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  1. "Rig is good people" sounded like an error at first- it made me stop- but yeah I'm pretty sure that's just a bit of slang that wasn't integrated perfectly
  2. Third of the Night strolled into the mansion through the gilded doors, entering onto a platform a cavernous ballroom. The Ghostblood Council had not cut corners in choosing the location for the ball. The mansion, to the far north of the Alleycity, had once been owned by an unaffiliated worldhopper. When the Ghostbloods had shown interest, he had quickly cleared out. Night presented his invitation to a Ghostblood underling and he was announced to the ballroom. “Third of the Night, Ghostblood Representative!” A few of the Homeless looked up, recognizing the name- Night waved to acquaintances and friends. Everyone in the Alleyverse and everyone who classified as one of the Homeless that the Council had been able to reach had been invited to the party to celebrate the start of the 17th year of peace. Night hoped everyone would be able to come. Nin and Hateka, Night’s Aviar, took off. Nin perched on one of the silver chandeliers as Hateka started making lazy circles throughout the room. Night descended one of the staircases to be greeted by another Ghostblood underling. “Welcome to the Ghostblood Ball, sire. Please feel free to wander throughout the mansion as you please. Refreshments will be carried around the main ballroom, but you may visit the banquet hall to your right if you desire more food; and down the hall to your left are some more… private rooms if you wish to keep your conversation away from prying ears.” The underling bowed and stepped back to carry his message to the next guest. Night nodded to the man and smiled at the members of the Ghostblood council. Homeless of every ethnicity, some wearing armor or carrying weapons and some not, talked and danced throughout the ballroom. As a slower song ended, dancers broke up to return to their conversation circles. The musicians, of a band formerly known as MoTab, picked up a fast and catchy tune. Night smiled contentedly. Some were here simply to have a good time, some were here for business, some here for the popularity… and others were here because they saw the signs of things to come in the Alleyverse. The Arena of Valor was open for the first time in sixteen years, and there were rumors of quests regarding the Worldspike. Battles had been fought in remote corners of the Alleyverse. Whispers of powerful armies rising again circulated… in admittedly less-trusted gossip circles. Regardless, old alliances were being reforged, and new rivalries were surfacing. The Ghostblood Ball was but a mask for things much more sinister than it suggested. Grinning, Night waited for more guests to arrive.
  3. Night watched as what Mac described above happened. Dodging the fireballs wasn't particularly hard- years of training on Patji had honed his instincts to sudden traps accidentally sprung- but it was more effort than he would have liked to waste, especially when his main focus should have been finding out which Mac was the real one. The Macs were all exactly the same, as far as he could tell. They watched him dodge the fireballs with mild interest. But Night was reasonably sure that none of them were the real Mac- the Mac that he admittedly barely knew was far too smart for that. Mac had been searching for something. "Sain, please, try and find him;" Night begged. His spren had been silent for almost a year now, only helping when absolutely needed- which was more than Night would have liked. But Sain complied, the Ashspren quickly flitting throughout the room. Nin and Hateka joined the search- Mac was presumably still at ground level. Night moved to the circle of illusions. They didn't immediately attack him. He slid across the floor behind them, feeling for... he wasn't quite sure. It wasn't like there was going to be a "disturbance in the air" or something. He reached out to other Ghostbloods for help through means that can only be described as 'desperation.'
  4. Everything had dissolved into chaos. Night was no longer sure who was fighting who- most of the Mistbeavers seemed to be incapacitated, but a horde of Abominations had entered. The DA was cracking down on the Ghostbloods. Dwig seemed to be offering his own form of "air support," and Hellbent was... presumably wreaking havoc... Night couldn't really tell. Klasten was helping the lifeless that Dusk had left when he teleported away, and Night realized he'd lost track of Tena. Night focused on Mac. The storming cremling needed to leave. Mac had the Ghostblood underlings he had come for... and any other Ghostbloods that had chosen to join him. At this point, there was no reason for him to remain, nothing more he could want- other than to randomly chuck some sorts of fire around, which was not acceptable. Night was completely underprepared. He had nothing but his Spren, two Aviar flying above, and a few knives. He had no powers to speak of other than being a Dustbringer. This creep would not harm his Ghostbloods any longer. He charged towards the DA madman, using masterful control of Abrasion to twirl through the fire, and Hateka's visions to avoid any arrows. @MacThorstenson
  5. @Munchy_Dan and @MinatoRising, I'll @Archer for you
  6. "Everything's clearing up well. The weakness of the mistbeavers- tell them you don't want a spike and they'll ignore you. The DA hasn't thrown anything else at us... yet. But who's that old guy who just came in? We need to keep an eye on Mac as well."
