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  1. Brandon opened the last episode of Intentionally blank with a Bad Story Idea (tm) about a planet that gets rolled around by a giant on an even bigger planet. The thing that interested him was people having to dash in, harvest something left behind by contact with the larger body, and dash out before getting squished. But that's just what he's done with this new world! The heat of the sun is just as deadly as getting squished, but you have to get in close to it to farm, then dash out before getting scorched. And I'm a cremling if he doesn't have someone miraculously survive the full rotation of the planet in one spot by the end of the book. In short, Brandon is a sneaky, sneaky man and spoiled SP4 days ago without any of us realizing it.
  2. I mean geologically. How did salt deposits get there without large bodies of water? Salt mines on Earth usually mine halite, which is formed by sedimentary deposits of ancient oceans.
  3. In the text version of the sample chapters sent to the email list, the quote is, "'He sailed the Midnight Sea, Miss Tress,' he said. 'Beneath Thanasmia's own moon.'" So that's how it's spelled, and it is capitalized. Thanasmia might be the name of the sorceress.
  4. On the subject of weird water cycles, where does the salt come from?
  5. It's decidedly odd. I'm afraid if an Elsecaller's DM isn't careful it could break things like dungeon crawls. But I'm proud of the gem shattering part, cause it's both true to flavor and a way the DM can limit the ability. Gems start becoming pretty important loot, especially if players aren't able to buy them. That's high praise! I'd love to hear how it goes when you get around to that campaign.
  6. That isn't really what I meant. What I was trying to say is that if Inquisitor #5 is right, the powers of each unmade could hint at what its associated KR order would do if Sja-Anat touched their spren. An enlightened Dustbringer would therefore get something similar to Nergaoul--ie cause an emotional reaction like the Thrill. Perhaps I should have used a different word than "enflame" there.
  7. That's pretty much exactly how the doctrine goes. Lucifer misunderstood the purpose of mortal life, thinking it was just about how people acted. He didn't realize we needed the ability to screw up and learn from our mistakes in order to change into more godly people.
  8. That matches the power set of corrupted Truthwatchers too. Makes me wonder, if Sja-Anat enlightened an ashspren, would its Dustbringer be able to enflame emotions? Etcetera for the rest of the orders. Also it seems you're somehow my biggest fan despite my inactivity on the forums for the last few years?
  9. Funny, those are two abilities I borrowed wholesale from other classes. Strength of Squires is Bardic Inspiration, and Ideal of Crusade comes from the Vengeance Paladin. I wanted Skybreakers to control battlefields, which is why they have Compelled Duel and Hold Person, and other similar spells. It seemed thematically appropriate for them to lock down parties they think deserve some melee-flavored justice. I'll consider that a compliment I either wrote or tweaked all the abilities, then borrowed official art from Brandon's website and the Kickstarter art package. Let's just say my cell bio lecture is really boring.
  10. The hit die was originally a d10, but with cheap self healing, that felt like it would instantly outclass every other tank in the game. I gave Stonewards an extra HP boost that's equivalent to making their hit die a d10, and powered up Truthwatchers' healing factor. They should be the tankiest subclasses. I definitely struggled with the scaling on heavy armor. Should it just be a static boost until Lv17 then?
  11. Calling all D&D fans, especially experienced players and DMs! I've written a Knight Radiant class, inspired by a similar attempt by some 17th Sharders in the past. Theirs wasn't a caster class, though, and I wanted mine to be a half-caster class. So I borrowed a few ideas and then started from scratch. Now I just need you folks to tear it apart for me. Some friends and I are starting a campaign in a few weeks and I'll take that opportunity to do some playtesting. Any edits and power balances you can suggest before then will make the experience that much more valuable. If you can construct a broken multiclass with one of the orders, do it! That way I can take away your fun by fixing the exploit. Suggestions to bring the abilities more in line with standard 5th Edition language are helpful too. Spoilers for all four books, obviously. I completed a full reread as part of the process of writing this, since some of the orders still aren't super deeply explored. Knight Radiant Class Manual.pdf
  12. Now that you mention it, I can totally see that. They have the same pragmatic outlook and intentionally shocking honesty.
  13. I am so. Incredibly. Sick. of the word "tenset!" That is all.
  14. Spoilers for everything, or at least every Cosmere book that comes to mind as I write this. As far as I know, The Way of Kings Prime predates every Cosmere book except Elantris. As I've been reading it, lots of character arcs and occasional plot points have struck me as being the inspiration for similar bits in books outside of Roshar, especially Warbreaker and Mistborn. Starting from the most obvious, the name of Awakening and its association with sound (the Tones) were moved over to Warbreaker, while the rest of it was developed into soulcasting. Meren's sudden propulsion to the high nobility obviously bears some similarity to Kaladin during Words of Radiance, but his arc in Part 1 is much more like Vin's training to be a noblewoman in the first part of The Final Empire. Speaking of Vin, the politics from Shinri's and Jasnah's chapters are quite a lot like the ball politics in The Final Empire, which makes a lot of sense since that was the next thing Brandon wrote after The Way of Kings Prime. Shinri reminds me strongly of Siri in the first half of Warbreaker, especially with the unexpected marriage to the king at the start of Part 2. Granted, Ahven is opposite from Susebron in nearly every way, right down to being deaf instead of mute. Her shenanigans in Part 1, trying to figure out how her first betrothed died, are similar to Sarene in Elantris, although that one obviously came first. All three of these women have similar names, and I'm becoming convinced that the entirety of the Cosmere is an elaborate plan to make people like me look insane in front of our friends for perpetually mixing up characters with too-similar names. Taln seems to be a proto-Kelsier. His speech patterns, fighting style, and method of conniving read very much like Kelsier, and his co-opting of Meridas's troops in Part 2 is reminiscent of Kell's famous double motives with the rebellion in The Final Empire. I found this very off-putting at the start, since I was expecting someone a lot more stoic. But, to be fair, a noticeable majority of Brandon's early characters are on the "witty rogue" side of things. Ahven's conniving in the face of a siege is similar to the political A-plot of The Well of Ascension. Lhan, the monk, is almost an amalgamation of Lightsong and Llarimar. He is ostensibly and vocally lazy, but surprisingly effective and completely unwilling to see himself for who he is. Intara also falls into Lightsong's archetype, in a different way. He's a man who feels he doesn't deserve his station, but ends up doing many good things for other people by accident.
  15. I spent the last five or six chapters of Part 1 glancing at the scroll bar every couple paragraphs, unable to convince myself it wasn't the end of the book.