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  1. Hello my darlings~ This turn has now come to an end, and posts following this one will be ignored. Joe does not currently have access to the internet, and asked me to update everyone. The next turn will not be posted for another 24 hours or so. Joe apologizes for the delay, but it cannot be helped. Night lovelies~
  2. //cackling intensifies// The unholy reign of Constable General Altea Meza has now begun! Nothing can stop me now! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  3. I've been managing to submit ship requests and attack actions every turn, since I am trying my best not to be fully inactive. I am struggling with even having enough energy for my job right now, let alone SE--which is kinda shown by this being my fourth? post in this entire game. I'm also just confused by what is going on, which is the biggest reason I haven't voted on anyone throughout the game. The Krell pseudo-faction has just made things seem really hectic, and has made things even harder to follow than they already were. I don't particularly want to place a vote when I have no clue what's happening, but I will provide a vote count. Vote Count: [4] Drake Marshall; Elandera, Fura, Ark, Striker Young Bard; Striker [1] Lumgol; Bard I'll try and check into the thread tomorrow morning before I go to work, but I make no promises. The most I can say for certain is that I will continue to put in actions every night cycle to help keep the Krell at bay.
  4. I am around....kind of. Originally I was taking an indefinite hiatus from SE games because I just don't have the energy to put into the games. But this is Steel's last game before he leaves for two years, so I didn't want to miss out. I've been trying to at least check in on the thread once a day, but I haven't really been able to mentally keep up with what is actually happening, so I don't have any real leads. Since inactivity hurts us, I have been making sure to submit night actions to attack the Krell, since I don't want to be so much of a liability. I apologize for being so quiet, but I don't quite know what to do about that to help, as I can't make any guarantees of an increased activity in thread, but I will try.
  5. Hey guys, just popping in to say that I am here but won't be contributing much right now. Things happened today and I am emotionally and physically drained. I will get on tomorrow for sure to put in an action, as per the rules, but I have another 9 hour shift tomorrow and don't know how bad it is going to be.
  6. Hnnn, sign me up as Iradesca Aleh - Call Sign; Paradise Song A young woman with a love for music and violence.
  7. I took a Lantern, but forgot to actually submit an action to use it, so I have not used it.
  8. Sorry guys, I am here-ish. This is likely going to be my last game that I paly in for a long while, because I just mentally can't keep up with everything I am currently trying to juggle, heh. @xinoehp512 Did you claim a bribe last night?
  9. "While your initial post still rubs me the wrong way, I will stand down for the time being. Just know, I will be keeping a close eye on you going forward, Snip." Iria looks towards the rest of the group. "Additionally, I am going to go get one of the Lanterns tonight, so I might keep an eye on the items being taken. Is that acceptable to everyone here?" Vote Count; [1] Snip: STINK [2] CadCom: Joe, Arraenae [1] Kidpen: Elandera
  10. I know you already retracted the vote, but I just wanted to confirm that yes, I am gonna try to be more active in this game, I am just super stressed out atm. x3 Iria Byrd walked up to the group sitting around the fire in time to hear Joel's comment. "Well, I certainly hope you dears will hold off on killing me for a bit? What question is it that you are wanting me to answer?" Iria looks over at Snip, raising an eyebrow in question. "Wasn't Joel one of the leading forces in yesterday's lynch of the Forgotten? I would hardly consider that to be a waste of a lynch, all things considered. I find your comment highly suspicious, Snip. Care to offer any defense for your words?"
  11. Winning SE'ers: Droughtbringer Young Bard Snipe.exe Xinoehp Steeldancer Fifth Scholar Kidpen Jondesu Aranae Mailliw73 I Think I Am Here The Spammers, and anyone converted to the JOE disease have lost. Links to all the docs will be posted within 24 hours, as well as GM's thoughts. Walin was lynched! He was Vashicarininininininin! **The pictured post is obviously not really something that Chaos posted. pls dun be mad, we thought it would be a cool ending write-up.