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  1. Hi!

    @Bugsy6912 thanks! I'll grab the e-reader and get crackin' on Warbreaker tonight. Thanks all for your help!
  2. Hi!

    @Extesian Haha yeah that is what everyone sees maybe that should just be what it is :). So do you all recommend jumping right into Arcanum Unbounded or do some other reading first like Elantris?
  3. Hi!

    Hoid is a worldhopper right? Those that can travel to and from each world? If that is correct he is the only one I know of.
  4. Hi!

    Thanks. I am wanting to learn more about the Cosmere. However I feel when I read some of the forum post, I am not sure I read the same book(s). So if anyone can point me in the direction of the beginning of the rabbit hole, I am more than willing to go searching.
  5. Hi!

    Thanks for the welcome. I'll make sure to stay clear of any unsolicited cookies. I have read: All the Mistborn novels published All the Stormlight Archive books published. All the Steelheart Series published The Rithmatist Both Legion books Snapshot The Emperor's Soul Brandon's three co-authored Wheel of Time novels I still need to tackle Elantris and Warbreaker. My Favorite is a three way tie between Way of Kings, The Final Empire, and Alloy of Law.
  6. Hi!

    Just signed up and thought I would introduce myself. I have been a big fan of Brandon's works for a long time. I thought it was about time I joined the conversation! 2BAD2B007 (Too Bad to Boot)