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  1. Crimsn Chanarch was lynched! They were Vodiyehi! Tiny Wilson was killed by Babaji! They were aa Eliminator Discussion Leader! Player List (9+2) Crimsn Chanarach: Aranduensis, Cadmium Compounder, xinoehp512, Kidpen, Rae, Maill, Bard, Eland, alVoidus (5) Seventh Saint: Seventh Saint, Sapphire Elephant, Steel, Rathmaskal, Crimsn Chanarach (1) Cadmium Compounder: I think I am here (1) Aranduensis: Mailliw772, (2) alVoidus: Adavantos, Araris Valerian (1) Sapphire Elephant: Furamirionind
  2. Blasphemer
  3. Turn is Closed, No More Posting
  4. If it makes you feel any better, I had immediately gotten it without Joe prompting me first.
  5. I want that tie
  6. //paps the Elephant// Shhh, it's okay dear. You'll get it eventually, I'm sure. =P
  7. Dangit, now I am obligated to run a solo game since both you and @A Joe in the Bush want to play.... xD
  8. Hehehehehehehehehehe
  9. Pffft, that is actually totally something I would do. Y'all don't know me well, but I can be much more trollish than Joe. xD
  10. How r00d. =P I, at least, am perfectly mature. Besides, without our loving guidance, you wouldn't have had the means of banning any Spamsters, anyway~
  11. Cycle ends in 15 minutes, dearies~
  12. Iria lets out a small laugh again, lightly clapping her gloved hand onto Loren's shoulder, "Not a problem, friend." She looks between Joel and Loren, "I suppose that is good a place as any. Shall we head that way, lads?"
  13. Iria Byrd slips beside Loren, putting out an armoured hand to help the man up. "Whoa there--be careful, soldiers." She lets out a laugh, smiling brightly at the two men before her. Hello lovelies. I would like to join as Iria Byrd, a strong-willed woman who makes up for her short stature with strength and charisma.
  14. Little under an hour and thirty minutes left until the turn ends~ Don't forget to pm in orders you want before it is too late~