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  1. "This will be your boon. I will not make of you the man you can become. I will not give you the aptitude, or the strength, nor will I take from you your compulsions. But I will give you . . . a pruning. A careful excision to let you grow. The cost will be high. In doing this, I provide for him a weapon. Dangerous, very dangerous. Yet, all things must be cultivated. What I take from you will grow back eventually. This is part of the cost. It will do me well to have a part of you, even if you ultimately become his. You were always bound to come to me. I control all things that can be grown, nurtured. That includes the thorns." -Cultivation
  2. The Lightbringer Series by Brent Weeks The Powder Mage Trilogy by Brian McClellan There are a lot of similarities between these two authors and Brandon, so if you’re looking for works that feel similar to the cosmere, I highly suggest these 2 authors, especially Brent Weeks. Edit: In fact, McClellan was one of Brandon’s students at BYU for a while. If that doesn’t point towards a similar taste in writing, I don’t know what does
  3. Personally, I’m not too bothered by the #stormmoash trend. To be quite honest, when I first started seeing it, I was just glad that something, anything, was starting to replace “I am a stick” as the go-to meme. But yeah, I have to say I enjoy Moash as a character, and while I get the whole trend bashing on him, I don’t partake in it. His story in OB was a tragedy, with a moment of being deliciously hatable after killing Elhokar. Especially because I think Elhokar was on his way to becoming one of my favorite characters after pulling off the most ridiculous redemption arc ever. But even still, Moash’s actions were perfectly understandable considering his past! That’s proof of how well-crafted a character Moash is, and I hope he’ll keep getting the narrative attention he needs. Unlike Amaram .
  4. The story of my life.
  5. The Rage of Dragons by Evan Winter. I've heard such good things about this book, and I'm so excited to start it. A Little Hatred by Joe Abercrombie. I absolutely loved the First Law Trilogy up until the end of the third book. Despite having read ASOIAF, I was not prepared for how depressing the ending was. However, after cooling off for a year, I'm ready to try his works again, now that I'm hopefully emotionally prepared for grimdark.
  6. Yeah. It took me a 3 attempts over the course of 2 years to get into WoT. I actually enjoyed the second book, though I didn't think it was amazing, but Eye of the World was soooo Tolkienesque and slow paced that it was a pain to get through. Same here. I put down Red Seas a hundred pages from the end. Probably should have just finished it, but (shrug). I'll probably give the series another try, but it'll be a year or two because I have so many books on my docket, not the least of which is finishing WoT, and I'm only on book 7.
  7. So I guess it wasn't the Gravedigger, right? If I understand how their attack works, when they attack a Fort Folk, that player is driven insane even if the attack fails. And I don't think there are any items that prevent players from going insane. So that means that the culprit was either the Bounty Hunter or an Elim. Or a hidden role.
