, and that I was attacked and also protected. So I am honestly super confused by what the heck is happening. Also, I won't be on much today. I woke up at 6 30 this morning and was throwing up until 10 30. I am starting to feel better now, but.
  13. I was under the impression that the Spirits could have a max of six players? With two already being dead, that's why I figured the are three to four left.
  14. Alright, so. When I first saw that three good peoples died this round, I kinda gave up hope of being able to win anymore. But then I realized, by looking through the rules and everything, that it is still entirely possible for us to win. In order for the Spirits to win, they have to either outnumber us or kill/convert Shaor. We now know that there are at least three Spirits, and a max of four Spirits. If there are four spirits, they have no conversations left. Meaning that Shaor would be safe from conversion. [to note, this is not at all me telling Shaor to claim, since there is no way for us to know for sure if the Spirits have used all their conversations or not.] Now, the ways that someone can currently die are by the lynch or by a Wildmen kill. Meaning that the lynch is the only way to kill Shaor, since it is not possible for the Wildmen to attack Shaor. So as long as we don't lynch Shaor, we should be safe from that win-con. With there being a max of four Spirits, we have a bit of a cushion left for the second win-condition of the Spirits. As long as we are more careful with our Wildmen kills, we still have a few cycles to root out the remaining Spirits. As for the Independents, I think we should closely watch Fifth. Since they seemed like such an obvious choice for conversion--for being the leader of the Shqueeves lynch--that made us pseudotrust him not being converted. As was mentioned when I brought this up in the Wildmen doc, it is a huge IKYK situation, because our thinking the Spirits wouldn't convert Fifth because of how obvious they were makes them actually a really good conversion, since we'd think they wouldn't convert such an obvious choice. ----I am more inclined to agree with Bard after reading his post, that it seems unlikely for it to be Fifth, which leaves the plausible options as Meta and five others that I don't really have a read on. I don't really trust Bard at all, so I am wondering if Bard and Meta are the two Spirits in the Independents. [Also, @Fifth Scholar, mind shooting me a PM?] On the other Independents, I don't really have a read on Devotary, Drought, or Walin, so not much to say there. I have had a bad gutread on MetaTerminal for a long time--which I did bring up in cycle two, I believe. Ahhhh, I'm just not sure what to think right now. Haha, yea I would like us to stop the self-targeting. I am not sure who attacked Alvron and Lopen--although it was brought up in the doc that it is possible that Lopen was the bodyguard and was guarding Alvron. I was under the impression that the Wildmen were targeting Steeldancer, since his posts had felt off. The attack on Alvron has made me slightly less suspicious of him--but I'm not entirely certain of that.
  15. My suspicions of CadCom had mainly been due to getting a weird vibe from their posts in-thread, but I have since become more suspicious of Bard, as well.
  16. Considering [now confirmed by @I think I am here.'s scan] that there is a Spirit in the Wildmen, they already know the list of possible Shaor's. I still think it could be CadCom, as I have held suspicions of them since the beginning, but I will hold off on voting for now. I didn't realize you knew who all the Independents were, but as far as I know, you are the only person that has that information. While it is good to keep information hidden from the elim team, we're at a point where they likely know more than we do, so collaborating as best we can would be to our benefit. The reason I was making the suggestion is because, at this point in the game, it seemed unlikely that the Spirits don't know who everyone's faction is. I'm not really sure how else to defend myself, so I will leave it at that for now. I somehow managed to stay awake until 5 33 in the morning again, so I kinda wanna sleep. I'll pop on later today, once I awaken.
  17. Oh my goodness, that write-up was hilariously amazing @Domi in the Dark. At this point, I feel like we should reveal who is in our remaining factions, so we can try and sort out all the Independents. It seems likely that there is at least one spirit in each faction, so it would do more good than harm now.
  18. I don't know if it applies to conversations or not--I doubt it. It also doesn't apply to lynches, I'm fairly certain? Could be wrong on that though, would have to consult @Jaddeth in the Bush and @Domi in the Dark on that for clarification.
  19. Wait, what? I'll admit, I forgot that Fifth couldn't have been converted last cycle, since Karata was. But, he is a prime conversation this cycle--or they could throw a curve and not convert him since it is the obvious thing to do. Also, Karata was not added to another doc, as confirmed by @Jaddeth in the Bush in the faction doc I am apart of. Another thing to note that is in the rules, it doesn't matter who the Bodyguard decides to protect, because that protection is automatically rerouted to Shaor should he/she be attacked. Additionally, I have been saying I've been suspicious of CadCom since I posted last cycle.
