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  1. I can't remember which bookstore it was through, but one had a field for a question to ask Brandon. Not necessarily that he would write something in your based on the question. My best guess is that they are planning on compiling these questions and having Brandon answer them as part of the release. No idea the specifics though. I simply assumed the other bookstores/venues gave the same/a similar option. Edit: Man, I need to dust off Arcanum Unbounded, don't I. It's been too long since I've gone through it (pre-Oathbringer at least) and there are probably a bunch more connections to make.
  2. Wait, the planet itself is becoming aware? I thought it was just the Dor.
  3. So, I was going to preorder a copy of Rhythms of War and wrote a question for it, only to realize that the price of shipping to Canada was going to blow it right out my budget. So, sadly, I'm going to have to wait for it to show up in stores. However, I figured that if anyone is looking for inspiration on what to ask Brandon, I could post my question here. (or even if someone has a WoB answering it). For background, most of the questions I've asked Brandon in the past have been about the Dor, and I've only gotten one RAFO, so he doesn't seem too shy of talking on the topic. This question may push it a bit farther though. Here it is: You've described the Dor as something proto-aware. Does this mean that the Dor is slowly gaining sentience, despite the conflicting intents, or is it already as aware as it can become? Additionally, is this proto-awareness looking for a vessel and/or would it be open to being picked up by a vessel? A little long, but it fits inside the 300 character limit. Any thoughts? (or takers?)
  4. Wow, it took me 2 years to check if it was up again. Truthwatcher. Definitely not a bad one
  5. So, I have a thought based on this wob: Could he be implying that the old Edgedancers could do it? Considering how a radiant's shardblade can take different forms, could the same be true of their armor? If so, Edgedancers could theoretically just remove the soles of their boots, allowing them to slide in armor?
  6. You're welcome. Though as always, this is just my own understanding based on the books. I'm not versed enough in the words of Brandon to throw any of that out anymore, so someone else might have something else to add in.
  7. Hey, so a couple of years ago I started developing a magic system for a couple series, collectively known as the artifice wars. I'm fairly sure I posted on here once or twice about it. Since then I have ditched the original plot for a much simpler more cohesive one, and fleshed out a bunch of the history and magic of the planet, and would now like to start actually pointing out the book and working on a first draft. Just one problem. I now have a huge amount of information all over the place, from old scrivener notes I haven't touched in two years, to random notes in Google keep, to a nice stack of disorganised lined paper (emphasis on disorganised), to the deep recesses of my mind. These will range from notes on the magic system, items, history, locations, characters, scenes, plot twists, and other obscure information (like the mathematics behind the ranks and divisions of an order of knights). Part of the trouble is that at this point older notes won't agree with newer ones, and I'm already noticing holes in my memory. Which brings me to my question. I figure that I should get those all compiled and organised together, then start typing in some of the things currently lovated in that garble of a place I call my mind, but I'm having a hard time deciding on a medium, and I don't want to commit to this amount of work only to have the headache of having to port everything over. So, what are your recommendations for good websites/software/apps to use as an author? Additionally, pointers in general are appreciated. A couple of notes: - I'm fine with different apps for different purposes (ie one for organising random didbits, another for plotting, a third for actual drafting, etc.) - I'm a poor university student. Free (or at least single price, low cost software) is almost a necessity. - The brunt of the writing will be in a computer, but it would be nice to be able to sync from device to device (using Github is an option though if it won't mess with the software) - I'd love it if at least the note taking aspect could be done via either computer or mobile. Google Keep is great for that, though it lacks the organisation I would like, and Google Docs should work too, though I've never really used the mobile version. - Colaboration is another big element. I'm anticipating at least 2 or 3 people who would be willing to brainstorm and review concepts and drafts, so the easier it is to have them edit/comment (ideally without giving them my personal login) the better. For this reason Imight just use Github for syncing files and/or using Google docs for the brunt of the writing. Thanks for the help. Lord M. Aelstrom PS: If anyone is interested in hearing about the story, magic system, etc. I'm willing, though a couple of months might be required before I'd post anything more than a couple of paragraphs here, otherwise I'll just end up with more randomly distributed notes, and that's not what I want. This is another thing where colaborability comes in. I'd much rather just give read only access to people who are truly interested than type/copy huge amounts of text that is likely to be inaccurate/incomplete a couple of months later anyways.
  8. I'm guessing nothing spectacular. Nicrosil greatly increases the speed at which investiture is expended/transfered, overcoming challenges with allomancy, but would probably have little to no effect on things that don't have a maximum rate of investiture expenditure. Awakening happens nearly instantly. Feruchemic stores can be expended at any desired rate. More permanent aons might be effected (Dor energy channeling at a quicker rate, thus magnifying the effect), but I'm not sure about the nearly instantaneous single use aons. And that all assumes that either Aons are tied to the caster or you can nicroburst a non-living entity like an Aon directly. Sand Mastery would be wonky, with your sand and water both going really quickly.
  9. As far as I know everything outside of the Alcatraz and Skyward books (though I intend to get to them soon) That is, unless Brandon somehow slipped another cosmere book or two to past me (taking out White Sands, which I've already devoured) over the last two years. Thank you!
  10. And I'm back! I apologise, seeing as I am technically not a new member, but I couldn't think of a better place for this topic. My name is Brightlord M. Aelstrom, and after two years of service in the distant land of the Magyar, I have returned to this world of investiture. Unsure of what has changed and what has remained, and lacking the time required to read 2 years worth of threads I would love any information regarding particularly interesting threads, developments, and discoveries made by the 17th shard, especially regarding the cosmere books. Your's trully Brightlord M. Aelstrom
  11. My suspicion is that they can hold Voidlight indefinitely, but they can't hold much of it. Compared to a Human who can hold a lot more but runs out.
  12. Unless there is a realmatically sound reason for it being otherwise, you can typically assume that stuff in the Cosmere works in the same way that stuff here works. Pretty much every "weird" thing in the Cosmere is something that is technically possible (like Cremling), or it's tied to Investiture, the Cognitive Realm or the Spiritual Realm. So, unless somehow the existence of the other Realms interferes, then we can assume that yes, most Cosmere planets will have metal cores. Of course, there might be IRL planets that don't, so keep that in mind.
  13. Oathbringer Spoilers:
  14. theory

    OK, so a recent WoB actually throws in some interesting possibilities: So, I guess what this could mean is that originally the whole mechanics of the Parshendi and Spren was of Adonalsium, then was turned over to Honor, Cultivation, or both, when Adonalsium was Shattered. As such, Odium doing stuff to the Parshendi would be a situation where a shard is twisting or corrupting another shard's investiture.
  15. In that case, you shouldn't need spoiler tags at all on this specific board. The Cosmere Theories board can have all cosmere spoilers, except for books that have been around for less than 9 months, like Oathbringer at this time.