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  1. so was just reading and saw this I see a few things in this. First, how is being down on himself preventing him from saying the ideal. From this it makes sense that the ideal has to be about himself and more importantly about his own importance. (This is interesting because he knows the words just couldn't say them) I suspect that the 4th ideal is something along the lines of "I must protect myself before I seek to protect another" 2nd getting back to the quote "was this the flaw that had prevented him from speaking the words...". This sounds like he literally magically was prevented from saying them. It also sounds like he doesn't know exactly why he couldn't say them. 3rd syl sighed. This sounds like he is wrong in his assessment. I honestly don't know what this means but it could be that its not that he is down on himself but that he hasn't accepted his position. He isn't the sacrificial lamb so to speak but the legionary who stands with his squires as a wall against the enemy advance and until he accepts that he isn't going to advance.
  2. hmm now i wonder if the way it went from vasher to nin is that vasher gave the sword to the Nightwatcher because of what it meant to him. Then maybe Nin went to the Nightwatcher in his madness and the nightwatcher offered him the sword which he took. Only issue I can see with this is Nin doesn't seem to have a curse?
  3. So I was rereading Oathbringer and i was surprised to see that the Night-watcher offered Night-blood. I am assuming I noticed it before and just forgot about it but it seems interesting that she would even mention it. Especially after offering skill which would seem degenerate with not being defeated.
  4. I know sherlock holmes said this but this actually ONLY works if you start with EVERY possibility. It just isn't realistic to start with every possibility so it is very likely some ideas fall through the cracks. I personally am wondering if elsecallers need to pick up beads to understand what they are or if they just need to be in the vicinity.(no evidence for this but I was just trying to come up with something the transportation surge could possibly do other than just physical transport to the cognitive realm.)
  5. " Honor is dead, but I'll see what I can do. " < I prefer the first time this idea was echoed. Not exact quote doing it from memory. alternatively I think Kalidin's 3rd oath
  6. I just want to comment this doesn't appear to have been updated anytime recently, what about all the oathbringer stuff? and wasn't there a small sample portion of book 4 from lirin's perspective?
  7. Can you use a hemalergic spike on a shard and to what extent would you gain its powers and/or intent?
  8. thank you so much that worked.
  9. So I have been having issues with shardcast recently where it shows that there are 6 pages of podcast but I can only access the first one. I have looked up shardkeepers Podcast and can only find four videos with drastically different dates and I am wondering. Is there really 3 years between the first and second shardkeepers podcast? Also it seems the youtube channel doesn't have anything prior to oathbringer. So my question is where did these early episodes gone and is it possible to access them?
  10. So I have always been a fan of online book discussions/debates such as the youtube channel lit-literature who discuss brandon sanderson's stormlight archive as they are reading through it. I am struggliing to find more first time read discussions and am wondering if any other people have found cool first time readers of brandon sanderson discussing the book. It doesn't have to be a video but I would appreciate the help in finding them. P.S. This might not be the correct forum to post this in but I couldn't figure out where it belonged as it was brandon sanderson related but wasn't a book discussion.
  11. oh whoops, I've been baptizing them with fire.
  12. try canceling pre-order and immediately buying it, thats what i did for google books
  13. i think it probably would have worked eventually but it may only check say once every 24 hrs if it is available, then charge you and give you the book
  14. thank you that worked, i will correct a small thing though, at least for me it has nothing to do with card, Pre-order is broken
  15. so will 1/16th of people not get the book?!?