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  1. I feel you. The exact same thing happened for me when I watched Us. I predicted the plot twist in the first five minutes based on a single clip that was present in the trailer, but wasn’t present in the first iteration of the relevant scene. It sucked all of the joy out of the reveal. Thankfully, when I watched Detective Pikachu, I remained hopelessly oblivious for not one, not two, but three separate reveals.
  2. Awesome picture. However, Nazh looks too happy to be in the forests of hell.
  3. You know how to really up the game? Being a post Reod Elantrian that’s spiked with a Blessing of Presence. That way you can’t go insane! No respite for you, no no no. You’re going to be aware and conscious every moment of the day as the pain just keeps getting worse and worse . I know, I’m a sadist.
  4. Ok. I just got so lucky I had to share it. I was playing in a booster draft tournament today, mainly because I wanted to get davriel without sifting through a dozen booster packs, and was crossing my fingers nobody else in my pool would go dimir or mill and take him instead. Fortunately, I was the only one aiming for that deck type, and I got both him and davriel's subterfuge. But then, I got even luckier. I opened my last pack, and low and behold, there sat Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God . I seriously considered going 3 colors and drafting him into my deck, but decided it would be pretty hard to add in enough good red cards to make up for it after already committing to dimir. But still. That's probably the best draw in a tournament I'll ever get.
  5. I actually like this one better. Close to symmetrical book covers always seem a little too perfect to me, so I appreciate the chance to an off center picture.
  6. @Calderis You know, I actually remember seeing that WoB before. But after listening to them debate about the topic vehemently in Shardcast, I'd completely forgotten it existed and assumed both sides were valid. Now look what you've done. I've lost my faith in the reliability of Shardcast. My world is a broken and miserable place. I hope you're happy.
  7. @Jofwu, I hope you’re right about Dalinar using some form of adhesion and not cohesion instead. I absolutely hate the idea that the ars arcanum was so wrong, and would much rather Brandon wrote off the Stormfather as just being wrong.
  8. How dare you sir! You have offend me! Since nobody else is defending Hufflepuff, I will take up the burden. Do not worry, brothers and sisters. I will educate these plebians about the true power of house Hufflepuff. Hufflepuff is the greatest house, because it values traits that actually foster a community, whereas the other houses ideals create division and strife. Loyalty, dedication, hard work, and fair play are the what Hufflepuffs exemplify, and these ideals lend themselves to acceptance and fairness. Hufflepuff are normal, decent people, and let's face it: normal people are boring. But they also don't create conflict like we see in the other houses, especially Gryffindor and Slytherin. They're so antithetical they are almost always fighting. And instead of working together they are always working against each other. Then you see Ravenclaw. The problem with Ravenclaw is that the house traits say nothing about how to interact with other people. Ravenclaws could be spiteful mean people, or they could be kind. It could go either way, and valuing intelligence often leads to arrogance and condescension towards people who may not be book smart. The way I see it, Hufflepuffs are the mediators, the people who just want everyone to get along. They may make for boring characters (though I'd argue Rowling just didn't take the effort to portray them as more interesting), and people from different houses may make for a better story. But if Harry Potter were real life, I know damnation well which house I'd want everybody to be in. Cause conflict and strife may make for interesting reads, but I'd rather have a normal life, where everybody is just decent to one another and there's no storming hate.
  9. "Let me no longer hurt! Let me no longer weep! Dai-gonarthis Kermit! The Black Fisher Muppet Master holds my sorrow and consumes it!"
  10. I haven’t seen anybody theorize about this interlude in forever, so l figured “Why not?” I won’t try to decipher the weird message Puuli’s grandfather told him since any attempts would be the barest of speculation. It’s so esoteric! Why Brandon? Why so little? But I’m sure you all shared my frustration on your first OB read. Anyways, I’m not looking at what it means, but where the prophecy (I’m going to assume it is one, because otherwise what’s the point of the interlude?) came from. It’s simple; Puuli’s descended from someone who had access to voidbinding. I mean, when you think about it, where else could it have come from? The only other possibilities I could think of are that Puuli’s grandfather had a death rattle, or that one of their ancestors accessed fortune using methods from foreign worlds. As for the death rattle option, nobody really pays those much attention besides the Silent Gatherers. More importantly, I’m the italicized message Puuli thinks of, his grandfather addresses him directly. And using foreign magic systems just feels wrong. Why overcomplicate things, or try to include a reference to the greater cosmere that’s almost impossible to catch? No, it’s much more likely that one of Puuli’s ancestors could void bind, foresaw an important event, and passed it down to his children, to be passed on to their children, etc. To be fair, it’s possible the person who began passing down the prophecy is not directly related to Puuli. However, the fact that the message has been passed down for generations indicates that it was deeply ingrained in the familys minds, enough so that it was continuously passed down. And who better to begin a message that endured so long than somebody’s parent? Also note that I’m not considering the possibility that Puuli’s grandfather was himself a voidbinder. The message feels vague enough that it has probably been obscured over centuries. If the grandfather directly saw what was to come, why would he be so vague? Besides, he couldn’t have pulled a Renarin since spren weren’t bonding with people back then, and we know nothing about the other methods of accessing voidbinding. Well that’s it. Ooh, one last thing. Wouldn’t it be cool if Puuli was descended from the same Truthwatcher who left a message in the gem in Urithiru saying he foresaw “this?”
  11. It cannot be seen, cannot be felt, Cannot be heard, cannot be smelt, It lies behind stars and under hills, and empty holes it fills, It comes first and follows after, Ends life, kills laughter. -Collected on Shashachev 1173, 24 seconds pre-death. Subject was a Thaylen merchant known in the black market for smuggling firemoss. (Tolkien, The Hobbit)
  12. First, to clarify, Ruin has investiture trapped in the atium, and he also has investiture trapped in Scadrial since he helped create it and is thus highly invested in the planet. I see no reason why he couldn’t reclaim the investiture from the atium while he’s destroying the rest of the planet, as long as he finds where the atium is at. And if Ruin destroyed Scadrial, he would have released the investiture he’d used to create the world, and he could then reclaim it instantly. It is likely that Odium wishes to destroy Roshar/Braize for this very reason; so he can recover his investiture. The reason atium keeps Ruin from using it after it’s burned is that it sort of dissipates and gets spread out, so it needs needs to coalesce as a metal before he could reclaim it. But if Ruin destroyed Scadrial, even if the atium was somehow destroyed during the process, there is no longer a perpendicularity for it to coalesce at, so the investiture would have eventually returned to Ruin.
  13. By “it” you mean the Recreance?
  14. Oh wow, I never made the connection between Honor banning the use of oathgates to transfer between realms and Aimia. After all, there is an oath gate currently there. I guess this kind of implies the scouting of Aimia occurred prior to Honors death, assuming that is the reason.