  7. See, I'm reading this: But then a little bit later I read this... Lol. Ghostbloods don't submit that easily
  8. The Ghostblood underlings cleared out quickly. Others were helping the underlings who were in full panic, and the Beavers avoided Night. Who was the spry old man who had just entered?
  9. Ghostblood recruits of the lowest rank, not allowed to carry weapons in public themselves- certainly not at an intraguild event such as this- ran about defenselessly. Night jumped to their defense. "They won't attack you if you tell them to stop!" Night thundered. Storming noob recruits[NPCs]. He turned to Mac, willing to give him a chance. "What is the meaning of this?"
  10. Ark is of the council, Mac. My word may hold less to you than TFA's, but it's still the word of the Ghostblood's Representative to other guilds- such as the DA and yourself. From what I understand from TFA, he didn't agree to any 'forceful takeover.' You can try to 'deal with us' if you want, but we'll treat it no differently than any of the random assassins the Ghostbloods run training against almost constantly.
  11. *Hastily starts finalizing the details on his new characters*
  12. "Althea, I can't go until I'm sure all the Ghostbloods are safe." Night sighed. "Or until they have taken the spikes as a choice of their own, not forced upon them by a storming beaver. Don't come back for me unless you want to risk getting spiked." Night jumped into the ballroom. Vaisin, a man he didn't know well, looked frightened. Tena could hold her own for a while. Ski had been spiked- Night knew her, she was Mr. Amber's niece. KoTiel, eating popcorn, and Nogard eating apple crisps and cookies while walking towards the exit. conversing with Klasten. They didn't seem to be in any danger. Ioc was holding his own against the DA representative himself.
  13. The Ghostbloods had been watching the Alleyharbor. After all, their base of operations, the City of Oasis, was only a few miles/kilometers away- albeit being high in the mountains. they had sent Night, their representative, to go check on things. Night found a lone fisherman by the dock, sitting in his boat. He looked like he was about to leave, but Night interjected. "Hello. How's the fishing been?" "Good." The man as obviously not much of a conversationalist. Night sat down. "I'm new to the area. What are people like around here?" The man raised an eyebrow. "New, as in, you mean to stay? We don't get many new people around here, just ships passing through." "Not to stay, but I'll be passing through quite often." The man nodded, looking away, his interest fading. "Good people. Can't agree on much. Some support the Ghostbloods. I'll never understand them..." Night raised an eyebrow. "You have something against the Ghostbloods?"
  14. Can't just make a character and say "they spent their entire life studying alleymatics" and then proceed to go blow things up, though. Demonstrating some understanding Update: Will the Alleymatics wiki page be updated with this info?
  15. Night battled the cremling-like Chalklings with his Shardhammer, using Abrasion to nimbly dance out of their way as Arden shot additional Lines of Vigor. Unfortunately for Arden, Chalklings burned under the force of Night's Division- though it took much longer than Night would have liked. He's stalling for time, Night realized. I KNEW he was talking to someone inside! Ten minutes later, Night destroyed one final chalkling as Arden was scribbling another. Arden looked up as Night's Shardblade came swinging towards his neck. He yelped and rolled to the side. "I yield!" Night's blade cut the cobblestone, and it disappeared. Night thanked Sain, his spren. Night glared at Arden. He was done dealing with all the questions surrounding this man. "Leave." Arden smiled a sick grin and left. The musicians applauded, but most seemed to be focused on a different topic. Night was okay with that- there was too much focus on him, more than any Ghostblood should have. "So, I heard something about a wedding."