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  1. yo dusty come back

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      haha I've got some free time now with spring break stuck at home 

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  2. Hello, friends who have taken the time to visit my profile. Sorry to have to opt out, but school has been giving me a beating this year. I completely overestimated my workload- way too many AP and Honors classes, coupled with extra electives and core classes outside of school in an attempt to graduate a year early. I'll be off the Shard for a while :( I hope to be back sooner than later.

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      It was a good run, my friend. I hope to see you soon. Good luck!

  3. "Rig is good people" sounded like an error at first- it made me stop- but yeah I'm pretty sure that's just a bit of slang that wasn't integrated perfectly
  4. I'll be pretty much offline until Monday- fall break. I'll be on occasionally to prevent everything from completely blowing up in my face when I get back :/

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  5. Night watched as what Mac described above happened. Dodging the fireballs wasn't particularly hard- years of training on Patji had honed his instincts to sudden traps accidentally sprung- but it was more effort than he would have liked to waste, especially when his main focus should have been finding out which Mac was the real one. The Macs were all exactly the same, as far as he could tell. They watched him dodge the fireballs with mild interest. But Night was reasonably sure that none of them were the real Mac- the Mac that he admittedly barely knew was far too smart for that. Mac had been searching for something. "Sain, please, try and find him;" Night begged. His spren had been silent for almost a year now, only helping when absolutely needed- which was more than Night would have liked. But Sain complied, the Ashspren quickly flitting throughout the room. Nin and Hateka joined the search- Mac was presumably still at ground level. Night moved to the circle of illusions. They didn't immediately attack him. He slid across the floor behind them, feeling for... he wasn't quite sure. It wasn't like there was going to be a "disturbance in the air" or something. He reached out to other Ghostbloods for help through means that can only be described as 'desperation.'
  6. Everything had dissolved into chaos. Night was no longer sure who was fighting who- most of the Mistbeavers seemed to be incapacitated, but a horde of Abominations had entered. The DA was cracking down on the Ghostbloods. Dwig seemed to be offering his own form of "air support," and Hellbent was... presumably wreaking havoc... Night couldn't really tell. Klasten was helping the lifeless that Dusk had left when he teleported away, and Night realized he'd lost track of Tena. Night focused on Mac. The storming cremling needed to leave. Mac had the Ghostblood underlings he had come for... and any other Ghostbloods that had chosen to join him. At this point, there was no reason for him to remain, nothing more he could want- other than to randomly chuck some sorts of fire around, which was not acceptable. Night was completely underprepared. He had nothing but his Spren, two Aviar flying above, and a few knives. He had no powers to speak of other than being a Dustbringer. This creep would not harm his Ghostbloods any longer. He charged towards the DA madman, using masterful control of Abrasion to twirl through the fire, and Hateka's visions to avoid any arrows. @MacThorstenson
  7. @Munchy_Dan and @MinatoRising, I'll @Archer for you