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  1. Oathbringer's cover was released in March, so we probably still have a few months to go. Still, this announcement is making me so excited to see the cover. I'm hoping it's not as monochromatic as OB's was.
  2. No! Don't jinx it!
  3. YES! We don't have to wait until 2021! YESSS!
  4. It's definitely one of my favorites as well. It used to definitively be number one on my list, but recently I've been leaning more towards Words of Radiance. Probably because it's been longer since I've read Stormlight Archive (I'm saving my next reread for right before SA 4 is published).
  5. *looks at title* Same. Welcome to the Shard! Looking forward to seeing you around on the forums. What's your favorite book you've read by Brandon?
  6. Definitely agreed. Violence feeds violence. I really do agree with you, and even in the situation I mentioned it’s better not to escalate the situation, though civilly pointing out some of their errors is fine IMO. I was just trying to play devil’s advocate to your devil’s advocate, and point out a caveat you hadn’t explored in your original post.
  7. How did this message slip past my radar? Well better 2 months late than never. Unfortunately, I haven’t read the independent books. I actually didn’t realize there were any until I finished A Little Hatred and went on reddit to look at discussions about it. I feel bad for missing so much, especially because people seem to love Shivers, but I didn’t even know he was an established character. I’m sure there’s a lot else I missed too.
  8. @1st of Lunch Here’s a thread explaining what the ookla thing’s about.
  9. @Ookla the Silent I agree generally. Everyone should respect others’ opinions even if they differ from their own. However, the exception for me is when the reviewer states their views as facts. There are some things that can be objectively criticized, but a lot that can’t. So it’s always infuriating whenever someone states that a book is objectively horrible and irredeemable, especially when you love that book. I can respect your opinion as long as you admit it as such, and admit that even if you can’t see what’s good about the book the author is apparently doing something right considering it’s been generally well received. But if they present their criticisms as a fact, it always feels like they’re implying that you’re stupid if you disagree with them. So though you shouldn’t verbally assault such people, I don’t think there is any reason to respect their opinion when they obviously don’t respect yours.
  10. If you're looking to add limitations to the magic system, your options are pretty much unlimited. Here's a few questions you should be asking. - How do magic users fuel their magic? Are they drawing on an external force, their own body/life force in some way, or other's bodies? Maybe their own sanity? This allows you to determine the upper limit on what they can do. - Does using the magic change them in some way? Are the side effects immediately obvious or do they gradually appear over time due to sustained use? Are the consequences good or bad or both? - What are the differences between different classes of magic users? Maybe each one suffers different side effects/consequences that are tied to their abilities. This would inherently help balance Woodsmiths if they suffer all the consequences in addition to having all the abilities. You've probably answered a decent number of these questions, but if you want to add more limitations maybe you should reconsider what some of the answers are. If you're looking for specific ideas, here are a few. - A side effect of manipulating the growth of organic matter is uncontrolled growth in the magic user's body. So they get tumors. They could be cancerous or noncancerous. If you want your magic users to generally be able to live to a ripe old rage, maybe tumor growth doesn't occur significantly unless they overextend themselves, so they've learned to moderate their use. This would also mean that Steelbloods would have much shorter lifespans since using the abilities for combat is going to be much more intensive than using it for craftsmanship. - Every time a magic user uses their abilities on organic matter, they become aligned with the object and come to know it fully. I'm imagining they see the entire "lifetime" of the object as well as it's "perspective." They don't necessarily retain all of the information, but they come out of it with a greater sense of what or who they used their powers on. As a result of this, magic users are generally pacifists as a natural outgrowth of their powers is that they see the value in all life. I still think they could create weapons, because the world isn't black and white and sometimes weapons can save lives in the long run. However, due to this world view, it's taboo to use their abilities on living matter, or anything that used to be human since even on dead flesh it's considered a violation of that person. This makes Steelbloods even more monstrous since they need to be extremely callous, perhaps even borderline psychopathic to use their powers for destruction. I haven't the faintest clue if either of these ideas fit with your setting the story you want to tell, but hopefully they spark some ideas of your own. I think it's an interesting magic system you built so far. It just needs a touch more to expand it, though maybe I'm just saying that because I haven't actually seen the world building ramifications. Anyways, I hope to hear more about it in the future.
  11. My question is how will this set up conflict in the second half of SA? Considering Taravangian is bound to never harm another life again, and the fact that the shard's intent couldn't corrupt him over only 15 years, Odium's forces would be basically defeated. Sure, Taravangian is inexperienced with wielding a Shard, but the instinctual understanding combined with 15 years of study should be more than enough for him to figure out how to neutralize the Fused, the Unmade, and the Everstorm.
  12. @Halyo_Alex Theoretically could you force 2 non compatible Prime elements to form a Compound? Going along with the chemical reaction metaphor, I’m assuming compatibility has to do with activation energy. So while incompatible elements have unfavorable reactions, you should be able force them to react if you pour enough energy into the reaction, obtaining an unstable Compound. Perhaps the Compound can only be kept from breaking into its component elements by constantly pouring energy into it. It doesn’t fit with the diagram, but I think it would be cool to perhaps make a separate chart for these unstable or forbidden or whatever-you-want-to-call-them compounds. You could name each of them after a sort of paradoxical idea too to get some interesting names. Maybe the reason they’re not on the original chart is that they’re so rare very few people know of their existence. Idk. If you don’t have plans to do anything like this, that’s cool. After all, it would make the system more complicated than it already is. I thought it’d be an interesting idea though. Also, I’d love it if you’d make another post talking about Aether.
  13. I’ll be honest, I imagined the diones to look a bit like Scary Terry from Rick and Morty, except less scary. Also, in my head, I thought of Cuna as female and Morriumur as male. I tried to get out of the habit of thinking of them with genders, with limited success.
  14. To the OP: you make a lot of good points. I’m on the border believing that magical interference was necessary to account for the stunted technological growth. It has been a long time for fabrials to not come into popular use, but a lot of legitimate reasons have been brought up for why an Unmade’s interference isn’t necessary. One point I haven’t seen brought up is that the Recreance has to have set back tech growth a lot. The Radiants probably served as one of the main repositories of knowledge, with all the most talented scholars ending up as one of them or working directly with them. So when the order collapsed overnight, a lot of information was lost. And of course the introduction of dead Blades and shard plate caused mass chaos and disruption as well. Actually, gemstones cannot be created through soulcasting. Shallan mentions this in WoK when she’s thinking about stealing Jasnah’s soulcaster.
  15. 8.5/10. Makes me think of imperial storms troopers, which is pretty cool. But it doesn’t invoke any strong feelings. Since I’ve been done, the next person should do Ookla the Very Handsome.