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  1. I took a Lantern, but forgot to actually submit an action to use it, so I have not used it.
  2. Sorry guys, I am here-ish. This is likely going to be my last game that I paly in for a long while, because I just mentally can't keep up with everything I am currently trying to juggle, heh. @xinoehp512 Did you claim a bribe last night?
  3. Winning SE'ers: Droughtbringer Young Bard Snipe.exe Xinoehp Steeldancer Fifth Scholar Kidpen Jondesu Aranae Mailliw73 I Think I Am Here The Spammers, and anyone converted to the JOE disease have lost. Links to all the docs will be posted within 24 hours, as well as GM's thoughts. Walin was lynched! He was Vashicarininininininin! **The pictured post is obviously not really something that Chaos posted. pls dun be mad, we thought it would be a cool ending write-up.
  4. "While your initial post still rubs me the wrong way, I will stand down for the time being. Just know, I will be keeping a close eye on you going forward, Snip." Iria looks towards the rest of the group. "Additionally, I am going to go get one of the Lanterns tonight, so I might keep an eye on the items being taken. Is that acceptable to everyone here?" Vote Count; [1] Snip: STINK [2] CadCom: Joe, Arraenae [1] Kidpen: Elandera
  5. I know you already retracted the vote, but I just wanted to confirm that yes, I am gonna try to be more active in this game, I am just super stressed out atm. x3 Iria Byrd walked up to the group sitting around the fire in time to hear Joel's comment. "Well, I certainly hope you dears will hold off on killing me for a bit? What question is it that you are wanting me to answer?" Iria looks over at Snip, raising an eyebrow in question. "Wasn't Joel one of the leading forces in yesterday's lynch of the Forgotten? I would hardly consider that to be a waste of a lynch, all things considered. I find your comment highly suspicious, Snip. Care to offer any defense for your words?"
  6. I Think I Am Here was Banned! They were a Veteran! Lumgol was Banned! They were a JOE! Player List
  7. Welcome to LG53: The Fate of the Forum. This is a Semi-Blackout game of Spambots vs. Eliminators. Our dear Admin Chaos has given me the information about several Spammers who have infiltrated our forum, and are impersonating members of our community. He has tasked us with removing them. Luckily, we Eliminators have an advantage. We know all about the abilities of the Spammers, but the Spammers are unfamiliar with us. Spammer Roles: (Not all roles will be included) Vodiyehi: Has a script that can make thousands of posts per day. If Vodiyehi targets you, no one else will be able to do so. Only Votes and Lynches will be able to target a player. Babaji: Has access to Near Eastern magic that can inspire love or hate. If they target you with love, you will end up joining them. Luckily the cooldown for this is yearly, so they’ll only be able to get one of us before we get them. If they target you with Hate, you will die, no matter what. This can also only be used once. SookeSiled: Posts lots of corrupted URLs and infects computers. If they target you, everyone on the forum who didn’t use their computer will also target you that night. Beirst1928: Built one of the Best Firewalls known to man. Immune to everything except the Lynch. Temptation: Absolutely terrifying with Code. They get into the code and corrupt it. If they target you, your action will do exactly what you didn’t want. You will accidently ban a player instead of protect them. Or you will accidentally reveal your IP address instead of PM them. Or something. And then they will know what and who you are. Vashikaran: They’re rather good at deleting code, so if they target you, there is a good chance that your account will be temporarily disabled. The Spammers do have their own server to talk in, and as a group can get an account deleted every Weekend. I’ll be doing my best to hunt them down myself, so hopefully they won’t all be in play. But I will check in at 11:59 PM PST every Week to check who you guys have vote on, and that player will be banned. Mechanics and House Keeping: Open PM’s. Cycles are split into 2 Turns: Weeks which have a lynch, and Weekends when the Spammers get their Kill. Tied Lynches are decided at Random. At least 0 votes are needed for a lynch. Not all village roles are unique. Quick Links:
  8. Iria Byrd looked up as Joel rambled some non-sense or other, cocking an eyebrow in bemusement as she watches the strange man. She was unsure what to think of the whole situation in camp--but definitely found it to be unsettling. She shakes her head, taking a drink as she listens to Joel go on about them saying what they planned to take from the supply cabinet. She could see how that would work, and might be a good idea to get behind--in the beginning, at the very least. As time went on, and if more murders happened--paranoia among the soldiers would only grow worse and worse. Mm, I am not going to be able to be super active for the next few days, since the term started on Monday and my Cosmology class is already killing me.
  9. 12 minutes remain in the cycle, my darlings~
  10. I managed to unban myself @A Joe in the Bush =P Roughly 8 hours and 45 minutes remain in this cycle--don't forget to place any action orders~
  11. Hello darlings~! Unfortunately, @A Joe in the Bush is MIA. I haven't the slightest idea where he has disappeared to--I just hope the bots have not gotten to him! While his account has not been deleted, he is no-where to be seen. Hopefully he shows up again soon, no? Alvron has been banned! He was Babaji~! And so begins the next Weekend~ Vote Tally: Rath (3): Walin, Bard, Alv Alv (3): Ada, Araris, Elan CadCom (3): CadCom, Xino, Snip Itiah (1): Fura Snip (3): Rand Lum (1): Fifth Drought (1): Itiah
  12. Alright, my darlings, there is currently 2 and a half-ish hours remaining in this turn~
  13. Iria offered a hand to the not-so-dead body to help her up, cocking an eyebrow at her companions. "Well, hasn't this taken an interesting turn?" She gives a slight half smile to the body, "Don't suppose you're a zombie, are ya?"