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  1. I was doing a reread with a few of my friends and we noticed that jam is mentioned in almost all Shallan chapters in The Way of Kings. May be it is used as a setup for what happened at the end of the book. But when the first time Shallan met Kabsal, she blurts out that she loves jam. It is not as if her love for jam later on in TWoR is because she was mooning over Kabsal. But oddly, jam is never mentioned again in WoR - it might be because of what happened at the end of TWoK. But still... jam is not even mentioned in her flashback chapters. At the rate with which she was mentioning jam in TWoK, it seems odd from BranSan that Shallan chapters never mention jam again in WoR.
  2. I knew of the star map and have seen pictures of it on google. I was asking as I wanted to be sure if the paperback edition of AU contained the Cosmere star map and whether it was the same as represented in the hardcovers. There usually tend to be differences in illustrations between hardcover and paperback editions of other books, hence.
  3. Hey, the paperback edition of Arcanum Unbounded is releasing in my country in November and the copies are up for pre-order now. Since there have not been any official releases of the hardcover editions of the Cosmere books in my country (we end up having to import them with hefty import charges) and Book Depository not delivering them here, I'll have to buy the paperback edition of the Arcanum Unbounded. So my question is for those here have the Arcanum Unbounded paperback/ hardcover editions. What are the differences between them? How are the paperback illustrations compared to the hardcover edition, especially the Cosmere star chart?
  4. It was emphasized in Mistborn Era 1 that flowers didn't exist on Scadrial. But we come across 'fruits' multiple times in the story. I'm clearly not an expert in botany, but from whatever I learned in my school - don't fruits grow from flowers? So how did the fruits exist during Era 1? Did the Lord Ruler manipulate it (when he held the power) in such a way that fruits were available without the need of flowers?
  5. This is with respect to Vin's fight against the assassins sent by Cett. There were total eight of them - 4 Thugs, 1 lurcher, 1 smoker and two coinshots; one of which was actually a Mistborn. First to die was a true coinshot; dagger in his chest. At some future point, she faced 3 of the remaining 7 : smoker, lurcher and coinshot-Mistborn. A wounded thug had stayed back to protect them. Vin next killed the thug. That makes 2 out of 8 dead (she attacked this second coinshot as well; thought she killed him, but as he was a Mistborn he did not die) She killed lurcher. That makes three dead. Then the watcher killed the smoker to give hint to Vin that there was a Mistborn in the team. That's four dead. By the end of the fight, 4 out of 8 people were dead, one of those being a thug. But the book mentions ''Though their Mistborn paused, the four unfortunate Thugs continued to charge, having no way to know that Vin burned atium.'' implying the total remaining as 5 people instead of 4. Is that a printing mistake or did I count those deaths wrong? (Though there is a clear mention of a thug dying) If that's a printing mistake, was it revised in the latter editions?
  6. Sorry, but I couldn't think of a title which wouldn't sound wrong.. So, a few twitter users have taken Brandon's essay on Dumbledore out of context and are terming him as a homophobe.. I guess it's twitter and it should be ignored, but I guess this is harming Brandon's potential book readers with some of them advocating boycotting of his books. And because it is twitter, it might blow out of proportions. I know there was a recent WoB about homosexuality in the Cosmere (about Drehy being inspired from his friend), but Theoryland is somehow restricted in most parts of India. So if anyone has access to it and can tweet, maybe you can help. Here's the link:
  7. The copy they have is the earlier edition as well. Thanks for your help, though!
  8. Hey guys, I read the Stormlight Archive through paperbacks, but now want to buy them as hardcovers. I have been waiting to buy the WoR hardcover since it has not been revised yet (with the changes that featured in the paperback). With Oathbringer releasing in a few months, any idea when shall we get a revised hardcover edition of WoR? PS: Sorry if the revised hardcover has already been out. I'm from India, and the only way we get the Stormlight Archive hardcover books is via importing it through an Amazon seller. Hopefully the scene changes in the near future. And the seller has only been listing the earlier edition (not the revised one)
  9. via user 'Seonid' So this is the closest WoB I could find so far, but I can't make heads or tails of it with respect to my friend's question.
  10. So a friend of mine asked me this question, and I was unable to find any related discussions or WoBs on it. Want to know what you all think of it. Is there any upper limit of storing weight? I mean, an Iron Twinborn compounding weight could get so much weight that it turns into a blackhole...
  11. Hi, I came across this particular post from another thread: He mentioned of a transcript being available (or being made soon). Any idea if it's available? If so, please do link it. Thanks.
  12. Facing the same issue here since years.
  13. Awesome! Looking forward to it. How many Breaths does he hold?
  14. Sorry for the late response. I guess and subsequently the SSM site was down at that time. Checked it now, and it seems to be working fine: