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  1. Same, there has been hardly any death in stormlight archive and I can see him dying, probably dramatically
  2. wait... there's a place to talk about Pokémon...that's awesome!
  3. although according to the quiz I'm most like Wayne... I suppose I can settle with that
  4. sorry to disappoint you but I love vin too, she's just soo cool
  5. dunno depends on the topic
  6. Also I always got the impression (and correct me if I'm wrong) that tensoon didn't have much time to find out all the stuff a kandara usually would know about oreseur
  7. That sounded a lot more clever that want I said
  8. To carry on the series Brandon will have to do something like that, given the fact that feruchemists and allomancers would have basically just died out by then
  9. I just always thought of her looking like a giant black floating ball who just hovers around in a cave or something
  10. Hi!

    YAY!, this has nothing to do with the topic but I just figured out how to add things and I'm happy