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  1. I think this is not the cases of some character arc going on, just a touches Brandon gave to Adolin to not make him a walking cardboard. After all he is a good writer and even if the character is more of tool or function, he still has set of features. in case of Adolin i see that he is more or less cocky, more or less stoic, sometimes possessive, and WoR ending was pretty reasonable and logic result of the build up that Brandon had through the whole book. He is able to kill in cold blood. The biggest proof to me that Adolin isnt major character at all is that Brandon didnt intend to show Adolin in Part 1 of OB, and did this only after beta testers pointed at lack of Adolin in Shallan chapters. In case of Shallan health, i see next problem Adolin may create: First in WoR (i wont let anyone hurt you) and then in the end of OB (where he said that he let Kaladin have her) he show the glimpse of possessive behavior. It didnt happen much, i guess its his deeply buried trait that appeared in very special cases. This triggered Shallan a lot since she is all about freedom and was left by Brandon on purpose to outline what are the problems Adolin may bring to their relationships. This has a reflection in RoW already, where Shallan wants the freedom of action as a spy and Adolin rushed to the rescue and potentially could ruin her plans. In terms of relationships between both characters another big problem are the secrets if Shallan still keeping them and how poor Adolin can deal with it. Prologue between Navani and Gavilar also were pretty interesting if to project them onto Shallan and Adolin. In both cases one keep the secrets and hurts the other. Im afraid, Shallan may seriously hurt Adolin refusing to trust him just like Gavilar hurt Navani in prologue. Not only that. Navani interest in Dalinar made Gavilar cruel. Im afraid Veil interest in Kaladin (if there will be any of course) may turn Adolin cruel too. He has that dark thing in him that made him killed Sadeas and show possesive attitude and that may be triggered by Shallan lies easily.
  2. I honestly got the same vibe here. It becomes ridiculous but in just 6 chapters Brandon in one way or another connected Kaladin to more female characters than in all three previous books combined. Glances, dating info, interactions, positive reactions. This is getting weird.
  3. Rushladin confirmed.
  4. I didnt imply he has it. I implied that Brandon attached Kaladin's attention to Lyn and Leshwi. He dated first and seems very searching for the second, while Jasnah was mentioned by him briefly just as an interviewer for Heralds. I mean Brandon do what he want to do. He presented Lyn and Leshwi and already put them more important for Kaladin than Jasnah (right now). SInce its just a few chapters i cant say for sure that Jasnadin wont happen, thats why i said "i predict" instead of "they will sure wont be a couple".
  5. Honestly, this 1year timeskip with no evidence of Kaladin even remotely interested in Jasnah (but interested in Lyn and Leshwi for example) made me think Jasnahdin wont even be hinted at in RoW. I predict they will have purely business relationships.
  6. I love the time skip. It serves as both the reset and room to use for plot that matters. We already enjoying its fruits as we jumped into full blown war, espionage stuff, flying ships, new fabrials and stuff. Its also gives the sense of world living its life, changing, with events going on and characters moving too. Characters got some time to breath freely and accumulate the experience, emotions and knowledges to explore now. We already enjoying its fruits with Navani, Kaladin and Shallan. I mean, reading about Navani thinking on how to make flying ship work, Jasnah interviewing Heralds, Kaladin training new Windrunners and Shallan doing nothing yet for 1000 pages would be kinda boring. Rock's daughter trip to Aimia stuff is fine enough for spin-off novel but not main plot.
  7. I think the very nature of Shallan's plot line is enough for Brandon to skip it. Like, for the people who didnt read Prologue/1 chapter it would be feel liek a giant "????" mark if Brandon jumped from Kaladin packed sequence into Shallan in Sadeas warcamp(!) with Ialai(!) and Adolin(!) as a spy(!) talking about a spy in Dalinar's close ring(!). This would have interrupt the flow of action packed Kaladin sequence.
  8. I think Kaladin already know deep down in his mind what bothers him and what are the words. Brandon implied it here and there, but decided not to go deep into Kaladin's thoughts keeping revelation for more appropriate moment when Kaladin himself will decided to accept these issues he had.
  9. Yes and then
  10. The points that seem very important as Brandon seems to make a huge emphasis on them: 1) Something is bothering Kaladin. Its not the constant fight with Fused. he has strange nightmares he feels tired beyond regular fatigue he insisted on Syl trying to act separately he clearly need to love but something hold him back all this makes him a bit of an cremhole that push everyone including Syl away he uses the battles against Fused to leave his problems behind I has some imagery of what is the feeling he has. Its certain apathy and condition of constantly being unhappy with everything and being annoyed with everything. I had those feeling sometimes too. It sucks. Was it because he actually need to find female soulmate? Was it because he hate to kill Fused? Was it because he realize he has to say Fourth Ideal but he cant and this makes him angry? I see Syl interlude being directly tied into this global problem. 2) There is traitor close to Dalinar. rust, Brandon gonna tease us with it all the book, isnt he? Im afraid that traitor isnt Taravangian but someone totally unexpected. 3) Brandon put first indication of problems between Shallan and Adolin. Shallan hoped Adolin will get that she need the time to complete her mission successfully and Adolin predictably failed it, being too impatient. I see her making some sharp remarks about that in the following chapters. Also, so much tension and action in the first chapters, besides Brandon's explanation, made me think he chose to start the book that way because of the feedback given about Oathbringer first half being boring at some parts. I like what he did in RoW. At this point its way more juicy to read than previous books.
  11. I think Moash would do some serious crem during Part 1 that will lead to epic failure for good guy, probably Lirin's death and Kaladin moving to surgeon job. I actually wouldnt be surprise if Kaladin would have to brutally murder Moash and this will shock him significantly.
  12. Soon we wil get some more of these chapters. Im ready.
  13. I reread all three SA books, then start it again and again for the past couple months and for the month coming till RoW release. It doesnt bore me.
  14. First, i think, Adolin isnt very important Stormlight character. Key moment indicating this for me was that Brandon didnt intent to bring Adolin in Part 1 of OB, but beta testers pointed at it and he added him there. This, along with the fact that Adolin already was a secondary character, made me feel Brandon doesnt see Adolin irreplaceable. Second, i think, he will play certain role in the global scheme of things. Mayala mini plot and him killing Sadeas point at it. Both points make his future very blurred and unpredictable. He may turn a bad guy. He may die in Book 4 or 5. He may revive Maya and become Edgedancer and live through the all 10 books. Or do the same but without being an Edgedancer. To me certain points in the lot and character relationships point at high possibility of certain plot point - in book 5 and further Adolin will go on solo adventure with some purpose. Will it be revival of Maya or something else - i dont know. I can hardly see him having a personal plot without him becoming and independent character. Him being connected to Shallan and her big plot line kinda presses down his own plot line. To me he will always feel like just the part of Shallan arc until he will separate himself from her. And i think, this separation will happen during or after Shadesmar trip.