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  1. Happy Birthday 

  2. Always imagined them consisting of huge bulky metallic plates with visible power lines of glowing light that allow the stormlight to circulate around the whole armor, powering it up. When BS described the fight scenes, every time Shardbearers crushed each other Shardplates, i imagined them destroying those power lines so the stormlight leaked out of them. Something like this:
  3. I believe its kinda naive for some people to believe Brandon finished with the triangle. I can hardly find good fantasy/sci-fi book where the writer actually set up the couple in the second act of the story. And there is obvious elephant in the room with how Brandon executed Shallan and Adolin relationships into marriage. It felt pretty questionable which makes me think he did this absolutely on purpose. If not triangle, but Adolin/Shallan relationships will certainly be put under pressure so they have to successfully fix them by the end of the story. Make them right, so to speak.
  4. Also think Kaladin's endgame is to become the King of Alethkar (while Dalinar will become the Ascended Keeper of Roshar or even Cosmere scale of entity) until Brandon will decide to break his pedestal in the process. Protect and lead are Windrunner's ideals. We have already saw protective side of them. Leading - and im talking about it meaning Leading with big L - not so much. I think 4 and 5 books will show us much more of that and i think Book 5 will end with Kaladin as the King and Dalinar as an Ascended Entity, so Brandon can focus on new main characters for the next 5 books. And personally me - im a sucker for protagonist classic Glorious Ending. And i think in the Book 4 Kaladin will end up pretty low just to elevate himself in the end of Book 5. All glorious, shining, epic and badass. I believe Brandon also tends to follow classic routes to oppose George Martin'esque type of character arcs.
  5. This is no brainer to me - Kaladin. He is definition of engaging protagonist.
  6. Yep, that another solid possibility. I can even imagine the scene in the beginning of the Book where Jasnah comes to Kaladin to tell him about annoying bodyguards that always follow her in the distance, and Kaladin in typical Kaladin's manner tells her "that its just his duty and he doesnt actually care about what she think". Sounds like another way to build the conflict.
  7. Excellent post i totally agree with. Taking out Sanderson's intentions we know nothing about, id say that would be an essential way to develop Jasnah and Kaladin relationships. I may turn out to be completely wrong when Book 4 will come out, but right now im pretty sure that Kaladin will see Gavinor as a chance to redeem himself after he couldnt protect Elhokar. He also witnessed Elhokar's flaws, and as a smart guy and good mentor, would try to teach Gavinor what his father didnt learn originally. And Book 4 will definitely contain some Kaladin/Gavinor scenes, even if there wont be a huge timeskip. As for Jasnah, well, Elhokar was her brother, and Gavinor is her nephew. It would be essential for her to have some interactions with him, and thus, probably, with Kaladin. I can even imagine how Navani or/and Dalinar tell her "Well, dear, we totally believe you will take care of your nephew. Good luck" at some point of the story. There are so much possibilities actually. I can imagine Jasnah being indifferent towards Gavinor, while Kaladin spend some good time with him, training or telling fairy tails, and then Dalinar and Navani tell Jasnah to care about Gavinor and she fails, and then she decide to ask Kaladin for help and this kind of potential situations would create some really good humorous moments.
  8. I bet (and hope) we gonna see a lot of Jasnah/Kaladin hot scenes in 4 and 5. Probably not overly romantic (or actually pretty romantic), and not because some first glance love, but because of their status now and situation they trapped in. The Elhokar's son, Gavinor, would play the huge role into bringing them together or clash their heads. Just to take that possibility out immediately - i dont think Dalinar and Navani would play the role of Gavinor's parents. They had too much their own stuff to do and Gavinor would be the yonger generation characters business (Kaladin, Jasnah, Shallan, Adolin). I also think Shallan and Adolin also has their own business. Only Kaladin and Jasnah left. He is directly connected to Gavinor and she is Gavinor's child free aunt. Kaladin now is high-ranked light-eye Knight Radiant who has own lands and who (i guess) will take a huge part into the life of Elhokar's son, who in fact is the rightful heir to the throne. I dont think the last scene of OB where Kaladin's people brought Gavinor to Kaladin was done for nothing. It seems like symbolic scene and for Kaladin to protect Gavinor's interests would the matter of honor and duty in memory of Elhokar who he couldnt save. And Jasnah is manipulative woman, named the Queen of Alethkar and Gavinor's aunt. I still can't see what her thoughts about nephew would be but id guess they would directly go against everything Kaladin want for him. And then their different interests will clash and I'm so excited to see overprotective (or careless) aunt Jasnah and overprotective papa wolf Kaladin to bite each other asses over what they think would be the best for the poor Gavinor future. I think thats what may bring them two together in a romantic way in the end of Book 4/5 and essentially make them a real couple to be a parents for Gavinor.
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if at some point out protagonists will face the flying chasmfiend.
  10. Im sorry. I didnt mean to offend anyone. Reading HP and SA i feel Kaladin belongs more to Gryffindor. Yes, he has some qualities like "i dont want get involved into some bad stuff" or desire to leave in peace, but they are not dominant in him in the context of the Roshar. Constant struggle, strife, desire to lead, to protect, brilliance and bravery always prevail in Kaladin. And Gryffindor makes the bigger emphasis on all these traits than Hufflepuff in HP books. Thats why i was surprised by how Brandon put Kaladin into Hufflepuff category without even a doubt. Id say there is 65% Gryffindor, 20% of Ravenclaw and 15% of Hufflepuff in him.
  11. I really cant see why Brandon think Kaladin fits Hufflepuff. I mean, based on how Kaladin was written he is deinitely not a somewhat clumsy, not very bright and "just a kind lazy guy" or who typical Hufflepuff student is. He is straight Gryffindor material. Like in every aspect. Brave, brilliant, good friend. Typical Gryffindor dude.
  12. Yeah, on Roshar the one who controls the storms controls the world itself. Wouldnt be surprised if Kaladin will shape up to be a messianic type of character by the end of the book 5 or 10.
  13. What if (shock!) Jasnah will make Kaladin happy? She is probably wise woman.
  14. Given Windrunner's traits are Protection and Leading, i think the last oaths would be connected with Leading. He would be the High King i believe. He will learn to lead. He will need to.
  15. I suspect no one else here address the fact that Brandon introduced two kids characters and tied both to Kaladin in the Oathbringer. Its Oroden and Gavinor. Oroden is Kaladin's new brother and another reason to protect the humanity. Gavinor is Elhokar's son, and thats really interesting hook for a new plot line. Elhokar basically passed everything he cared about to Kaladin. And its really symbolic that Kaladin's men brought Gavinor to Kaladin. To safety. Now, i dont expect much development for Kaladin-Mentor-Brother-Father Fighure plot line in Book 4 but i definitely expect Kaladin to become the father figure for Gavinor in the following books. And that will bring so much juicy stuff revolving the throne, Jasnah, ruling family and stuff. I find it interesting because 1) Its exciting to see will Brandon gave some papa-wolf scenes for Kaladin; 2) Its interesting to see what roles both Gavinor and Oroden will play in Kaladin's character development and life beyond being just an objects for him to defend; 3) Its interesting to see Oroden and Gavinor dynamic in the back 5 books. I suspect they are similar in age, both of them most likely will be tied to Kaladin, and it would be interesting to see their dynamic given they have such a badass brother/"father figure".