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  1. He’ll get peace when he’s dead.
  2. I like this theory, except Kaladin I’d rather Kaladin just die. Not because I hate him as a character, but because he’s the person everybody expects to just succeed. I’d rather the fight turn out to be unpredictable, plus we need some casualties and Kaladin would be a big one.
  3. Wow. Love the animation!
  4. Ima call you Jub-jub instead.
  5. Well, there’s nothing immediately magical about it at first glance (that normal people can discern) except that it’s much larger than normal swords, which would lead most Rosharans to immediately believe it’s a shardblade. And their belief would be reaffirmed when they see it cut through people (kinda).
  6. Yeah, I get it now. When I made the post, I thought he meant an artwork OF Kaladin since he mentioned him explicitly.
  7. Welcome to the 17th shard! So, I’m wondering, how’d you choose your name?
  8. Welcome to the 17th shard! So, I’m wondering, how’d you choose your name?
  9. Part of the reason Vasher is on Roshar is that he has easy access to investiture in the form of stormlight, which can fulfill his weekly requirement instead of a Breath. For your second question about how Nightblood got from Vasher to Nale, we know that the Nightwatcher presumably had Nightblood since she offered it to Dalinar in OB, and this was before Nale had it. Who knows whether she was the only intermediary between them though.
  10. According to the coppermind article for Odium, "Odium's ultimate goal is indeed terrible: he seeks to be the most powerful being in the cosmere. To this end, he kills other Vessels (namely Aona, Skai[6], Uli Da[9], and Tanavast[10])." To me, this runs completely counter to your theory. Unfortunately, none of the WoBs that were linked explicitly state thus, but I believe its strongly implied by all the WoBs regarding Odium as well as the canonical text. So maybe there's a small chance your crackpot theory is correct, but if it is, a LOT of people who have been deep into the cosmere for a long time are totally wrong.
  11. This is a great theory, but I sincerely hope its wrong because I wouldn't want the end of SA arc 1 to be spoiled for me. Time to pull a Dalinar and get my memories erased.
  12. He’s obviously commenting on the inevitability of entropy and how this thread is irrelevant because in a few billion years it won’t matter whether kingkiller 3 ever came out cuz we’ll all be dead. I dunno. If it were just one source I wouldn’t pay any attention. But supposedly (according to Daniel Greene), the same date was posted on Amazon. Though of course I couldn’t find it when I looked. It just seems like too much of a coincidence that they both had the same date. They had to of gotten it from somewhere. Of course, if Rothfuss actually gave them the date, he could always just move it back indefinitely (sigh).
  13. Is it possible? Could Rothfuss finally be releasing The Doors of Stone? Apparently, both BookDepository and Amazon released the exact same release date for it, August 20, 2020. Amazon appears to have since deleted the page for the book, but its still on book depository, and you can find it at this link: So, do you think the conclusion to the series could finally be coming, or is it just going to get pushed off again? Personally, I think the fact that 2 separate websites released the same date is a pretty good indication that there's some truth there, but I've also learned not to get my hopes up when it comes to Rothfuss releasing stories. Let me know what you think.
  14. You mean Oathbringer, right? Also, what artwork are you talking about? I don't recall any images of Kaladin in OB.
  15. Aw, lucky. None of my close friends even like reading, so trying to convince them to read any type of fantasy is bound to go nowhere. I have met a few other people who are interested in reading fantasy, but none of them are huge fans of Brandon. One of them even started Mistborn, then stopped reading halfway through WoA (facepalm).