  20. I am going to hold off on voting for now, but I think both Elandera and Fifth should be targeted. Fifth obviously has a lot of useful information, shown by the Shqueeves lynch, so it would be within reason to think that the Spirits converted them by now. On the other hand, I agree that Elandera is most likely to be the newly converted Karata. So I think one should be targeted by the vote, and the other should be the target of the Wildmen.
  21. Hahaha, I was wondering if anyone was gonna call me out for lurking. Sorry I've not been active on the thread. I have just been watching interactions and posts from the shadows, and keeping track of my thoughts in my fancy lil spreadsheet. But! I am here, and I will post my reads~ Fifth Scholar; I have slight suspicions against Fifth right now, because it hasn't felt like they have offered all that much in the way of useful information for the village. Their attempt to start a lynch on Shqueeves makes me a bit less suspicious, since it throws a very large amount of suspicion onto them should Shqueeves flip innocent. xinoehp512; I don't have any reads either way on xinoehp so far, as everything they've said has felt pretty nai. Kidpen; I have a stronger Spirit read on Kidpen than I do many others, because they haven't seemed to offer anything useful for the village. Even their vote on Shqueeves doesn't offer any reasoning. It just feels really suspicious to me. Brightness Radiant; The biggest reason I have a slight suspicion of Brightness is because she has proven very good at appearing village when evil. But she is offering things that feel villagery. Devotary of Spontaneity; Hasn't really given much useful information and, like Kidpen, doesn't really offer a reason for also voting on Shqueeves. Elandera; Feels pretty village to me, because they offer explanations for their actions and overall I just get a village read. Steeldancer; I am fairly suspicious of Steel this game, since he hasn't really said or done much. Walin; Much like with xinoehp, I don't really have any read one way or another on Walin. Cadmium Compounder; CadCom is actually the person I am the most suspicious of. I don't know exactly why, but all their posts have felt incredibly off to me. They also vote on Shqueeves without really giving their own reasoning or suspicion, which makes me even more suspicious. Mailliw73; Not sure what it is about Mailliw, but I do have a very small amount of suspicion for him. It is not a very high suspicion, since he has been so helpful to the village so far. I am unsure what to think about him. I think I am here; The reasoning they give to vote on Shqueeves feels a bit off to me, so I am slightly suspicious of them. Alvron; You just always have to be suspicious of Alv. It's obligatory. Regardless, I don't have a read one way or another on him--unsurprising, tho. Straw; I have a small amount of suspicion of Straw, but that is more gut than anything else. Droughtdrinker; Drought feels pretty village to me, but there is still a tint of suspicion from gutreading. I am conflicted. TheMightyLopen; I have no reads on way or another on Lopen. Shqueeves; I don't actually really have much of a read on Shqueeves. I am going to refrain from voting on them until they offer counter on suspicions lobbed at them. I am leary to take Fifth at their word, as well. MetaTerminal; I am vastly suspicious of Meta. I dunno. They say they are a new player, and a lot of their actions feel like what a new player would do. However, they talk like they know what they are talking about, and don't blatantly play the new player card. It feels a lot more subtle than that, which makes me really suspicious. As someone who tried to play the new player card when I first started playing SE on this site, I am predisposed to be suspicious of those who seem to be deflecting suspicion by being a new player. ElephantEarwax; Again, just going with the flow on the vote on Shqueeves without giving their own reasoning or suspicion. Coop772; Coop feels very suspicious to me. They've been posting a lot, but it has mostly been rp. There isn't anything wrong with posting rp, by any means, but their rp feels empty. It is a good way to seem like you are contributing without actually offering anything. So! Now that all that is out of the way...I am going to place a vote on Cadmium Compounder, since as I said, they are who I am the most suspicious of. As has been said, we still have another day to discuss things, and I don't want to have us only focus on Shqueeves. On the off-chance that Fifth is a Spirit trying to waste two cycles, this way we are still having discussion on other possible Spirits.
  22. Just popping by to say sorry for being inactive this first cycle. I'll be able to do stuff tomorrow, but I just started a new job yesterday and today, so I don't have any energy left right now.//cant remember how to bluetext on mobile, sorry//
  23. drawn out sigh Sure. Why not. I'll sign up. Because I love torture, evidently. =p I'll join as a black-haired woman who likes chaos, Astraea.
  24. Hm...unfortunately I think I am going to have to bow out. I am realizing that starting a game at the same time of the first week of the term is likely a very bad idea. xP Might I collect a link to the spec doc instead?