  8. Rev. Pimple ran through barely lit streets, breathing heavily. This last day had been a nightmare. Bishop Everhard had called all hands on deck to try to calm the growing mobs. It had been to little avail. Pimple wanted to punch a wall right about now. Nobody had listened to him. Nobody! He had tried talking sense to men gathering pitchforks and knives. He had tried screaming at them. Of course, they simply turned on him, and it was fortunate Pimple was a fast runner. Apparently the local journalist was not so lucky. He couldn't say he knew them, since they weren't the type of person to come to worship, but still, their death filled Pimple with a whirl of emotions. Horror at the atrocity committed by the community he thought he had known, had thought were kind, loving people. Or at least as kind as anybody could be who struggled to survive in the Forests of Hell. Fear and dread that it so easily could have been him, lying on the street in a pool of his own blood, body ripped and torn by grasping hands and face mutilated beyond recognition. But most of all, he felt rage at how helpless he had been. He hadn't changed anything. Maybe Mother had been right. Maybe he was a failure. Pimple shook his head, finally noticing he had arrived at the meeting place. Despite how late it was, he knocked, hoping somebody might have stayed behind. No answer. But the door had been left unlocked, so he went in anyways. It looked like everybody had left in a hurry, probably after they'd heard of the lynching. Food remained uneaten along the buffet table, and chairs were lying in small groups of three or four. Pimple sighed, then walked over to the buffet table to get a plate of cold mac and cheese. He'd only met two others before he had to leave, Tim and the so-called Lord Ghent. Perhaps he should search one of them out this night? Pimple longed to simply climb into his bed tucked away upstairs in the chapel, but as the delegate from the Church of the God Beyond, he should probably learn what conclusions they had come to at the meeting. Tim had seemed a bit clueless, so maybe he should search out Lord Ghent. The man had mentioned staying at an inn only a few blocks away. Despite seeming a private person, Pimple was sure Lord Ghent was reasonable enough to take a few minutes to fill him in, as long as he explained his absence. Well, no use delaying. Time to head out. --- Seriously, I'm so sorry I haven't been active much so far. Life's been a bit crazier than I expected these last few days. Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still following what's going on. Considering how new I am, I probably won't participate in the strategizing too much yet. Maybe after re-reading the rules, and continuing to see everybody else's opinions, I'll write up a post next cycle about my thoughts. For now, I'll just sit by and keep doing some RP now and then.
  9. The way you phrased the question is a little confusing, but what I think you’re asking is whether the Shins eyes are shaped like and are the same size as caucasians, or whether they have epicanthic folds but their eyes are simply larger than most peoples. The answer is the first one, though they don’t otherwise look of European descent.
  10. Hello Tim! You can call me Reverend P. I, ah, prefer not to go by the unfortunate name my accursed mother gave me, God Beyond rest her soul. Anyways, do any of us really know what we're fighting? All I've heard is that there have been a series of people who've disappeared off to who knows where over the last few months."
  11. Just a few ideas for alternate names that sound a bit more shardy. They're not all exact parallels to the names you listed, but they're thematically similar Dreams - Inspiration I feel like "Inspiration" captures the same idea of desires/goals coming from your heart that "Dreams" does. It also touches on lofty ideals in that by achieving them, you in turn become an Inspiration to others. It's not an exact fit, but the closest I could think of that sounds like a shard. Crafting - Ingenuity I have to agree with @robardin on this one. Considering the WoBs we have (listed below), which I'll admit aren't a 100% confirmation, I think Ingenuity should be included as a likely shard, and it fits the idea of crafting almost perfectly. Mercy - Absolution I don't have a big problem with Mercy, it just doesn't seem exactly like a shard's name. Most of the shardic intents are separated from being "good" or "bad." Devotion is the biggest example. Instead of choosing "compassion" or "love," Brandon chose a name that feels more impersonal, more deific in the traditional Greek or Roman sense. And Devotion by no means is necessarily a good thing. We think of it as such, but as a concept its separated from feelings. So to follow the pattern set by the other shard's names, I think you should use a synonym for Mercy that doesn't feel as kind or end-positive. As for your other names, I think they're pretty good. Personally, I like the sound of Retribution (which you listed) instead of Vengeance. That's just personal taste though. Wisdom seems good, and while there might be a better word than Pragmatism, I can't think of any.
  12. Thanks! Any advice for RPing and building characters?
  13. I have never played a RP game before, but this looks so cool, so I might as well give it a try. In honor of the Puritan juror who lived during the mid 17th century, I'll sign up as Kill-sin Pimple.
  14. Yeah, I have friends that are nerds, but no friends who are fantasy nerds . I would kill for a fantasy book club, but unfortunately my university doesn’t have one. Instead, there’s a single book club that’s dedicated to reading more serious literature like Kurt Vonnegut and Virginia Woolf. Which I don’t mind on occasion, but it’s not the preferred way of spending my free time. I will hunt you both down and fence you, even if you don’t do foil which is clearly and obviously superior to sabre and epee.